Flames of Destiny: Battle of the Gods
Flames of Destiny: Battle of the Gods


Zack Xargus/Siegfried
Edward Maverick
Selia Vanick


Marka Ragnos
God Almighty

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Shattered Memories Arc

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The Great Droid War Arc

Battle of the Gods


Quest to save SeliaEdit

As Zack awakens from his nightmare, he sees everyone around him and that they were worried for him from his condition. Zack thanks them, but immediately realizes that Selia is nowhere to be seen, nor can he sense her. He then asks his friends if they know where she is, but they don't know. At this time, a message arrives at the central room of the Ebon Hawk, and Zack goes there to check it out. As he gets there, he hears a man's voice, and notices that it's an old man's, but to no one that he knows. Zack asks who this is, and the man calls himself God Almighty, and the others are stunned by this and are fazed with disbelief. Zack asks why he's calling him from the Ebon Hawk, as he didn't think that he would contact him with a machine. But God dismisses the issue, and tells Zack that he has Selia in his custody, and that she won't be coming back again anymore, much to Zack disturbance. Zack asks him in anger on why he did this, but God doesn't answer. He does, however, tell Zack to give up, as he won't find her, even if he travels throughout the universe to find a way in 24 hours. Zack is strucked silent, but maintains his composure and tells God that he'll regret this with several threatening sentences, and God says good luck to him and cancels the message. Zack then punches the hologram table, and says that he now has some work to take care of, and heads to his room. Revan asks him on what he intends to do, and Zack says that he's going to save Selia, and what else. The others hear this, but only Carth and Bastila are shocked to hear this. The Created Siblings now go with Zack to prepare for the rescue of Selia.

As Zack got everything ready and loaded, he and the Created Siblings say that it's time to go. As they walk to save Selia from her kidnappers, Zack sees Edward in the Ebon Hawk. Zack asks him on what he's doing here, and Edward says that he heared what happened from Revan and Kayle and wants to join Zack to save Selia. Zack is stunned by this, and wonders why he wants to go as well, when his family needs him for the repairs that happened from the Great Droid War incident. Edward says that it's because he wants to help out a friend, and that he wants to save Selia as much as everyone. Michael tells Zack to decide, as they only have 24 hours to save Selia from God and the others. After much thinking, Zack agrees to let Edward accompany him, and Edward is thankful for that. Edward also reveals to Zack that he got a message from Zack's comlink that a man named Mammon wants to help out, but can only do that from his comlink, so he told Edward to give the comlink back so that he can assist him too. Zack thanks him and Edward gives him back his comlink. Zack also mentions that Edward can say bye to Alexandra, as he clearly likes her, but Edward embarressingly says that isn't necessary, and Zack laughs. However, as they are about to venture out, Carth and Bastila are shown in Zack's and the others way.

(Zack) I guess we'll have to win then!!

Zack tells Carth that they'll just have to win then, while he and the rest go to save Selia.

Revan and Kayle asks them to let them ride the ship, but Carth says that he's not going to let them. Zack asks why and Bastile says that God is an all powerful being of justic and peace, and that they shouldn't involve themselves in his business. Edward speaks out to them that God just kidnapped Selia, and probably wants to get rid of her. Carth says that, if God demands it, then so be it. The rest hear this with slight anger and disgust, and Dustil begins to think that he should grab his dad and punch him for saying a cold thing like that. Zack, however, yells to Carth and grabs him by the collar before Dustil could and tells him that Selia not going to die while he's still around to save her and protect her. Carth says that he has no chance of winning, and will only die on the spot for defying him. Zack throws him to the ground, and Bastila begins to pull out her lightsaber, but Revan stops her. Zack tells Carth that he doesn't know if he'll fail or succeed without seeing it for himself. Carth says that big talk will only make things for him, and that this is a no-win scenario for him in a battle of the realms. Zack says that he doesn't believe in no-win scenarios, and that he's going to save Selia no matter what. Carth gets up to his feet and tells Zack that he won't win, no matter how strong he may have become. Zack says that doesn't matter. Carth then asks on what will happen when he has to face the armies that will be waiting for him, and that the Sith and the Jedi might stop him for defying God, so what will he do then. The others, the Created Siblings, and Edward look to Zack for an answer, and Zack turns around and says, "I guess we'll just have to win then!!", while having a look of strong determination in his eyes like fire. Carth and Bastila are stunned, and the others are speechless but proud. Bastila says that Zack is a fool, and Zack says that it's better to be a fool than a coward like her and Carth Onasi. Carth is outraged by this, but before he could do anything, Zack knocks him out cold, and Edward does the same with Bastila as well. Zack asks on what to do with them, and Revan says that Bastila should remain behind, and looks after their son, and Dustil says that his dad should remain behind as well, as he and Bastila will try to stop them over and over. Zack agrees, and Revan and Dustil take Carth and Bastila out of the Ebon Hawk. Edward asks Zack if this is okay, and Zack says it is, so that they won't get involved and killed for this quest.

Zack VS Jesus (Round 1)Edit

Zack finally meets the son of the one who kidnapped Selia, Jesus Almighty, and with his companion named Berial. Zack is on his guard and prepares to fight them. Jesus says that he didn't think nor expected Zack to be able to do so much damage in minutes, but cares less right now on the details. Before he can continue, however, Berial interrupts and asks on which one is it. Edward looks with worry and fright and Berial says on which one of them is the strongest and who's going to take him on. Realizing this immediately, Edward now screams to Zack to run, but as he does, he is punctured by Berial is the stomach. Berial tosses him back, and Edward is rendered unconscious. Zack screams out to him and dashes in high speeds. Berial then looks to Zack with a sadistically insane look and grin, and prepares to fight him. But before they could, Jesus interferes and states to Berial that he can handle him. Berial objects to this, but Jesus tells him to stand back for this fight. After much thought, Berial complies and sits on a boulder to wait for his turn to fight Zack, but tells Jesus not to take too long.

Zack VS Berial (Round 1)Edit

Seeing that Jesus just ran away from the fight, Zack then focuses his attention to Berial intead. Berial chuckles from Zack's determination, while not knowing that he is about to fight a being of Heaven and Hell. But Zack dismisses the subject, and asks Berial on why Selia was kidnapped, or he'll fight him to get the answer out of him. After much ponder of confusement, Berial asks why Zack would go this far to save a mere girl, when there are bigger things to worry about, like his people. Zack tells Berial it is because Selia is very special to him, and would risk his life to save no matter what. Berial then smirks from this, and tells Zack that if he is really willing to save her, despite knowing what he is up against, then he'll be happy to fight here and now. Zack prepares to fight, and Berial does the same.


Zack unleashes his Instincts Getsuga on Berial.

Berial seems to be disappointed to know that Zack should be stronger than this, and asks him from the crator if that's all he's got. Receiving no answer, Berial begins to think that Zack is far weaker than he thought, and is about to just turn around to leave. However, at that moment, Berial senses a massive Power Level rising, and turns to Zack's location. Zack is then seen in his Instincts form, and vastly energizes his Getsuga attack. Berial looks on in fright and wonders on what Zack intends to do. Zack is finally done charging and declares his Instincts Getsuga on Berial. As it destroys and burns everything in its path, Berial is surprised with terror and prepares to defend himself from it. As it makes impact on Berial, it causes a massively powerful dome of explosive power, which clears the skies of clouds, and leaving Berial greatly burned and scarred. Seeing the magnitude of that attack, Berial makes an insanely grin from it, and comments that he didn't know that Zack had such a deadly weapon up his arsenal. Zack is exhausted from the fully powered Instincts Getsuga, and tries to catch his breath. Berial then says that Zack is more than worthy to die by his hand, and is about to fight him to the death by trying to show him one of his forms. However, as Berial is about to, Jesus stops him, and tells him that their next objective is to go back to Kortexx to formulate further plans. Berial is displeased by this, but follows the command. But before they leave, Zack asks them on what they meant by their plans. Jesus doesn't answer, but Berial does instead, and turns to Zack. Berial tells Zack that their plans are to gather their armies to prepare for "The Final War", and to prepare the execution of Selia. Zack is disturbed and shocked of heariung this and asks why they would execute Selia. Jesus finally turns around and answers. He says that it is because Selia happens to be a girl that Zack loves so deeply, and that if they are together, they would produce more Sith'arian children and the Sith'arian race will try to grow more powerful than they think, and that God Almighty, Jesus's father, would not allow that. When Zack asks why again, Berial says that God and the rest of the realms believe that the Sith'arians are a race of abominations that deserve to be eradicated, including those that are tied to them, even loved ones. Zack is angry about their plans and of their plot to kill Selia. Seeing his abgry expression, Berial wonders if Zack is really willing to risk his life to save Selia. Zack immediately says that he will, and will do whatever it take to save her. Berial laughs and is happy to hear that, but he tells Zack that he, Jesus, and God aren't the only problem for him to worry about. Fot there are others that Zack'll have to fight as well. The ones being the Death Brothers, and Marka Ragnos. Zack is stunned by this, and asks why Marka is working with them. But Berial just says to Zack to ask Marka himself, for even he has no idea why he and the rest joined. Jesus then interrupts, and reminds Berial that they have to leave now, and to not say too much, and Berial agrees. Jesus finally departs to Heaven in a Corridor of Light, and Berial tells Zack before leaving that he hopes to see him again, and he disappears with Jesus.

Siegfried VS Armies of RagnosEdit

As Berial and Jesus are now gone, Zack reverts back to normal and rushes to Edward to heal him.

Zack VS Jesus (Round 2)Edit

As Zack manages to reach the stairs to the castle of Kortexx, he and the siblings wonder if there is a way to get there faster. But at that moment, Zack senses a familiar presence. He keeps his guard up and tells the others that there's someone on the stairs. As the fog clears, it shows none other than Jesus Almighty; the man who helped in the kidnapping of Selia. Zack is surprised to see him here of all places, and Jesus is surprised to know that Zack remembers him, thinking he was just a stupid little kid. But is satisfied by his memory and says it's good, and Zack says thanks.

Zack VS SatanEdit

As Zack dispatches the demons of hell, he is no only a quarter from entering Heaven's Gate by now. But he soon runs into the Devil himself, Satan, as he tries to stop Zack from continuing along the way. Satan is amused to see that Zack was able to get passed the 24 Judges from the realms, and on how he rid of his army in a swift. Zack tells him that he has no time to waste, and Satan agrees to that. They then commence for battle, as the surroundings now transform into a hellish stadium. With their battle still running, Satan is very wak from this, but Zack is hardly out of energy. The Devil tries to turn Zack to his control, but is suddenly shocked and stun on sensing a vastly powerful and darker presense in the core of Zack's mind. He then sees an enlarged Dark Zack and he grabs the Devil with his left hand and begins to crush. Unable to continue to try and control Zack, the Devil then releases his grip on Zack and appears to be even weaker than before. Satan questions on how Zack can have such a dark and powerful presense in his mind. Zack just tells him that a hero's darkside is always more powerful and darker than a villain's. Enraged, the Devil now resorts to going all out in his "Old Dragon" form, and declares that Zack is to die here in hell and Zack goes into his Instincts Mode to even the odds.

Zack VS VigoorEdit

Zack finally defeated the Devil and now goes to the Gate of Heaven. Unfortunetly, as he got there, everything started to glow bright. The next, everywhere looked like flowers and bright skies with exotic mountains. As he sees the distance, he sees a giant statue in the way to the Gate. But after a moment, the statue's orbs begin to glow bright and the giant stand up, while simultaneously rotting all the flowers from miles away, and with the mountains crumbing away, causing eruptions and earthquakes worldwide. Zack barely stand from the destruction and the statue makes a giant footstep, looking from very high up like a dark god in destruction and glory. Zack draws out his sword and enters Dark Mode with wings.

With the giant killed, Zack stands for a moment but notices that the surroundings are rumbling insanely. He hears the monsters voice and it says it's time for Zack's "insignifigent life to end", and it rises as a colossal mass of demon bones, with a horned demon skull on the top. It opens it's mouth, as a sign of battle and Zack makes a loud battle cry to finish the fight.

With everything in hell finished, Zack finally enters the Gate of Heaven and goes through. As the billions upon billions of angels bask in glory for the execution, God asks if Selia has any wishes. Selia asks him to spare Zack the others, including the Sith'arians from danger. God agrees and puts the scaffold to activation. Michael the Archangel, hearing what happened, knows all too well that God has no intention of making a promise to Selia about THAT, yet lied to her that he would. Michael can't help but somehow help in this situation, but is outmatched and outnumbered right now, so he can only hope for someone to come and save the day.

Zack saves Selia from the Phoenix

Zack stops the Phoenix from executing Selia.

As the Phoenix Prepares to perform the Execution Strike, Selia takes a moment to look back on all her memories of her friends and when she spended time with Zack in their journies. She then closes her eyes and says good-bye while the Phoenix goes for the execution. However, there is a sudden burst and explosion of wind and energy. Everyone suddenly gets surprised and try to guard against the explosion of mass power. As it clears up, everyone looks in immediate surprise and shocked. Selia is confused to still feel alive, and she hears a familiar voice "Sorry I'm late. I had to take care of some jackels before getting here. Good thing I came in the nick of time." Selia looks up and sees Zack stopping the Phoenix from it's attack with his left hand.

Zack VS The PhoenixEdit

Everyone looks in shock to know that Zack has came to save Selia from her death, and on how he stops and stuns the Phoenix with his palm while looking at it fearlessly, and telling it to get lost. Zack then flicks his finger to it's enormous beak, which causes a big shockwave and sends it flying and crashing into the mountains 10,000 miles away. Everybody looks speechless, but Michael comments that Zack managed to pass the realms and entered Heaven's Gate by surviving Hell's realm. He gives a heart-filled smile and puts his head down while pulling a tred of his hair and says "So in the end, the young boy saves the day." Zack turns his attention to Selia and breaks the chains effortlessly. Selia is speechless to see Zack come all this way. Zack tells not to worry, for he promised her that he'll always be there to protect her no matter what. He picks up and holds her hand while pulling out the Goodluck Charm she gave him. He tells her that swear it on the Charm she gave him, and places it back in her hand. With that done, Zack then asks her to smile so that it can cheer her up. After a moment, the Phoenix rises from the mountains and howls from afar. Zack is displeased of this and asks the Phoenix if it's persistant. However, the Phoenix suddenly gives a furocius roar that sends shockwaves to their location and unexpectedly explodes. As the clouds clear up, the Phoenix transforms into it's true form, and declares a death match to Zack. Zack is thrilled to see how the Phoenix continues to get in his way, despite the fact it was thrown 10,000 miles away by his finger, and dashes to the bird.

As the battle continues, Zack remain unscathed while the Phoenix gets tired and weak. Zack asks the birdy if it has any mind of it's own, but it continues to go out of control as it attacks Zack repeatebly. But Zack continues to evade all attacks and it gets even weaker than before. Zack, looking bored, decides to put an end to this fight and asks the Phoenix to replenish it's strength. The Phoenix obliges and it instantly got renergized and now goes all out n Zack. But by surprise, Zack appears from behind and gives it a punch to the face, breaking it's teeth and sending it away swiftly. Zack then goes and gives it an instantaneous amount of combos, and finishing it by sending it to the ground, causing a massive explosion. Seeing how futile it is to defeat Zack, the Phoenix begs Zack to spare it. Zack tells it that he'll let him live, as long as it doesn't harm anyone he cares about, anymore. The Phoenix promises, and Zack turns around and starts walking. But the Phoenix lied and it completely heals it's body and power and strikes Zack with the Execution Strike, but was once agan halted by Zack with no effort. As the Phoenix is completely immobilized and unable to move and talk, Zack says that he knew that it would do another desparate attack like that and now tells the Phoenix that he has no intention of letting it live anymore. He decides to finishes it off with a Dark Cerunga, shattering it to nothing.

Zack VS Jesus (3rd Finale)Edit

With Zack finally destroying the Phoenix, he levitates down to where Jesus is standing and gives a dark and cold look in Dark Mode. Michael looks in shock, but keeps his guard in case Zack intends to kill everyone in Heaven (Though he knows he'll only kill those responsible for kidnapping Selia and trying to execute her). Jesus keeps his distance from Zack, but Zack walks closer to him and question on Jesus if he still intends to kill him, seeing on how he failed to kill him on Kortexx. Or rather, if he's afraid that he'll end up being dead than he was nearly from last time. Jesus then says that it's time to correct his mistake and pulls out his Heavenly Sword to ready to fight Zack.

Jesus then attacks Zack with speed and reflex, but Zack blocks the attack with his elbow and not saying anything. Jesus is shock to see Zack blocking his sword with only an elbow, and not even getting a cut. Zack tells him to try harder than that, 'cause it's not good enough and he pushes Jesus with a light push of his left hand, sending him fifty feet away with a shockwave. Jesus is frustrated to know that Zack was easily capable of pushing him with no effort and misunderstandably thinks that Zack is getting overconfidant of his newly acquired increase of strength. Jesus continues to cut and slash Zack with numerous combos, but to no avail, as Zack is blocking them every time. Zack tells him that he's gotten even weaker than when they fought not so long ago on Kortexx, or if he himself is just getting stronger than before. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Jesus attempts to behead Zack by a horizontal swing, but is instantly stopped by Zack's left hand.

Zack VS Jesus (2)

Zack grabs Jesus' sword before it reached him.

As Jesus tries to pull his sword out of Zack's grip, Zack looks directly into his eyes and tells him that he will not win, not because he's more powerful than Jesus, but because Zack has no intention of losing to people like them. Zack's grip gets harder as he begins to crack Jesus' sword with no effort, and tells him to give up. Insulted of thinking that Zack is now superior to himself, Jesus yells at him to not get arrogant, for he will not let a cocky, shameless, stubborn brat like Zack get the best of him. Zack, however, corrects him that he's not being what Jesus described him of being, but merely states that he is not going to lose and will save Selia, no matter what. Jesus tries to finish Zack by utilizing all his strength in one blow and instantly appears behind him to pierce and decapacitate him. Unfortunetly for Jesus, as the explosion clears, Zack is revealed to have survived and is hardly even scratched. Jesus is shocked to know that his attack failed, while Zack turns his head and coldly tells Jesus that a coward's tactic like that will never works. Zack then immediately uses his Tsukuyomi technique to trap Jesus in a separate reality, and instantly defeats Jesus with one dark blow that gives an X-shaped slash on the chest, while Jesus questions on how could he lose to a kid like him, and Zack just looks expressionless while not lookng back.

Zack VS Mary Almighty (Brief)Edit

Zack defeats Mary

Zack instantly defeats Mary with Flame of Misfortune.

Horrified of seeing Zack triumph over Jesus, Mary goes to attack him at high speeds, but is quickly strucked down by Zack's Right Arm of Punishment, but not before being immensely burned by his Black Flame Flame of Misfortune. Zack gives a silent sigh to this, while Michael is surprised to see on how Zack bested both Jesus and Mary with no effort. He even begins to think that God has really underestimated him this time.

Zack VS Heaven's ArmiesEdit

Zacks defeats the 144,000

Zack defeats the 144,000 in 0.01 seconds.

Seeing how Zack has grown more powerful than they expected, Heaven's Armies prepare to go all out on Zack and not give him a chance to strike back and defeat him. While they rush to Zack to strike, Foxxko is seen sitting on a pillar and questions on the heaven's chance at "Defeating him.", "Defeat HIM?", and answers: Impossible. Because they all underestimate Zack Xargus' power. As this happens, Foxxko says that if they fight at full strength, it won't matter, while Zack strikes down an angel in heavy armor, sending him falling. Foxxko then says that even if they fight as one army, it won't do, and Zack cuts down five angels with one swing. Foxxko finally says that no matter how hard they try, no matter how hard they think, no matter how much they trained; Zack's powers and abilities will always be infinite universes beyond their reach, and Zack takes down twenty angels and looks down at them expressionlessly. Not wanting to wait any longer the Archangels go to kill Zack for good, but Michael hesitates to fight, though he has no intention of fighting a boy who only wants to save his lover from death, even if it means fighting his opponents to a beatdown. Zack decides that if they continue to get in the way, he'll have to wipe them away with everything he has. As the Archangels are defeated, Michael looks on in surprise and comments again on Zack for being true to his heart. And at that moment, the 144,000 angels are released by the God and the Four Guardians to finish Zack. But by a mere 0.01 second, Zack swiftly takes out all the angels with no effort with his Dark Energized Sword.

Zack now fights God Almighty

Zack now fights God Almighty!

Seeing no other way to defeat Zack the Guardians then resort to chasing down the created siblings who are trying to get Selia away from there, but are stopped by Zack's instantaneous speed. The Guardians are surprised and Zack puts the Sword of Destiny on the ground, while simultaneously releasing a vast pressure of his Power Level out of the sword. The Guardians yell out to Zack to move out of the way. But Zack tells them he can't do that. The Guardians weapons begin to glow and they ask him again to get out of the way, but Zack once again says "I can't do that." The Guardians now unleash their power, but by an instant, the Guardian is strucked by Zack's left arm, defeated. The Hunter sees this, adn tries to kill Zack quickly, but is slashed by Zack's left arm. The Judgment Warrior tries to swing his sword to Zack, but the hero grabs it in an instant, and slices the Warrior with his right arm. Divinity Sage is shocked by this, and asks herself in her head on how Zack could be this powerful. Zack's hand is then shown on her face suddenly, and massive statics of dark energies are unleashed from the hand, and the Divinity Sage falls from the instant death blow. With all that being taken care of, God tries to kill Zack with instantaneous speed, but Zack blocks it with his sword, causing a massive burst of shockwaves throughout Heaven (and the planet Kortexx). Surprised to see that his attack was stopped, God hears Zack saying "We meet at last, God Almighty!", with Zack reverting back to his normal appearance.

Zack VS God AlmightyEdit

Zack then pushes God further away with his sword, causing God to go on the offensive. God nows says that since Zack was able to get here, he will fight him to the death, and that after the fight, he'll go after Selia and kill her with his own hand. Zack looks to God with displeasement and tells God that he won't let that happen, which is why he is here to stop him, here and now. God looks on expressionlessy to Zack and dashes to him, and Zack does the same.

At the time that Zack and God fight, Mammon is seen going to Michael to get out of there. But as Michael goes running to Mammon, Mammon is suddenly attacked by a severely burned Mary Almighty. Michael tries to help him, but was suddenly impaled greatly by a greatly injuried Jesus. Mary looks to Mammon and is disgusted that a being from hell is in her realm, and she keeps kicking him. Michael tries to reach for Mammon, but was stomped by Jesus. Jesus expresses his disappointment with Michael, knowing that he not only tried to dissuade God from killing Selia, but that he is with Mammon who helped Zack reach Heaven. He continues to stomp on Michael painfully and says that it's time to cleanse Heaven of his filth. But at that instant, Jesus is caught by a person in black, along with a man in white behind him. Mary looks to where Jesus was caught, a woman catches her off guard and sends her falling from the execution ground. Michael is confused of who those were, but now goes to helping Mammon of his condition. As the fight with Zack and God still commences, Zack says "It's about time.", and he is glad that those guys have came to help out.

Zack's battle with God Almighty still instensifies, and with one clash of their swords, they distance themselves from each other on rocky spires.

(Z & D)

Zack welcomes Daira into his group.

With Zack now back in control, he says that he will now go all out on God and end this for good. Zack now goes full power with his Resolve, Instincts, Colossus, and Celestial power combined. God unleashes his ultimate attack, 100,000,000 Swords of Heavenly Ragnarok, to kill Zack once and for all. But Zack broke through his assualt and finally slashes him on the chest with his Getsuga attack. Effectively incapacitating him. However, God didn't want to die to the likes of Zack and wondered why Zack didn't go for the kill. Zack says that something in his heart and the Sword of Destiny said that this was not the way to end him. After the details, God tries one more time to end Zack and materializes a sword to do it. However, As God tries to kill Zack from behind, despite the damage that was inflicted on him, Michael stabs him on the back through the heart area, before Zack could turn to kill God. God is shocked by this and questions Michael in anger of what is he doing. But Michael says goodbye to God and pulls out his sword before God explodes into the wind, but not before Zack finishes it with his Dark Getsuga. With God defeated, Zack asks why Michael helped him, knowing that he was part of Heaven's side. Michael says that it was because he tried to persuade God not to kill Selia and that he somehow felt that what Heaven was doing was wrong. He wanted to help, but was not a match for them on his own. He was hoping that someone who Mammon could find would come to save the day. And it happened. Zack remembers that Mammon did call Zack from a message, but didn't know that Mammon was being help by him [Michael]. Michael continues to say that he did tried to get Selia out of there on his own though, but had some trouble with Berial in the way, but also said that Berial's true name is Matthew. He sealed Berial away in a sealing cube, but it'll reach its limit at anytime now. Michael even says that, while he was getting Selia out somehow, he was caught and restraint from interfering again, and to watch the execution freely if no more rebellion is allowed, but he still hoped someone can save Selia. Zack now thanks him for all his help and even wants to invites him into the group and calls him by name. Though Michael prefers to be called Daira, for it's his favorite name to receive. And Zack agrees.

Zack VS Berial (2nd Battle)Edit

Zack's D.M.W. Form

Zack's "Revival".

As Selia now cries out in despair and sorrow for Zack's help, Zack sees her in his subconscious crying for him, and knows that she's calling for him. He says in his head "She's...She's calling me She's...She's Get up! Get up!! Get up!!!. I...I need to save her! I...I have to defend her!!. I...I...I.....I WANT TO PROTECT HER!!!!!". And at that instant, a dark collection of chains within Zack's heart are then suddenly shattered, and a face of malevolant essence arises, and everyone within Kortexx and beyond then instantly fell a very powerful and vast Power Level nearby. A massive shroud of darkness rises behind Selia, and as she feels it, she then slowly turns her head to it, and Zack's body rises to it's feet and is now in a whole new, more terrifying form than ever before.

Dark Zack VS Marka's ArmiesEdit

Shocked to see that Zack has somehow revived, but in a monstrously terrorfying form, everyone begins to be speechless from seeing this. Marka question the silent beast of who or what he is. But at that instant, Zack pulls out his hand and call out his Sword of Destiny telekinetically. With his sword back in hand, Zack pulls it up, as though to prepare an attack. Selia looks in fear and concern to Zack, and Zack's seemingly dead eyes fixgate on her silently. He then waves his sword to the ground, and as it does, a massive area on his right begins to explodes. Everyone begins to get uneasy, and Selia is pushed back by this, until Daira cathes her and teleports from the area. Marka looks to Zack again and questions himstill on who or what he is. But as Zack's jaggered, bloody mouth grinds, he then suddenly roars incredibley loud like an angry beast. Causing enormous waves of energy from his location, and a massively devastating Power Level Pressure then puts everyone to cower in fear and start to fall on their knees in pain. Kain, Akuhiei, Berial and Marka try to stand from the power, but are still under its horrifying pressure. Marka then states that this much power that Zack is causing is possibly enough to not only destroy them, but can also destroy all of existance itself. As Zack continues to roar, he then instantly disappears from eveyone's sight. Marka then wonders where he went, but as he does, everyone from behind are then screaming. As he and Berial, as well as Kain and Akuhiei turn to their backs, they witness Zack slaughtering their armies instantly. Zack then goes into instantaneous speed and slaughtering every single army of Marka's. Zack is then seen in a battle stance with all the blood on him from the armies, and everyone looks on in terror. Zack now instantly teleports into the sky behind them, and everyone turns their attention to the location where he went. Marka, Berial, and the Death Brothers then wonder on what he intends to do next, seeing that he has gained a monstrous form with frighteningly overwhelming power.

(Zack annihilates Marka's Armies)

Zack annihilates Marka's armies

But at that moment, Zack raises his right hand, and the torrents of blood from the armies that Zack just slained suddenly rise into the skies and disappear. However, as everyone is confused, massive rips within the atmosphere appear, and countless hordes of dark creatures crawl out of it. They then swiftly go to Zack, and await commands. Zack then slowly lowers his hand, and points it to Marka, Berial, the Death Brothers, and the rest of their minions, and the creatures then lunge at them at swift speeds. They try to fend off the creatures, but Marka and the rest are about to be devoured by them. With little choice, Marka, Berial, and the Death Brothers then fire their cerunga attacks towards Zack to distract him. Zack simply dodges them, but are actually headed for Selia. The attacks combine to create a stronger cerunga, and go in high speeds to kill Selia. Zack slowly turns his head to where Selia is, and as it is about to hit her, Zack instantly appears in front of her, and stops it with his right hand. He then crushes it effortlessly and growls at Marka and the rest. Selia and Neon are shocked and try to wonder what's going on with Zack. Zack then slowly raises his head and slowly opens his mouth wide-open. Everyone is speechless of what he's about to do, but at that moment, all of the dark and malevolant energies then vastly transfer into Zack's mouth, and he is about to unleash a powerful attack on them. All the energies then shape into an enormous sphere of destructive power, and it goes into Zack's mouth. As Zack still looks up with his mouth wide open, the inside of his mouth glows, and knowing what might possibly happen, Selia and Zack's friends begin to fear the attack that Zack will unleash, and as they do, Zack unleashes a vastly large ocean stream of malevolant waves and darkness that goes to Marka and the rest's location. They guard against it, but it simply passes them by, much to their confusion. But by looking closer, they were actually headed for Marka's armies in the skies and space, and as it swirls into the armies, massive burts of explosion of flames engulf the armies, and the skies and space were burning from the magnitude of it's power, while Zack stands in a terrifyingly triumphet stance with his wings wide opened, and his eyes glaring with malevolance.

Dark Zack/Zack Xargus VS Berial (2nd Continuing)Edit

Berial is shocked to see that Zack was able to annihilate Marka's lackeys with no effort to it, and is slightly scared to fight him now. Zack then turns his head to Berial, and instantly appears behind him. Berial is startled by his instananeous speed, and Zack swings his sword vertically to Berial, but he dodges it, and the swing causes a massive impact on the ground. Berial tells him not to underestimate him, and he begins to charge his Despair Flames to attack Zack with full force. However, Zack turns to him and charges a Cerunga from his horns, much to Berial surprise. Berial charges his attack to full power quickly, and as it is done, both his Despair Flames and Zack's Cerunga collide, and Zack's Cerunga gets the better of it all. Berial then teleports away from the blast, and the Cerunga causes an enormous mount of destruction on the location. Berial is shocked to know that Zack could fire a Cerunga that can beat his Despair Flames, and denies that a hybrid's Cerunga can outmatch his attacks. By that moment, Zack fires another Cerunga to Berial, and Berial tries to blow it away with his Despair Flames again, but they are nutreulized by Zack's Cerunga again. Zack then instantly appears behind Berial, and as Berial is too late to defend himself behind, Zack then places his hand on Berial's left arm, and suddenly rips it off with no effort, and blood gushes out greatly. Berial realizes this, and screams out in massive pain from his arm dismemberment. Selia and Neon look on with horror, and Selia questions in fright if that is really Zack, as Zack is floating in the air with Berial's severed arm, and looks to be in a swirling vortex of blood and chaos.

(Zack kills Berial)

Zack kills Berial

With his current condition, Berial then resorts to extending his bones from inside his body to kill and absorbs his underlings. As he does, his arm is then regenerated back to the way it was, with Zack hinging his head to his left with ponderment. Berial tells him that strength and power isn't his only capabilities, but also the power to regenerate any lost limbs and organs. But has to kill and absorbs his followers to do this. He then tells Zack that if he still stands there without making a plan, he'll never beat him. He then generates a large blazing sword that resembles his Despair Sword, but larger and more deadly. He calls it his strongest move: Despair Sword of Devastation. He then tells Zack to stand there, for he doesn't want to throw it at him when he's up close. He then throws the sword and it heads for Zack in high speed. However, before it reaches, Zack moves his head to the left when it was only half an inch from him. And as it reaches for the mountains from 10,000 miles away, it causes a massive explosion that causes shockwaves to Zack's and everyone's location. Berial is confused as to why it missed him, and says that he give it one more try. He generates another sword, and Daira and Neon are surprised that he can make another one with only one hand in place. But by this time, Zack instantly teleports behind Berial, much to Berial's surprise. Berial then turns to him and says that he was able to get there without leaving a single presence. Berial then thinks that that speed Zack used wasn't Shining Flash Step, but was Blinding Darkness Step. Zack then throws the arm that he ripped from Berial to him, but Berial just slices it with his Despair Sword. He then thinks that throwing his severed arm would make him hesitate and tells Zack to not underestimate him. But before he could hit him with his sword, Zack grabs it immediately, with no sign of damage from it. Berial is shocked by this, seeing that he could grab it bare-handed. Zack's hand then twists it and his claws are extended to finally destroy it with no effort. Causing a massive eruption within the area. As the smoke clears up, Zack's monstrous face is seen snarling and giving a terrifyingly cold look, with Berial looking motionlessly. And in an instant, Berial is slashed in half from shoulder to torso, causing massive loads of blood out of his body. Berial falls to the ground, and Zack still remains still from his attack. Neon then looks on and shocked of what he's seeing. Berial is still shown alive from the attack is says that it's ridiculous for him to lose to "This hybrid mongrel". At this time, Zack then has flashbacks of Berial about to kill Selia with his sword, and Zack angerly stomps on Berial head greatly, and charges a Cerunga at him on point-blank. Neon sees this in surprise and disapproval, and Berial tells Zack in fear not to kill him. But Zack is done charging his Cerunga and Berial yells out to him in fear and anger to not kill him. Zack now fires his Cerunga on him, and a massive dome of explosion occurs on their location. Everyone witnesses it, and they try to guard against the massive magnitude from the explosion. As the explosion clears, Zack is seen with Berial's severed head, much to everyone's shock and horror. Zack then throws it and it begins to fades into energy, as Zack now absorbs it into his body and it glows violently.

Dark Zack VS Berial's ArmiesEdit

Berial's armies then notice that they cannot move, and are binded by Zack's dark creatures. Zack is then shown with a hand seal stance, and as the armies cower in fear, Zack then pulls out his left hand while his eyes suddenly glow with malevolant fury. He then declares in his mind "Malevolant Hand Crush!!!", and the armies of Berial are then engulfed within a massive dome of darkness. Zack then turns around to where Marka and the rest can see, and at that second, the dome instantly explodes into a cataclysmic inferno that causes the skies to burn, and the armies of Berial to suffer a nightmarish death. The inferno still blazes on, and Marka, the rest, but mostly Selia, are terrified of this seismic power and horror, while Zack just raises his head with a malevolantly growling grin and his eyes blazing with malevolance.

Dark Zack VS Kain, Akuhiei and the restEdit


Zack kicks Kain in the chest.


Zack slashes Akuhiei in the chest.

Zack stands in the air still, and the others wonder on what he now intents to do. Zack instantly vanishes, and Kain and Akuhiei hear screams fom behind them. As they look, the PredAlien, Bryan, and Adas are swiftly strucked down by Zack's monstrous strength and speed. Kain lunges towards him, but his swords are stopped by Zack's bare-hands. Kain is suprised by this, and Zack throws away his swords and instantly kicks him in the chest. Kain's armor breaks off, and he gushes out blood from his mouth and Zack strikes him again that sends him crashing far away. Akuhiei attacks Zack for his brother, but Zack kicks his scythe away and slashes him on the chest with his extended purple claws that are fueled by his dark energy. Loads of blood gush out from his chest, and Zack sends Akuhei with a devastating kick to the stomach that breaks his armor and crashing to where Kain was thrown to. Zack remains silent and steady, but hears a single soldier wimpering and running away. Zack instantly appears in front of the soldier and swiftly slashes him with his sword. The soldier's body streams out all the blood from his body and drops dead to Zack's feet. Zack, now covered in all of his enemies blood, turns to Marka and prepares to finish him off.

Dark Zack VS Marka RagnosEdit

Marka sees the overwhelming power of what Zack has leaked out, and is motionless of what to do about it. Zack walks towards Marka, and Marka tries to stay vigilant. However, Zack appears behind Marka, and a massive explosion occurs in their location. Neon keeps Selia safe from the waves caused by the explosion, and he wonders what's going on there. As the explosion clears, Marka is seen greatly injuried and is bleeding on his right arm and chest. Marka tries to stay on guard, but is starting to lose focus by blood loss. Zack finally cuts him down with his sword that is fueled by his Getsuga, and Marka slowly falls on his back. Seeing that Zack has strucked Marka down with a fatal blow to the shoulder and chest, Neon is scared of seeing that Zack can be this strong and monstrous. Zack then coldly tosses Marka's body to the ground, and it causes a great amount of impact in doing so. As Zack walks toward Marka, Neon looks on in awe-confusement, and when Zack pulls out his sword and energizes it, Neon become shock, and Zack points it directly to Marka's neck. In only a few seconds, Zack completely fuels the sword with his power and swiftly strikes it down. However, as Zack is about to kill Marka with his sword to his neck, Neon instantly stops him by grabbing his wrist tightly, while looking fearless but still scared. Neon tells him to stop, for he has won. He continues to say that, while marka may be the enemy, Zack shouldn't have to go and kill him in cold blood. He pleads to Zack to stop, for it's over now. Unfortunetely, after a few silent seconds, Zack still attempts to kill Marka, but is struggling from Neon's grip on his wrist as he growls. Neon then tells him to stop it, and that if he continues to do this, then he won't be a person anymore, and prove that God and Vrook were right. Zack still struggles, and Neon continues to yell at him angerly while saying his name. At that moment, as Zack's mind dives even deeper, he can't help but hear the voices of his emotions, and at that last second, he then hears Selia crying voice again, saying "Help me, Zack!!!!!", and he goes into a shocking rage. He roars monstrously as his Power Level drastically explodes, and as he swiftly looks to Neon with blazing eyes of fury, a sudden flash of light occurs, and trails of blood appear.As the flash clears, Neon is seen with his eyes wide-open like he's in shock, and as it shows a few seconds later, he is impaled greatly by Zack's Sword of Destiny through the chest where his heart is at. Everyone looks in shock and horror of what Zack did, and Neon coughs blood and is shocked of what Zack did just now. Neon is taken aback by the force of the sword that was thrusted to his chest, and Selia looks on in fright. As she reaches out in hand, Zack's stare looks to her face, and Selia notices as Zack is saying in a dark and growling voice "You...", and Selia gets scared by this, but Zack continues to say "", and by hearing this, Selia instantly remembers that she cried out "Help me, Zack!!!!!" for Zack's help, and realizes that Zack is mindlessly driven by the powerful desire to protect her no matter, at any cost, even if his friends and foes get in the way. Selia begins to asks in sorrow and regret on why she did that, and begins to blame herself for this. And as she still does, Zack points his attention to Neon and charges a Cerunga to kill him for getting in the way. Selia pleads to him in tears to stop, but Zack still charges his attack, despite Selia pleading. At that moment, Marka is shown with his sword and prepares to finish Zack off, and everyone sees this. Marka fuels his sword with his power, and lunges it to Zack's horns. However, before they hit, Zack swiftly grabs his arm, and causes Marka a get deal of surprise and shock. Zack slowly turns his head to marka, and after looking at him, he instantly punches him in the stomach with full force, and Marka gushes massive amounts of blood from the mouth. Marka falls to the ground, and Zack is about to fire the Cerunga on him. But as he does, the superiors try to stop him, but by that second, Zack's Cerunga shrinks and causes an enormous column of destructive force. The superiors get Neon and Marka out of the spot, and the Cerunga Explosion causes a massive want of destructiuon of Zack's location. The Superiors manage to get everyone to safety, and look to Zack's location to know what has happened to him. As the smoke clears, Zack is nowhere to be seen. However, at the last instant, Zack appears behind Dragono and disposes him with a slash to the back. Zack easily incapacitates the others, but leaves Edward and the Created Siblings conscious but unable to move from the ground. Seeing the bloodshed that is before her eyes, Selia is horrified of this and asks herself in sorrow and regret if this was her fault in this monstrous nightmare. As Zack is prepared to kill the others, Selia reacts to this in shock and concern, and runs to Zack to stop him. She grabs onto his arm and begs him to stop, and Zack looks back to her with a monstrously cold and bloody look in his eyes and face. But as he looks to her with emotionlessly malevolant intent, Selia looks to him in tears and fright. She pleads to him to stop and not to fight like this anymore. However, Zack breaks from her grabbing his arm, and proceeds to kill the others for interfering.

Selia tries to stop him, but as she does, Zack's body suddenly stops and Zack's mind is somehow returning. Zack immediately grabs and tries to tear off the red cystal on his forehead, while telling someone to get out of his head. Dark Zack is then shown within is subconscious and says that he knew that Zack would fight it eventually, and if Zack wants to stop this, then he will gladly comply. Zack continues to struggle back to normal, but his body seems to be cracking and bleeding greatly to the point that he's about to be broken to pieces, and his Power Level is fluctuating out of control. Dark Zack then notices that Selia had heard what he said and tells her through telepathy to keep Zack safe and well, for Zack will have to fight him in the Mental Realm to gain control over this newfound form and power. Dark Zack then says his farewell, and Zack finally tears out the crystal, but roars and screams in intense pain and agony, and all the energy from his demonic body then dissapates, which sends great shockwaves of dark energies that escape from his body. Selia, Marka, and everyone else sees this, and Zack is back to normal again. However, Zack has his head lowered, and everyone wonders what happened to him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, all of the energies that Zack had unleashed are now being transfered into his body, and he is now completely healed. Zack then raises his head, and eyes are shown to be that of his Dark Mode, but they quickly revert back, and Zack is unaware of what just occured. Zack feels heavy, and as he looks around, he sees all the destruction and ruin that has happened. Selia shows up beside him, and Zack wonders if she's okay. She smiles weakly, and still has tears on her face. Zack looks around more, and witnesses Neon on th ground with Zack's sword still in his chest. Zack is horrified by this and runs to Neon. Zack asks Neon on how did he get his sword to his chest, but Neon can hardly try to speak. Marka tells Zack that he really is a young fool, and Zack looks to Marka. Marka swiftly appears before Neon and pulls out the sword and throws it to Zack. Marka gives Neon a healing potion to completely heal himself, and tells Zack that they should finish this fight now.

Zack looks to Marka on his entire body and sees that he is far too wounded to fight. Zack asks him if this was all his own doing, and Marka says yes. After hearing that, Zack instantly heals Marka to have this fight be settle fair and square. Marka is surprisd by this, and Neon and Selia are also speechless from this. Marka says that if Zack wants this to end fairly, then it's time for them to start off by fighting in their mobile suits first. Zack agrees, and the Siegfried comes to him for combat. Marka also calls his Akatsuki unit, and prepares to fight Zack for the final time in their mobile suits. As they finally engage one last time, Selia and Neon now go to help the others to recovery.

Siegfried VS AkatsukiEdit

Zack VS Marka Ragnos (Round 2)Edit

Zack VS Kain and AkuhieiEdit

While Zack's fight against Marka still rages on, Kain and Akuhiei are seen still alive, with Marka smirking and they try to interfere their fight. They keep Zack away from Marka by clashing their weapons to Zack's dual Sword of Destiny, and Zack is greatly surprised to see them still alive (despite that they were in near death from Zack's imperfect D.M.W. form). Zack and the Brothers keep their distance from each other, and Marka frowns with a slight grunt. Kain and Akuhiei now ask that, before they proceed, they want to ask Marka a question, and Marka wonders what that may be. They asks on what happened to the rest of their armies, as well as all those that have fought in this War of the Realms. Marka simply answers with his eyes close that they died, and the Death Brothers wonders if he means all of them, and Marka says yes, for they all died. They seem unease from this, but the Death Brothers say that if that's so, and they focus their attention on Zack. Zack asks them on why they are defending him, but they are still trying to fight Zack off. After a brief and pointless fight, Zack easily beats them, but doesn't kill them and he says to them to stop it. Kain and Akuhiei are badly beaten from the early fight, and Marka looks to them with no expression. They get up on their feet again, and say to Zack that they can't stop now, and Zack asks why did they come here in the first place, seeing that their in no condition to fight. Kain and Akuhiei now prepare their weapons, but at that moment, the Death Brothers disappear, and marka and Zack realizes that they are behind him, and point their weapons to his [Marka] neck. Marka questions them on what they are doing, but they still maintain their focus. Kain and Akuhiei tell Marka that they are going to try and persuade him to not destroy all of existance in this universe, and for Marka to use the Anti-Universal Crest to remake all of existance into a much more suitable place. They even remembered about what Marka said about that, if he wanted to destroy all of existance, they would have no other choice but to obey him. Kain and Akuhiei express honestly that they slightly felt that they wouldn't mind seeing all this disappear, but that's what they thought without much thinking. Zack maintains his guard, while Marka looks to them without turning his head. Kain and Akuhiei express that when they looked into their father's eyes, they thought that they were reminded of the time that they had with Zack, and how they looked to him with respect, for it was the reason why they stood by Marka's side in the first place. However, they also revealed that it was the time during their fights with Darth Vader and Yoda in the Temple of Time that they had remembered something a long time ago. Back then, they wanted to change things into something better, and to protect the innocent from danger, for it was their desire, and Marka just looks with a much more frowner face and disappointment. Kain and Akuhiei say that Zack, his friends and of themselves had the same beliefs, as that was the reason why they stood by them in the Mandalorian Wars, and why they trained hard to fight by their side, even if they weren't there anymore, and marka pulls out his hands from his pockets. Zack then puits his guard down from hearing this, and Kain and Akuhiei also expressed that, when they thought that Zack and his friends had abandoned him and his brother, the sheer emptyness of that would-be betrayal transformed his admiration and respect into anger and hatred, but realized that it was pointless to hold on to that, and now want to make things amend again. Zack looks on more, and Kain and Akuhiei now want to know that, if Marka now has the power to change all of existance, and if he makes it the way that it should be, as they slightly lower their weapons, then they shall kneel before him once more. They continue on, and Marka seems to be cracking his neckbone, and gripping his hand open and then tightly. They even tell Marka that, if he chooses to destroy all of existance out of hatred and revenge, as they sharply point near his neck with their weapons, then they will have no other choice but to stop him. They continue to say, as the winds seems to be blowing even harder than normal for a slight moment, that nothing is born of vengeance, and now that God, Jesus, Adas, Berial and the rest are dead from this War of the Realms, the only ones that can stop marka are them, and Marka's hand then glows in crimson energy, but only Zack sees this. Kain and Akuhiei now ask Marka on what his answer is, but Marka, after a moment, tells them that he's afriad that's impossible. Marka then fuels himself within a powerful column of energy that causes the ground to crumble and the skies to blow strong winds, and Zack notices that he's planning something while guarding against the energy's massive pressure. Kain and Akuhiei yell to Marka not to do this, but as they thrust their weapons to Marka, he stops them with his bare hands with no effort. Marka then tells them that they don't have sufficient power to stop him, and he uses Force Grip to keep them immobilize and helpless. Marka then crushes their weapons, and tells Kain and Akuhiei that he appreciates their help, because thanks for their long conversation and interference, they have given him enough time to let the Anti-Universal Crest full-power to course and spread throughout his entire body, and Marka's hand then generates two Spear of Midnight Blacks. Zack tries to stop him, but Marka's Power Level Pressure prevents him from stopping Marka. Marka then mercilessly and ruthlessly impales Kain and Akuhiei, and they are in great pain. With that done, Marka then turns around, while Kain and Akuhiei fall to the ground. They try to reason with him again, but Marka is frustratingly irritated and throws them away with great force with his feet, and as they are near their ends, he unleashes fully charged Force Lightning on them that completely burns and incinerates them, and their bodies fall to the ground from 5,000 feet, and causes a massive impact, and Marka stands expressionless with his back turned on them. Seeing that Marka has just seemingly killed his sons, Zack yells out to him in anger and disgust to Marka, and Marka turns his attention to him. Zack yellingly asks him on how could he be so cruel while cursing him, and Marka asks him on what he's talking about. Zack then continues asks him on how could he do what he just did just now and to his own sons, for they have served faithfully by his side and yet that is how he repays them. Marka asks on what difference does that make, and Zack asks what he means by "what difference". Marka then looks to the location to where Kain and Akuhiei fell to their deaths, and clarifies to zack that they were his enemies, and that it's not really part of his character, nor does it make any sense to him to show a sense of pity for them. Zack, however, corrects him that he doesn't pity them, but what he doesn't like and what he cannot forgive, is how Marka can do that to his own family or even to his own comrades. Marka is unflinched and lowers his head, but tells Zack, "To tell you the truth, I never saw Kain or Akuhiei as my own family. Nor did I saw anyone in this cause as one of my own comrades, either. They were all just pawns for me to use until my goals were achieved." and he gives a smirk from this. Zack then yells out Marka's name in anger, and his H.D.W. form goes into a rage, and all of the power levels go at full throttle, as they fuel at full strength, Zack is in an enormous column of power, and continues to charge his Power Level to the max.

Zack VS Marka Ragnos (Finale)Edit

With it finally set, Zack in his H.D.W. state, and Marka in his full power of the Anti-Universal Crest, Marka then decide to finish this with everything. Marka then summons his final power and weapon, and declares "Obliterate it all to nothing, Speara Ragnara!!!". With that done, Marka is then engulfed in a massive column and dome of crimson dark energy, and a vast twister like power transfers into his right hand. Seeing the vast power that Zack and Marka are unleashing, Selia, Aeon, Neon, Daira, Mammon, Lily, Edward and the rest try to hurry to Zack as fast as they can. Edward hopes that Zack will be fine, and Neon hopes so, too. Back to where the fight continues, Marka has gained a tranformed weapon, and tells Zack that he never dreamed that he would have to use it, but, unfortunetly, he is almost out of time. He then readies himself and calls out to Zack to come and fight, while introduces him his weapon, Speara Ragnara. But reminds Zack that, now that he has summoned his transformed weapon, he will have no chance of getting anywhere near him. Zack then scoffs and says to Marka that he's still arrogant until the very end, and prepares his sword. Zack looks to Marka with determination, while Marka looks triumpthant, and after that silent moment of stare, they then unleash their signature attacks with their battlecries, and a massive explosion occurs when their attacks come at each other simultaneously.

Marka and Zack continue to clash their swords, and both combatants are of equal level of power and strength. Marka then makes several attacks to incapacitate Zack, but Zack manages to dodge and block them. Marka then makes a surprise attack on him, and Zack is sended to the ground with an impact. Marka then generates and discharges two wind slices, and they land and impact on Zack's location. Marka then looks closely, and sees that Zack used his form's Power Level to harden his body like his Resolve Form, and expresses his impressment with it, but Zack just says that he has finally figured out what's at the heart of his attacks, and Marka wonders if he has. Zack then points his right sword to him, and they continue to throw their attacks again. As Marka is slightly distracted, Zack goes into hyper-speed, and creates after-images of himself while saying that most of Marka's attacks come during openings that his opponents leave when they strke, and now asks Marka on what if there are no openings. Zack now attacks Marka, and Marka barely manages to block his attacks. As Zack sends Marka to the ground and makes multiple strikes, Zack unleashes his Divine Getsuga attack on Marka, and the latter is greatly pushed by the pressure of the attack. Seeing that he can't defend against it for long, a massive impact occurs in Marka's location, and Zack looks to the spot focusly. As they dust clears, Zack sees that Marka is unharmed and Marka comments about defending oneself with Power Level Pressure, as his body glows from his power. Zack grunts from this with displeasement, and Marka admits that he's not used to this sort of technique and that Zack ruined his clothing, and has it repaired automatically. Marka continues to say that this defense of Zack can limit the amount of damage that he can conflict, and he disengages his glowing power. Marka then says that if Zack thinks that his attacks are only counter attacks, then it's time to show him Speara Ragnara's true form.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere begins to blow like a hurricane, and Zack wonders on what is going to happen now. Marka tells him that he should know that his primary elemental power is wind, and that wind can generate electricity through atmospheric pressure. He points his sword at the sky, while all the power of the wind and the Anti-Universal Crest in his body course into the sword and says that with that of the wind, he can create lightning. His sword now infuses it with the lightning and discharges it to Zack to attack him. However, Zack manages to dodge it by jumping into the air, but the lightning begins to followsuit. Marka is impressed and says good luck to Zack, but now matter how fast he moves or where he goes, as Zack contnues to dodge them, Marka says that he can't out-run lightning, especially when fueled by the Anti-Universal Crest. Marka then unleashes another lightning attack, but in the color of red from the Crest, and it manages to hit Zack, along with the other lightning that was chasing him before. Marka then dashes to him in high-speeds and slashes him across the chest. Zack groans from the pain, and Marka kicks him to send him crashing to the ground, and Zack is heavily pummeled from the attack.

Marka now finds this somewhat embarressing for Zack and asks him if he's finished. Zack barely gets up and curses Marka, and Marka says that he's pathetic. But tells him not to worry, for in a moment, the Anti-Universal Crest will completely fill him with it's awesome power. Zack stares at him, and Marka reveals to him that he never told him this, but that there is actually more than one Anti-Universal Crest in the whole infinite universe. Zack asks him on what he just said, and Marka continues to say that, when he unleashes the Anti-Universal Crest within him, it will detonate the rest of them, thus all of existance will be no more. Zack tries to get up and asks Marka on why would do that, for his friends, his enemies, and even himself on why would he murder everyone. Marka now looks to Zack with slight anger and says that the Sith and the realms have became corrupted long ago. He continues that the Sith were given so much power from the power of the Force and from the realms themselves, but despite that, they refused to severe their ties with the conflicting Jedi for so many eternity. And that the Jedi themselves are even more corrupt, for they selfishly slaved the Sith species from the very beginning, both using them for war, and disposing them when they are useless. Marka then says that he'll never forgive them for the continuous crimes that they have committed, so now he'll take them all down with him. And that the Jedi, the Sith, and every last being in existance will be destroyed. Zack calls him a fool, and that he completely lost it. Marka laughs and corrects Zack by saying that he is quite sane, and that the world has gone crazy is all. Marka then goes back to his normal demeaner and says that it is not important, because the world is about to come to an end. Zack yells to him that that's what he thinks, but he'll stop him, and manages to get back on his feet.

At this time, Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon arrive ahead of the others, and Neon and Mammon try to help Zack out, but are stopped by their brothers. Neon asks Aeon to let go, and Mammon says the same to Daira. Daira says that this is Zack's fight, and that they shouldn't interfere. Before they could complain, Aeon tells them that, in combat, Zack was more than a match for God Almighty before they got back here, and that he just regained his senses from some time ago against Berial and the rest of their armies, so they should believe in him for now. Neon and Mammon are strucked hard by this, but understand and they stand back to see this fight end soon. Zack impales the ground with his sword to keep his stand and asks Marka if he thinks that he's just going to stand by and let him destroy everything. Marka just casually says that, what he thinks is, there isn't much Zack could do in his current condition, and Zack tells him to shut up, and he pulls his sword for combat. Marka then lowers his head and closes his eyes and says that just a little longer and this never-ending nightmare will be over. He then instantly teleports down to Zack's location from several yeards and says that, until then, it'll be amusing to watch Zack die, moments before the world finally comes to an end, and he points his sword directly to Zack. Zack thinks to himself that he's not focusing and that he can't move and inch from the damage he was inflicted on. He begs for his body to move again and again, and out of nowhere, Dark Zack is shown in his mind with only his grin visible and says that it will.

Then at that instant, Zack gasps and his iris's turn yellow, and a sudden burst of energy explodes from within his body. Then at that, Zack then swiftly slashes Marka on the chest and shoulder area with a Dark Getsuga-filled Sword of Destiny. Marka is shocked of this, and Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon witness this, and Zack just looks on with unflinching killer intent, and Marka is greatly taken aback. Zack, now under control of Dark Zack, snarls with killer intention to Marka, and lunges at him in high-speeds. Marka tries to fight back, but Dark is proven to quick and strong for Marka to handle, and he attacks him in rapid succession. With one final strike, Dark Zack strikes a fatal blow to Marka's wound again, and does so with another Dark Getsuga strike, causing much blood to spew out form Marka's body and causing much destruction on their location. As it clears up, Marka is shown with a big wound with blood dripping out, and Dark Zack just puts his sword is position. Neon and Mammon are speechless from this, and Daira and Aeon notice about that Dark Getsuga attack, and wonders where it comes from. Marka barely balances from the strike, and asks on where this power is coming from. However, in a second, Zack's iris's go back to normal, and Zack is back in possession of his body, but is confused on what just happened, as he places his hand on his face.

Marka then gathers that this must be Zack's inner power, and Zack focuses his attention back to Marka. Marka then realizes that even this power has deserted him, but that on the other hand, he has a powerful ally in the Force energies, and great amounts of the Force surround Marka's body to heal him. However, Marka realizes that he can't absorb Force energies anymore, and wonders why. He now realizes that Daira and Edwad used those gadgets to disable his ability to absorb Force energies and render him helpess from then on, not actually intended to kill him then. Marka then congratulates them for their work. Zack now chuckles and now sees that he's not invincleble anymore now, and that they are on level ground now. Marka just looks on, and suddenly, the Anti-Universal Crest symbol on his bare-chest glows fiercely red, and Marka grins that it's already too late to do Zack any good. Zack asks him on what did he mean by that, and Marka says that the end is near, while calling Zack by title, and that very soon the Anti-Universal Crest will fill him with its power, and that he'll use this power to destroy all of existance, and all of this will come to an end. Zack lunges to Marka and yells that not if hecan help it, and Zack's sword clashes with Marka's, and a great crumble occurs on them from the impact of the clash, and Zack says that if he unleashes that power, he'll kill him. Marka then retorts to Zack to stop him if he can, and Zack obliges to that. They continue to throw slash-to-slash at each other, but can't land a hit on the other. As they put their swords in lock, Marka then tells Zack that he doesn't even begin to uderstand how incredible the power of the Crest really is, and Zack asks so what, and Marka says that he'll demonstrate for him, as he'll select the nearest one and detonate it now.

While the fight continues to rage on, Zack and Marka land several impacts on the surrounding grounds, until Zack is striked to the ground with a heavy blow. Marka then uses the wind element to levitate himself in the air, and Zack yells out on why he's doing this. marka then tells him not to worry, for the Crests are buried far apart from each other around the universe. So if he detonates a single one of them, then the explosion won't have any effect on the others. Zack curses him and tries to get up. Marka then declares to Zack to behold and learn of the power of the Anti-Universal Crest, as he unleashes a stream of dark lightning to the skies to hit a nearby planet. Zack can only watch, but the lightning was stopped by a dark shroud. The shroud neutralizes the lightning and heads for Marka. Marka is then engulfed in it, but slashes his way out of it. As it clears, Darth Kraynos is then seen from a distance, and Zack is surprised, and Daira, Mammon, Aeon and Neon are glad to see him there. Marka curses Darth Kraynos, and Viloura gets there in a flash and expresses some reassurence that they manage to get there on time. Zack looks to her and is also surprised to see her there. Viloura walks a few steps forward and says that she's sorry for taking too long to get here, but says that everyone in the universe are currently trying to seal the crest from within the countless planet, and Zack seems glad for it. However, Viloura also states that it will take some time before everyone can properly seal them, so the only question here is, whether they'll be detonated before they get the chance to seal them, or if Zack, who is now speaking with a grin on his face and his sword in position, can defeat Marka in time and thus destroy the Anti-Universal Crest from his body and resulting the destruction on the rest at the same time. Zack is really glad and satisfied from knowing this, and Viloura further clarifies that, in either case, it will be a race against time for them. Viloura then asks Marka on what he plans to do. Marka gives a single quick chuckle and asks her, "Isn't it obvious?", and his body is being fueled by the wind and further says, "I'm going to kill all of you.", and Zack, Darth Kraynos, and Viloura look to him with fierce determination and Marka finally says, "every last one!!!", and unleashes a large stream of dark lightning on them. Fortunetely, the attack is blocked by Kraynos's dark shield barrier, and Marka just looks on for a second. Marka then sees Zack above him, and they clash their swords again, while causing a large crumbling impact, and their dark lightning and getsuga energies flow out of their weapon. Zack tells Marka to forget them and that he's his opponent, and Marka obliges, and they continue their tremendous battle.

Zack and Marka go at high-speeds, and they cause impact and strikes around the surrounding areas. As the battle renders rocks and boulders to float in the air from the battle, Zack and Marka try to attack each other with their speed and swords. With that gone, they continue to impact everywhere else, and are further away from the others. Kraynos tries to help his son and tries to pull out his sword to assist him. But Viloura stops him and tells him to stay put until this fight is over. Kraynos asks on why they should and that they should help their son. But Viloura tells him that she's very well aware of the danger he's in and feels the same concern as her husband does, but they need to stand back and let him fight on his own, as he will eventually have to when the last war will soon comes. After a quick and hesitant moment, Kraynos reluctantely agrees to stay back, and cannot help but watch the battle from their location. Marka and Zack attack each other again, and cause large spires and impacts on their current location. They then distance themselves from each other, and both of them nearly out of breath. Zack then grins and asks Marka if that's all the power he's got, but marka is out of breath and tells him to shut up. Marka then keeps his stance and thinks to him while sweating that he's used up too much power in compressing the Anti-Universal Crest, and he closes his eyes and says there is only one thing left to do.

Zack tries to regain his breath, but as he does, he witnesses Marka planning something. Marka's body then resonates with dark energies, but then tranforms even darker and more frightening. Marka then inhales and exhales for a few seconds, and a sudden burst happen when he looks to Zack. Zack prepares to defend himself, and Marka lunges at him with great speed. He makes several strikes to Zack, and Zack seems to have trouble of countering them, and Marka unleashes an even dark and much stronger wave of dark lightning on him. Zack is blocking it with his swords, but is greatly being pushed by its strength, thus causing an enormous trail of damage. Kraynos looks on with concern for his son, but Viloura keeps a calm composure and thinks to herself that it's strange that, while Marka can't absorb Force energies anymore, his attack aren't getting any weaker, and Marka stands with a grin. Viloura further speculates that, in fact, his attacks seem to get even stronger than they were before, and wonders why. After a quick thought, she now knows why, and looks to Zack to inform him. Zack barely stands from the lightning, and Viloura calls out to him, and he looks to her. She tells him to just keep it up a little more, and Zack looks confused of this. She continues to say that Marka is already out of Force energy, and that, right now, he's using the power of the Crest that's in his body to increase his abilities. Marka then looks to her and scoffs and asks on what difference can it make, and he fires a dark lightning towards her. Kraynos tries to stop it, but Viloura holds him back and neutralizes it with her hand, but ends up feeling slight pain from it. Marka then turns his attention on Zack and calls them fools and that they don't get it, for he says that the Anti-Universal Crest will be complete in just a few more minutes, but the question is, wether his body will hold long enough, or if they succeed in defeating him first. Zack tries to regain his breath and tells Marka that he already told him that, and as he does regain his breath, he shouts to Marka that he's finished and that he knows it. Marka just smirks and clarifies that that sounds like nothing but an empty threat coming from someone as beaten down as him. Marka then suddenly disappears and reappears behind Zack. Zack tries to evade him, but is sended to a large spire from Marka's kick strike. As Zack crashed to the spire, Marka asks him on no more boasting from him, and Zack just groans from the pain. Marka then begins to generate more darker lightning in his sword and declares that there is no more holding back now, and wonders if Zack can handle this,a nd he unleashes an enormously powerful dark lightning to Zack. Kraynos, Mammon and Neon try to stop it, but before it reached Zack, it is sended to what seems to be broken parts of weapons. Marka is confused by this, and Zack sees the broken weapons absorbing the attack. Zack then has a flashback of Marka destroying his sons' weapons before impaling them with his pair of Spear of Midnight Black, and now realizes that those broken weapons are Kain and Akuhiei's. The parts of the weapons have completely absorbed the attack from Marka, and explodes into energy wave particles, and are then transfered into Zack's body, who's body now fiercely radiates with combine power and energies from his forms, and that of Kain and Akuhiei's. Marka then looks distrubed by this, and Zack raises his head and opens his eyes that glow yellow to blue. Zack then places both his swords together, which combine, and roars out with an enormous column of blue Power Level energy and Spiral Force energies.

While Zack charges to full power, Selia is then heard from a distance behind Aeon and the rest. Edward and the rest show up as well, and Edward wonders if Zack is alright, and Lily hopes so. They made it out from the dead trees of the surrounding of the Temple of Time, and they see Viloura and Kraynos from a long distance, and that Daira, Mammon, Aeon and Neon are beside them. Daira and surprised to see them there, and Selia is glad to see them here. Kayle then turns to where Zack is and shouts out for concern, and the rest see him there against Marka Ragnos. Selia and Lily are worried, and Edward asks Daira, Mammon, Aeon and Neon to help him. Aeon looks to Edward and turns his head to Zack's location and says that it's tempting to interfere in this fight, but they need to wait. Selia, Edward and Lily try to ask on why they have to stay back, and Daira says that he begins to think that Zack is somewhat thinking himself as being similiar to Marka and the Sith species,and Mammon and Neon look to Daira with ponderment. Daira says that Zack has indeed became an Ultimatum, but he is more than that. Zack is shown still charges his power, adn Daira continues to say that he's a person, but he's not like any other person in existance. Before he gained the Sword of Destiny, and soon enough his Sith'arian powers, all he wanted was the strength to protect those close to him. Zack finally got the power he wanted, but from that point on, he was pulled between two worlds that are apart. The world of light, and the world of darkness. Two sides in which one continues to bring wars on the other, while the other wants to bring peace and love to all sides of existance. Daira then lowers his head and states that they can really understand such a burden that Zack holds. Selia, Edward, Lily and the rest look on and Daira continues to say that Zack endures that painful struggle of the worlds, has suffered much from the battles that have been inflicted on him, yet still he moves forward, and Daira asks if any of them can be that strong, and everyone lowers their heads. Daira then looks to Marka and says that Marka and the Sith are also people too, but not like any other. For they are of two worlds, but have suffered in both. Which is why Marka can only be stopped by Zack; because he bares the same burden. So all they can do is stand back and trust him. Selia, Edward and Lily look deeply concerned, but Aeon says not to worry, and everyone looks to him and he continues to say that Zack is going to win this fight. Selia and the others then smile and look to Zack and they say that they know he will. Zack then makes a loud roar, and his Power Level and Spiral Force energies then reach their maximum, and the surroundings now crumble largerly from the overwhelming power.

Zack then says to Marka that it's time to settle this, and that he is going finish him with everything he's got. Marka is in a smirk "Excellent! And I shall do the same to you.", and he then fuels himself in a massive column of crimson power. Marka speaks out to Zack to strike, and Zack obliges. They begin to thrust in full power, and Zack and Marka yell out their battle-cries, and clash their swords together, and it causes a massive dome of combined opposing Power Levels. The shockwaves from the clash of their power levels then put everyone on the defensive from it's massive power, and the grounds are crumbling from the massive mixture of the clashing forces of their Power Levels in conflict. Marka Ragnos then tells Zack that the Anti-Universal Crest is backed by the strength of all those that have fought from this day, and from the sith of past, present and future. He then asks Zack if he can withstand it, while calling him by title and pushing him with brute force of strength. Zack tries to keep his balance against Marka's overwhelming power, while the ground around him and back are breaking apart, and Zack asks him on what has he done to help those who fought for him and God up to this point in this war, especially the siths themselves, and Marka reacts to this. Zack then reminds him that he himself said that they were nothing but tools for him to use and dispose of, especially his own family. So how can he really be this cruel, and that he's not going to lose to someone like him. Zack pushes further on Marka's sword, and the grounds around them begins to crumble even more. Marka maintains his cool and tells Zack that he knows nothing of him, or what he had gone through. Marka then looks back on his memories and tells Zack that people always fear and hate those who are beter than they are, and they desire to rid of them from their lives. Marka even says that Zack's friends are no different, and it shows Zack's friends and families in memories. Marka says that soon they will begin to fear his power, and try to distance themselves from him. As they have begun to fear and hate him for being more powerful than them. The memories then fade, and Marka asks Zack in anger on where is the logic in knowing that he cannot change what fate has in store for him, and why to protect that kind of people when it finally reaches it's conclusion. But Zack retorts to saying that it's not about logic, or of it's conclusion, but it's what he feels, and for what is in his heart. He will protect them from all threats, and for that, he would even risk his own existance. Marka then tells him that, then he will lose his existance and fall to ever-lasting nothingness. Just as though who are foolish to defy destiny, and lose their very lives from that process. Marka's Anti-Universal Crest on his chest then radiates with a burning crimson glow, and Neon and Mammon try to help Zack from it. However, Aeon tells them to stand back and leave it to Zack. Neon and Mammon still want to help, but Daira says that they only to have faith in Zack and watch. As their swords are still in critical clash of power and the surroundings begin to break and crumble, Marka then says that this is now the moment that he has been waiting for, for nothing else matters anymore, for this is the end of everything, and tells Zack that if he really wants to change destiny, then he'll have to cut him down with his full might, for his whole being is that of complete darkness and evil with no light. Because for him, only weaklings would rely on the light and believe that they can achieve anything, and for that, he then roars that weaklings die, and a massively vast shockwaves of darkness and evil is then unleashed from within Marka's body, and Zack is tossed far away from it's power. However, Zack maintains his balance, and energizes his body and power, and finally goes into high-speeds, and yells out Marka's name, as he breaks through the massive dome of Marka's power. As Zack finally gets to Marka, things then go into a dramatic slow motion, while the opponents look at each other, and with that, they then swing their swords as they roar out in battle cry. As a sudden flash occurs from the swings, a massive explosion occurs, and fires as an enormous column of energy to the skies and space, showing colors of red and blue that tear the clouds apart, and finally disapates.

Zack and Marka in conclusion

Zack and Marka's last stand.

With the blast column gone, and the dust clears, Marka is seen with a strike stance in stand still position, and Zack is seen in a final striking position with his sword, and his form goes back to normal, but still seems to be in his H.D.W. form to some extent. After a short moment of silence, Zack falls to his knees and Marka now stands perfectly still and looks to the skies with a smirk, and Zack seems to show a face of pity. Marka then says that "Well, I guess this is it then. I must admit, I am a little disppointed", and his entire armor on his arms begins to break off greatly. Marka then turns around to Zack and says "I guess I won't be able to live long enough to see...", and his chest armor breaks off completely, and his body begins to show cracks that glow crimson red, along with the Anti-Universal Crest that glows fiercly on his heart and says to Zack "Whether or not, you are possibly the only one who will stay right path, as I've tried.", and Zack has a sad expression on his face while hearing Marka's words. Marka then take a moment with a smile, and as the cracks go to his face, he finally says "Crown Prince Zack Xargus, I....", and his entire body shatters into resonating energy particles that brighten the enitre planet, and they are then transfered to Zack's sword. As they transfer in, and are kept in, Zack says to himself "Damn you, Marka.", and he begins to slowly fall. But before he begins to fall, Kayle grabs him, and Zack is surprised to see her here, and Kayle asks him if he's alright. But before Zack could answer, Aeon, Neon, Kraynos, Viloura, Wookimo, Gwen, Edward and Selia go to see Zack and wonder is he's alright as well. At that time, Revan sees that Daira and Mammon are relieved to see that Zack survived, and tells them to go check on him as well, and they do so. Neon then asks Zack to let him heal his wounds, since he looks all beaten up, and Zack says sure, but says to wait for a moment, and he gets up on his feet. Zack then turns around and walks toward Marka's death spot, and looks to the sky that Marka looked at with a smile. Zack then says that, in the end, Marka Ragnos had finally gotten what he wanted the most. Daira then speculates if that was Marka's intention all along. But Zack says who knows, but does say that, what it really seemed like, was that all what Marka wanted, was to put his never-ending struggle of a close.

After the conclusion of the fight with Zack and Marka, A small lump of flesh begins to regenerate at will. As it does, is is revealed to be Berial, from the ripped off arm that Dark Zack took from Berial during their fight. He crawls toward a hole to conseal himself from danger and to recover to his full strength, and mutters in a low voice that he has now the powers of all those that Zack has defeated, and will soon have more within 24 hours.

Zack VS Dark ZackEdit

Seeing that Zack couldn't sleep, Selia went to go check on him. Zack is seen sitting on the edge of the cliff, holding on to an old book. She goes to him and asks him what's wrong. Zack hardly says anything, but now says that he feels bad about what happened so far, especially about Marka. Zack asks her on what she felt on the moment that he seemed to be not himself, but something else more terrifying. Selia couldn't put it into words, because she's still frightened of his demonic like form. She simply tells him that it was nothing to worry about, and Zack is slightly relieved from this. Selia then asks him on why he feels bad for Marka, and Zack shows her a book that belonged to him, and suddenly found it on their way here.

After a moment of thinking, Zack goes to the Superiors and asks them to help him control his darksider's power and his new form. They agree and they head off to where Zack fought off Marka Ragnos. There, Zack was put into his Mental Realm by the Xen Brothers and is now about to fight his darksider, Dark Zack. Zack finally re-enters his mind, and sees that the realm hasn't changed much. He then turns around and sees Dark Zack on his knees, and he [Dark Zack] bids him "Hey! long time no see, king." Zack then asks him on what he's doing here, and wonders on why he fought Marka to a fight that nearly took Neon's life, and everyone elses in the process. Dark Zack gets up, and just looks to Zack with an amusing face and smirk. Zack grabs his sword and asks Dark Zack again. Dark Zack then tells him that it wasn't his fault, for he WAS following Zack's desire from the fight. Zack is confused, but dismisses it, and now asks where Dantas and the other two are. Dark Zack asks him if he's talking about the ones within his Sword of Destiny, and wonders if it's the one in his hand, or rather, in his own hand, and Dark Zack pulls out the reveresed colored Sword of Destiny from his back. Zack is confused and speechless of how he has the sword, and Dark Zack tells him why he looks confused, for he is HIS darksider, after all. Dark Zack tells him that, at this moment, he's the only one he'll have to settle with talking, and he leaps to Zack with his Sword of Destiny, and Zack manages to block it with his.

All of a sudden, as the two clash within the Mental Realm, Zack's body in the real world suddenly awakens and begins to roar in anger.

After their swords clash with eachother, they then distance from themselves, and Zack keeps a focused mind while Dark Zack looks on with a grin.

As Zack clashes sword with Dark Zack, he is suddenly in the Execution Stand where Selia's execution was held. Zack is confused of why he's there, and he happens to be in his Celestial Form. However, as he thinks to himself, God Almighty appears behind him and attacks. Zack manages to block it, and distance himself from God.

As Zack's sword begins to deteriorate, Zack hears a familiar voice saying "So you have still yet to realize the importantce of what it is that you have to hold onto in your heart, eh?", and it is now Marka Ragnos that stands in front of him in the Temple of Time. Zack is shocked to see that Marka is standing before him, but remembers that he is dead, and can't be here. He then says that he knows that THIS Marka is only an apperation. Marka then says that maybe he's right, but it doesn't matter right now.

As Zack goes back to his Mental Realm, he sees his sword deteriorating into nothing. Zack is shocked by this and calls for it back, but Dark Zack says, in a low and disappointed manner, that that's not going to happen. Not the way Zack is right now. Dark Zack then places his hand on Zack's face and throws him through 5 buildings. Zack is floating in the air, and Dark Zack is spinnng his Sword of Destiny. Dark Zack asks Zack of what is the difference between victory and defeat, and Zack is confused. Dark Zack is saying that he's nt talking about strengths and power, or something so simple as that. He continues to say that things like hidden strengths and powers within us are what makes the difference between a lose and a win. Zack is still confused of this, and Dark Zack says that there are five answers: Resolve, Instinct, Courage, Wisdom, but most importantly, the will to protect. Zack is speechless of hearing this, and Dark Zack says that the will to protect is the strongest desire to have in your heart. And it is the reason why Zack has to not be distracted by the deaths of his enemies. But Dark Zqack tells him that he suddenly relays on. Dark Zack throws his sword to Zack, and it lands on his chest where his heart is at. Dark Zack now looks at Zack with displease and says that he won't let him die for being sorry for himself. Dark Zack slowly walks to Zack and tells him that he has to give it everything he has, and keep it going until those he love will be safe. Dark Zack now grabs the sword in Zack and asks him if he still has the will to keep going, and has one last trick up his sleeve, then he better do it now. But if not, then this is goodbye, and Dark Zack frowns and closes his eyes from this and is about to pull the sword out of Zack's chest. Zack then says in his mind with weak words "The will to protect? Is that what I was losing from this fight?".

Zack is then pulled even deeper into his subconscious, and is seen on the ground like he's lying down. He is confused of what this is, and at that moment, two weapon blades impact ofn the ground, and they nearly touched and scracthed Zack face, and he gets up in panick. He then sees that it is Kain and Akuhiei that did that to their swords. Zack is confused and asks them if their next on this fight. Kain and Akuhiei are confused on what Zack means by those names, but they say that it makes no difference, for they came here to kill him, and they lunged their weapons to Zack. Zack manages to block them both in time, and backs away from them to keep himself safe. Zack then asks why Zack Kain and Akuhiei are fighting him when they're dead, and that they settled their fight long ago. They are confused on what he means by "Settled their fight.", and corrects him that they aren't dead. For as long as Zack has doubts, they will always live in him to instill fear and terror into his heart. Zack asks what they mean by that, and they answer. They say that every person has their light and dark moments, and it takes time for either of those to take surface within them.

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Zack VS Berial (3rd Finale)Edit

Berial finally appears to be still alive and declares a death match with Zack to settle his vendetta once and for all. Zack, however, has no intention of fighting Berial to a death match, because he has to get his friends back to the ship. But Berial remains disuaded and attacks Zack to try to provoke him, but is sended away with only a push of Zack's hand. Zack asks Berial on why would he want to fight him when he knows the War of the Realms is over, and Berial says that it's never over until those who reside in those realms are dead and points to Daira and Mammon that they belonged to Heaven and Hell, so why didn't Zack kill them. Zack says that Daira tried to beg God to not kill Selia and tried to save her on his own, though it didn't work, he did helped out on taking out God for him. And that Mammon helped Zack through a vision before he got to Kortexx and helped him through the realm of Hell to get to Heaven to save Selia. With all their help, he gladly accepted them into his group, for they aren't just allies now but are also his best friends to the end, and Daira and Mammon are happy to hear Zack say those things, an Aeon and Neon comment that that was a good friendship speech, and Edward, Lily and Siegfried agrees. Berial then asks Zack he'll kill him knowing that he tried to kill Selia more than once, but Zack just tells him no and to walk away, and calls him Matthew; since Daira told him his true name, and Berial is angered by this, especially for Daira sealing him away in that cube for a time. However, Berial tells him that he successfully absorbed the left over energies that the Devil, God and Marka had used in their battles with Zack, along with the energies of their armies and Sith'aru's own unfathomable power and energy (Which was after Sith'aru dispursted into a weather of dark and evil energies) and says that if Zack won't fight him, then he'll make him fight by generating and discharging a sphere of destructive power at Selia, Lily and Edward. Siegfried, Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon protect them, but Zack slices the sphere and says that if Berial wishes to fight, then he'll fight him to the death; to put an end to the War of the Realms. Looking satisfied, Berial then clashes blades with Zack and declares "Alright, bring it on! Now let's have a fair fight to the death!", and they look to eachother focusely. They then disengage their weapons and Zack says that sounds good to him, and Berial grins.

With everything prepared, Zack asks the others to stay on the pillar to keep themselves safe from the fight, and says that he'll be back to rejoin them. Selia is worried and Lily and Edward asks him if he intends to fight in his "new form" but Zack says that he won't, but will if it's necessary later on. Siegfried, Daira and Mammon wish him good luck and Aeon and Neon tell him to come back alive. Zack smiles to them and now dashes in the air and pulls out his Sword of Destiny and transforms into his H.D.W. form to fight Berial, while Berial enters his Despair form to fight Zack. They clash and Berial says that it's time to end this once and for all. Zack fights Berial on the ground and in the air to fight him on even odds, while Berial uses several blows and slashes to attack Zack but each one is blocked and countered. Zack and Berial clash with their swords, and the ground slowly crumbles and everything around them floats from their overwhelming power. Berial grins madly to Zack, while Zack keeps his focus on Berial in this fight. They disengage their swords, and Berial charges his Despair Flames with his left hand. Zack tries to counter it with his Divine Getsuga, but as it hits Berial's hand, Berial disengages the Despair Flames from that hand, and tosses his sword away and sending it flying. Berial then charges the Despair Flames in his other palm, and Zack realizes this. As the attack comes to his face, eveything turns dark for an instant, and the pillar where they are explodes from the flames and Zack's Divine Getsuga. Berial is shown flying out of the explosion and laughs with insanity. As Berial is seen on a pillar, he tells Zack that it's been only a day since they fought to a death match and says that they can finally kill eachother this time, and wonders by asking him if he feels the same way as well, while calling him by title. But Zack, as he is seen unharmed from the attack but with massive crumbles around him, says that he's wrong, because he didn't started this fight just to kill him in cold blood. But Berial tells him not to give him that pathetic lie and admit that he always wanted to grab him by the throat and slaughter him into a bloody pulp for injurying Edward from Wolginda. He continues to say that the truth is, Zack wants to kill him, and the flashback goes back to Wolginda where Berial and Jesus appear before Zack and the others. Berial, after Jesus escapes, asks on who is the strongest and who's going to take him on. Edward realizes that it might be Zack that will be his target and screams to Zack to run away, but is punctured to near-death by Berial and renders him unconscious from then on. Back in the present, Berial even goes on by saying that he can now get his own revenge, and says that the reason why he still has the scar on his chest from their first fight was because it served as a reminder to him to not forget to settle things for good, and to remind him of his humiliation. The flashmack goes back to where Zack roared out his Instincts Getsuga to attack Berial, and he had that scar ever since. Zack still looks to him with unflinching determination and focus, and Berial now wants this fight to get started, while boasting to Zack that he'll choke the life out of him and finally prove which one of them is stronger. With that speech done, Berial then retrieves his sword from a pillar and slashes the same pillar to try to aggravate Zack while reminding him about the time he had God kidnap Selia to bring Zack here in order to kill him personally, and he yells out to Zack to fight with some murder in him. However, Zack remains focused and with no murderous look in his eyes, and Berial asks him on what's wrong while calling him a "weakling", and that after all this time and all the fights that happened in this War of the Realms, Zack still doesn't look like he wants to kill him.

After a moment, Berial says that he's pathetic, and Zack says if that's right. Berial then appears behind Zack, but Zack manages to block it with his speed, but got a small cut from it. Berial then clashes his sword to Zack's and asks him a question on why he chose to come here to begin with. Zack asks him if he's some kind of idiot and tells him that, as he said to him on the planet Wolginda, it was because he wanted to save Selia, and Selia and the others there hear this as well. Berial gives a small grin and says that if that's true then why didn't he take her out of there when Sith'aru started to destroy the surrounding areas on the planet, or when he came to her rescue from the realm of Heaven when he saw her there, and Zack reacts to this uneasy. He looks back, and he had to focus on stopping his enemies from capture her again from then. Back to the present, Berial then wonders if he was just glad to see her alive and well, or just appeared to be on the surface of things. Zack hears this with a slightly notice of disturbance and Berial asks Zack if he was born naive or if he was just raised that way. Zack then looks back on when Selia was chained to the scaffold at the execution and demands Berial in anger on what he and the others did to her (ignorant of the fact that no one laid a hand on her, due to Zack's bond with her, and of Dark Zack), but Berial just simply looks satisfied in Zack's face and he continues to strike Zack until he is sended a short distance away from Berial. Berial remarks on what Zack said about only coming here to save Selia, but he says that he should let him enlighten him, as he doesn't seem to get it, and Zack looks confused. Berial then looks straight to Zack and says that he's wrong and that he only came here to fight and that he should give in to his hatred and anger so that he can kill him without any holding back. Berial then asks him if he's even aware of the circumstances that brought him here to begin with, and says that Zack is a Sith'arian, a hero, and Berial is a member of Heaven, a villain, and that the loser of this last battle will be slaughtered, as it has been that way for all eternity. Berial yells to him that, that is all the reason he needs to fight, and says that it's simple, for the last one standing gets to live. He then goes to attacking Zack with his sword energized with his Despair Flames but was stopped when Zack discharges his Getsuga. As it clears up, Zack notices that Berial is nowhere to be seen. At that moment, Zack senses Berial from behind, and manages to block his attack with ease. Berial then lunges to Zack in high-speeds, and a flash of blood occurs. Zack is shown unharmed with his sword is stance, and Berial is the one that got slashed by Zack's sword, and his arm is slightly bleeding.

Zack goes into his new form to save Selia and the rest.

Zack goes into his new form to save Selia and the rest from Berial's attack.

Seeing on how things are looking up in this battle, Berial goes to the ground as he says that Zack now has a murderous look in his eyes but then slits his hand with his Despair Sword on the ground and tells Zack that his current strength's not good enough and says that he's not at the level yet where he wants this battle to take place. He charges a cerunga-like attack in his slitted hand and it creates a vast waves of energy that rumbles the planet and the clouds to blazing fire, along with the winds blowing heavy, and Zack looks on while wondering what he intends to do next. Berial then says that this is the ultimate attack that only the ultimatums can use. As Zack floats in the air he notices that Selia is in the way of the attack. As the energy blazes like a typhoon in Berial grip, Zack begs Berial not to release it. Ignoring Zack's plead, Berial then unleashes the "Dark God Cerunga", which make a vastly powerful and enormous wave of energy that speed up to Selia's location, and Selia begins to gasp in fright. Fortunetly, the attack is deflected and explodes into a massive cloud of dark smoke, and Berial looks to see what had happened. With the smoke clearing, Zack is shown with a swinged, dark-formed Sword of Destiny, along with a new form in motion. Selia is worried by this, and Lily, Edward, Siegfried, Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon also wonder of his current condition of state. Berial now says that it's about time and Zack is shown with his dark and cold look in his eyes and a menacing growl, along with a swift thunderclap noise when instantly zoomed into his dark face and eyes.

Berial looks in satisfactory while Zack looks expressionlessly in his newly acquired form. Selia looks on at Zack's back and remain speechless. After only a moment, Selia stares at Zack with worryment and Zack finally looks to her and Selia begins to be greatly frightened. Zack sees this and is affected by her fright, as though he never saw her being scared of him before. Zack now redirects his attention to Berial, while apologizing to Selia and asks her if his new form frightens her. Selia says nothing from the fright of this from looking at his face, and Zack tells her that he knows that it's pointless telling her not to worry while he looks like that. But he tells her anyway that there's nothing to worry about, and that he'll finish this quickly, with Selia looking in concern.

After the talk, Berial then makes an insane laugh and says "It's about time. Now we can get down to business!", with him pulling his Despair Sword from the ground and placing it in a hold stance. He places his hand on it's blade while keeping it sharp, and a vast amount of wind and energy begins to surround him, causing the planet to shakes like crazy and the winds to blow heavily. After a moment, he then declares "Grind, Despaira!!!", and causes a massive explosion in his location and the whole planet to rumble out of control, along with the winds Blazing like infinite hurricanes, the skies darkening like shadows, and with the vast collection of dark energies from the unstoppable beasts from all over the world to the core of the explosion. Seeing on how much power Berial is absorbing into his body, Zack asks Siegfried, Aeon, Neon, Daira (Michael) and Mammon to use all of their power and create shielding barriers to protect Selia, Lily, Edward and themselves until the battle is over. And that no matter what happens, don't take it down. They hesitate at first, but Zack tells them again to do it now. They comply and Selia, Lily and Edward also uses their own power to harden the barriers. With all the dark and evil energy from the planet being completely absorbed, the vast amount of dust and smoke begins to clear up and Berial is seen in a newly, far more powerful form than ever before.

Zack looks a moment in shock, but readies his sword in hand to fight. In a few seconds, Berial then makes a loud roaring scream that causes a vast Shockwave that nearly gets Zack off guard. As he is finished, Berial jumps and instantly appears before Zack. Zack is temporarily surprised and Berial punches him, sending him through fifteen pillars. He again appears in instant speed with giving Zack a punch to the face, but Zack catches it, but is send to the sky by a hard kick by Berial. Zack is frustrated by this, but notices that Berial has appeared behind him again, and Selia, Lily, Edward, Siegfried, Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon look in shock while Berial sends Zack with a slash of his claws to the ground, causing a dust explosion. With the explosion being enormous, Berial looks carefully to see where Zack is but sees nothing. He then asks Zack "What's wrong with you? You can do better than that! Come out and fight.", and Zack immediately appears behind Berial in a shade of darkness and declares "Malevolance Getsuga!!!" and it creates a massive wave of destructive energy on Berial's sight. Unfortunetly, as the clouds begin to waver, Berial laughs in insanity and Zack is seen on the open in a standing stance while Berial clears the smoke saying "Yeah Zack Xargus, that's what I'm talking about! And those eyes, I hate those damn eyes! And that's why you gotta die!!!" and Zack gives a dark, fierce look to Berial.

As the battle intensifies, a woman's voice is heared, "Look at that, he's distorted the atmosphere.", and a shockwave is sended from afar. A second woman's voice is heared, "A Dark God Cerunga! You think he'd know better than to use something that powerful within the confinds of Kortexx.", and a second shockwave is sended to a pillar base. A woman is seen stomping on the edge of a pillar base, and is shown as a woman named Apari and she asks in a cocky attitude if the second woman, who is Mila, if she scared. While Kannra is seen from the back, Mila just says in an even more cocky attitude that she isn't but is surprised to know that Apari can hear anything with her teeth chattering so loudly and calls her a coward. Apari is aggravated by this and the two start bickering. And the third woman, who is named Suunra, tells them to stop bickering in a calm manner and says that those words and their raised noises makes them look weak. Apari and Mila hear this and outburst to Suunra telling her stay out of their fight, and before any more, Suunra just turns her back on them and says "It's so very unattractive.", they get even angrier at Suunra but before they could continue, another massive shockwave is sended to their location and they can hardly guard it. Mila wonders on what Berial thinks he's doing and that everything is starting to get out of hand, and Suunra simply just looks displeased. Kannra then says "Try to relax." and the others notice while Kannra walks forward to the edge of the pillar and says "This battle is being fought by a host of Sith'arius in it's UNSTOPPABLE form. Your fear is understandible." and another, more effective shockwave hits them as it sends, though Kannra keeps her stance as though unaffected. Apari and Mila then put their bickering to stop and Kannra says that it is premornial fear, and tells them to relish it. They agree, but Kannra thinks in her mind "The question is, is the person he's fighting really just a hybrid?" and Zack and Berial are swiftly clashing over and over and "It hard to believe that even a Sith'arian hybrid could possess such powerful energies as dark and vastly powerful as his. It's almost as if.." and she gives a single sweat and a look of worryment and finally says "I'm watching a battle between two Dark Ultimatums." and Zack and Berial are circling in the air.

Zack VS Sith'arius

Zack defends himself from Berial's Sith'arius Form.

Zack and Berial then clash their strength, and as a shockwave is made, Berial sends Zack hurling towards a pillar and Berial says "Ha! I'm gonna take you down, Crown Prince Zack Xargus!!" and he dashes to Zack in high speed, pushing Zack to the pillar and causing a big cracking dent on it. Zack barely guards against Berial arm and Berial is surprised to see that Zack has finally managed to control the amount of power he has in his new form. He then asks Zack while he's struggling "Have you been dreaming since then? Or have you just been ignorantly gaining experience in the internal struggle you've had against your darksider since the last time the two of us fought? It doesn't matter, in fact I'm glad. It wouldn't be any fun if your form were to go unstable too quickly. Like it did last time!!" and he tries to give Zack the impaling strike with his right arm, but Zack reflexible grabs it. Zack then wonders if Berial is worried about this fight being boring, and he then says that he'll spice it up for him then, generating a vast aura of darkness around him that startles Berial. As Zack is freed from struggling, he then charges all the energy into his sword and slashes it to Berial chest, causing a large gush of blood to spew. Zack looks at him with cold and sharp fierceness in his eyes and says "You know what I think would be really boring? If you weren't in your UNSTOPPABLE state. So do me a favor," and he gives a menacing glare to Berial "and stay just the wat you are." Berial momentarily shocked and Zack hurls himself to him and clashes his sword to his left arm. Berial, being angered by this, continues to attack Zack with many punches and slashes and finally, sending Zack down to the ground again. Berial laughs as Zack crashed to the ground in an explosion and asks in insanity if that's all he got, and dashes in high speed to his location. But realizes that Zack suddenly thrusts to him from the smoke and dust and slashes his sword to Berial's left arm, causing a sparking cut and as he finishes, they land on opposites and blood spews from Berial's arm and Zack dashes to Berial and Berial in turn throws an attack that causes an explosion. Lily and Selia look on in worry and hope that Zack's alright. Zack is then seen on the end of the smoke, but Berial tries to strike him from behind but Zack manages to block it and attempts to slash him in the face but misses. They continue to throw blows, and Berial make a high kick that Zack dodges but causes another ground impact. As it clears, Berial tries circling Zack and attempts to attack and Zack does the same, with the two clashing and causing the ground to crack immensely. Selia looks with a sign of fear and as Zack and Berial begin to clash, she finds it hard to believe and wonders if that's really Zack, as Zack looks on a side with ferocity and murderous intent.

Zack takes the hit for his friends and Selia.

Zack shields his friends and Selia from Berial's attack.

As the battle continues, Zack continues to throws attacks at Berial, and Berial does the same. As Berial punches Zack to the pillar where Selia and the others are, he unleashes a barrage of 100 spike missiles. Seeing them coming, Zack swiftly dodges them, but immediately realizes that they are heading for Selia. Zack cries out to Selia and instantly gets in the way of the missiles, but is inflicted immensely by their effective power, which he ends up coughing a large amount of blood from his mouth. Selia looks on and sees Zack's back steaming of instense smoke and blood. Siegfried, Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon look to Zack with shock, while Lily and Edward are frightened of this and Selia asks why Zack got attacked on purpose. Zack says not to worry as this was nothing, but as he looks directly into Selia's eyes, she gets startled and sees, with a loud thunderclap noise and echo, a mental picture of Zack's Imperfect D.M.W. form that gave her a cold, dead look with no expression, and this reverts back to Zack looking at Selia currently. Selia is scared of talking and Zack is greatly hurt in seeing her terrofied, as if he lost someone dear to him. Zack turns and dashes to where Berial is waiting. Selia looks on in worryment as Zack goes back to the ground. Berial looks at him and comments that that stunt was quite impressive, and asks Zack if saving his friends was worth the pain. Zack can hardly speak, as he breathes heavy. Berial then wonders on what's wrong and says that he looks like he's out of breath. But Zack tells him that he should spend less time running his mouth, and more figuring out how he's going to survive. Berial scoffs at this and tells Zack that he can drop the tough guy act. He then pulls out his arm and fires a single spike missile, which is sended to a pillar mountain and destroys it very easily. Berial notices this and says that he hit Zack with 100 of those attack already and that his body is taking signifigent damage. As a moment passes by, Zack's left horn begins to crack and Berial says that his form must be at it's limit. Zack, however, places his left hand on his head tells him it's not even close as it heals his horn. Berial is frustrated by his stubborness but says that that is the way he likes it, and part of his horns begin to crack as well. Zack then says that he hates to break it to him, but that he looks kind of banged up himself. But Berial says "Afraid not." and he and Zack dash at each other and says "I've never felt better in my life!!!" and a massive explosion occurs.

As numerous explosions and impacts followsuit between Zack and Berial, Selia looks at their fighting and still remains scared of what's going on. As Zack and Berial soon clash, Selia thinks to herself to not be afraid, but still sees flashbacks of Zack's Imperfect D.M.W. that gives her a cold and dead look in her eyes. She grabs herself in terror and thinks to herself that whenever Zack looks at her with those eyes, she says that they aren't Zack's at all, as if they belong to someone else. And when Zack looks at her with those eyes, it's like he doesn't even see her, just like that day with his Imperfect D.M.W. form, the same eyes. And sees Zack in that form standing as though a resurrected demon, roaring with a monstrous scream that rattled the planet, killing the armies of Ragnos, stabbing Neon for trying to stop him from killing Marka in cold blood, and when he looked at Selia with no expression in his face while saying "I...WILL....PROTECT YOU." and Selia continues to get frightened and silently says Zack's name while Zack is still fighting Berial to a bloodbath. Both Zack and Berial are shown with blood spewing from their heads, but still go at it. As Zack attacks with his sword, it continues to only gives Berial several cuts and wounds. Zack is sended away from Berial's kick, and as Zack looks up, Berial goes at him in a rotating fashion attack. Zack swings his sword to him and Berial then gives a strike kick from above and causes an enormous explosion in thier location, and demolishing a large pillar in their location.

Siegfried, Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon watch the fight while they are still projecting their barriers and look concerned on Zack's condition, and Lily sees the fight continuing and wonders in shock and concern on what's happening to Zack. "Oh no. Even with his newly acquired form, Mr. Berial is still defeating him. In his fight with God Almighty, where he acquired the Celestial Form. And against Marka Ragnos in his obtained H.D.W. Form. Whenever Zack gains a new form and power, there was never any doubt that he was going to win. Whenever Zack transformed, there was no one in existance that can beat him. But now...". As Zack continues fighting Berial, he takes several assaults from Berial and ends up being slashed from torso to head, causing a torrent of blood gushing out of Zack and Lily continues talking "What's happening to Zack? How can he be losing like this?". Lily looks to Selia who's still shakes in fear. Lily then turns and tells Zack that he can do it, with Selia noticing and Daira with Mammon, along with Edward and Siegfried. Lily then asks what is she [Selia] waiting for, 'cause she needs to cheer him on too. Selia only says "Huh?", with Lily questioning if that the best she can do. He's out there risking his life for her and all she can say is "Huh?". Lily then asks her why she's so afraid of him, as if he's some kind of monster. Selia can't say anything from still being scared, and Siegfried, Aeon and Neon notice this with worryment. Lily continues and says that she [Selia] knows that he has a kind heart, she said so herself. It as plain as day, even Lily can see it. And she says that Zack cares about her to, he cares so much that when he heard Selia's name he attacked God Almighty with everything he had, with Selia in surprise. Lily tells her that she knows that he's an "Ultimatum" now, but not to also forget that Zack's still a person. Think about what he's gone through, because everytime he obtains a new form he exposes himself to it's insane power, and that he must be suffering from it. But he's doing it for her [Selia] so he doesn't care, he uses the power and endures all the pain and suffering for her. Lily now asks on how will he feel, how will he feel if he doesn't even hear her voice cheering him on. With that, Selia watches Zack continueing to fight but now is even more wounded, and Selia remembers that the whole reason she came here was because she wanted to protect Zack and everyone else. She thought that she was ready to make whatever sacrifice, but soon heard (from Kain) that Zack and his friends had come to save her, and that somewhere deep in her heart she felt great happiness. But then she saw Zack in his D.M.W. form and his eyes, she says that they looked like those cold and dead eyes from that day, and that she was so scared. Selia thought that maybe, Zack didn't come to save her after all. Zack continues to get battered while Selia says that she was wrong and that all her fears meant nothing, and that none of that matters anymore. She closes her eyes and says that she's not afraid of Zack (as she looks back on his imperfect D.M.W. form again), and says that she only afraid that Zack will die. As Selia quickly turns her head, Zack is again kicked hard, sending him to a pillar, and ends up bloody and wounded.

As Berial looks down on Zack, he says "It looks like you were wrong again, you've reached your limit." and Zack tries to stand still, but can barely keep his guard up. Seeing him completely exhausted and out of energy Zack is, Berial says that it was fun, but now it's over as he bares his extended claws resenating with dark energy. Zack starts to lose focus and lowers his head with only a single memory of him and Selia, until he hears "Please don't die!" and he immediately wakes up in surprise and again hears "DON'T DIE ZACK!!!" as a flash of light glows brightly from the top of the pillar and Zack looks back slowly and sees Selia calling out to him. She tells him that he doesn't have to win, and as she begins crying, she then says that he doesn't have to fight for her. And to not get hurt, 'cause she just couldn't bare it. Zack then makes a single tear from hearing this, but realizes that Berial tries to finally kill him with his fully spiked arm while yelling out with an insane grin "Crown Prince Zack Xargus!!!!!", but before the attack could even land, Zack instantly grabs it without looking back and it causes a mild burst of energy from Berial's arm. Zack then grabs tightly to his arm as it returns back to normal, much to Berial surpise and Zack turns his attention to him and says "So Berial, heres the deal," and Berial can't help but listen to this as though he's stunned completely and Zack continues "you see, I've had a change of heart. And I can't allow myself to get beaten by someone like you.", and Zack's body is instantly healed as a result, and his power is back to full-strength. As Berial begins to gasp in shock, Zack instantly strike him on the torso with his energized sword and unleashes a large torrent of blood from Berial body.

Selia, Lily, Edward, Siegfried, Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon looks on in speechlessness, and Zack is slightly out of breath, while Berial gasps from the great damage that was inflicted on him, and suddenly begins to fall. Seeing Berial beginning to fall, Zack declares this fight over. However, in seconds, Berial quickly grabs Zack's wrist, much to Zack's great surprise and calls him a fool to think that he'll die from that, but corrects him that he's still here. Berial continues to question that Zack thinks that he's won, he thinks he's beaten him, and yells out in rage to Zack that he'll scatter his bones to the sand. By that instant, Selia cries out to Zack to watch out and Berial gives Zack a slash in the face in retaliation, much to Selia, Lily and the others' surprise. As blood gushes, Berial has a flashback of his life as the stationary soldier of the realms, and was known as Matthew at the time. He even agreed to God to become his "Ultimate Weapon" when he can absorb the limitless power of the unstoppable beasts, his armies, and even himself if necessary. Back in the present, Berial is then shown in the present all bloody on his right arm from attacking Zack, who is actually shown to be completely unharmed, and dashes away with more blood spewing out, and he looks to Zack's eyes. Zack seems to be nearly put of breath, and the more Berial looks into his eyes, he becomes angered. As Berial looks to those eyes of Zack's even further, he says that it's as if they are mocking him. Berial then has several flashbacks of his previous fights against Zack and says that no matter how badly he beats him, somewhere deep inside, Zack always believes that he could beat him, and that he thought that he was superior to him, and that he can't stand that. Berial thrusts towards him to attack with fury and lands several strikes, but was tossed aside by Zack's Sword of Destiny and receives an impact on the ground as a result. Zack asks Berial with a short mocking laugh on what is he upset about, and asks that if he's upset that a mere hybrid like Zack would have the nerve to treat Berial as an equal. Berial gets up to his feet and instantly appears before Zack to slash him in the face. Zack manages to dodge it, and swings his sword horizontally to Berial's chest. But Berial avoids the attack, and lands back to where he was, but receives a slash across the chest from the long reach of the sword's strength and speed, and blleds even further from it. Berial tries to maintain his balance and slightly coughs blood, but tells Zack, as he stretches out his hand to him withb bared claws, that this has nothing to do with it, because he doesn't care if he's a human, a Sith'arian, or even a hybrid god. Berial continues to say with a furious look that they are all the same and that anyone who looks down on him will be crushed. And with that, Berial tightly grips his fist, and even tells Zack that he'll be the first one to go. He lunges to Zack in dashing speeds and continues to throws attacks while looking back on the past. He went to the realm of hell to make a deal to the Devil if he'll give him power to conquer the light of those who wield it. The Devil accepted but not without proving himself first, and they fight, with Matthew winning in the end. From then on, he forged himself a new name that everyone one day would fear and respect, the name Berial. With little life he has left in him, Berial tells Zack that it's time to show him his most powerful attack in that form of his. Berial's body is then resonating with massive power and energy and asks Zack if he's ready. Zack now looks to him and asks on what the hell is that. Berial then maks a grin with a satisfied exhale and he unleashes large columns of swords that resemble the Despair Sword and puts them in a ritual stance to finish Zack once and for all, as he calls it: Despair of Ragnarok. For it is his ultimate technique, with the skies being comsumed in dark evil.

Berial then sees another flashback of his past with God and seems disappointed to know that God doesn't want to give him the Unstoppable Beasts to boost his power even further. However, God tells him to wait, and he'll gain it's power, and become the Ultimatum, much to Berial surprise and satisfactory. Berial unleashes his attack and sends a Despair of Ragnarok Blast at Zack to finish him. However, Zack manages to block it, but has trouble countering it, and as he fails to counter, he is then caught in it's power, and is being damaged by its power within the blast, and Selia, Lily, Edward, Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon looks on with great concern. Berial mocks him and laughs by saying that he's finished that he'll never beat him because he has all the power in existance. Berial is shown in the past of saying that they make him sick, and Berial tells Zack that he'll wipe that smirk off his face. He looks back into the past, and says to himself that they're all cowards. Berial even tells God that he'll wait, and instead feast on other beings to increase his powers, and he leaves. Berial simultaneously in both past and present says "I am..." and it goes back to the present and he now says "I AM THE KING!!!". But Zack, now remembering the promise, regains his balance from the blast. As Zack's body was resonating with energy, he roars in fury and easily cuts through the blast with his sword that was energized by his Malevolance Getsuga, and the remains of the attack now shatters around everyone like rain. Selia, Lily, Edward, and Mammon look on in surprsie, while Aeon, Neon, Daira and the Siegfried remain calm but concerned, while Berial seems shocked to see that Zack cut right through his attack. Zack tells Berial that he has news for him that he's not the only one who wants to win. Berial asks him of what he just said, but Zack, as his body begins to glows from power and Berial's shattered enegies from the attack earlier vanish, asks Berial if the only reason he's going to kill him is because the way he looks at him, then he knows how he feels. And his eyes open wide and are turning blazingly fierce: Malevolant Stage. And with that, Zack's body completely heals from the attack with his instant regeneration, readies his sword and heads for Berial in high speeds.

Zack power struggling with Berial's Ultimate Attack.

Zack breaks through Berial's ultimate attack.

Berial unleashes a now fully-powered Despair of Ragnarok Blast at Zack as he tells him to die with a fury yell, but before it hits him, Zack tells Berial that he was right before when he said he came here because he wanted to fight, and gives a fierce growling roar and generates the Malevolance Getsuga in his sword and strikes the Despair Blast with it. Zack yells to Berial that the real reason he came here was to defeat him, which shows Berial in their first battle within a flashback. Just as he did to Jesus, God Almighty, and even Marka Ragnos, as their flashbacks are shown as well. He now finally says that he is going to destroy him, and end the upcoming Final War, and that he will change destiny. He will even save everyone he cares about, for that is what's in his heart, which shows his friends and family relatives within a flash of memory. He even says that he's going to take Mammon (flashback), and Daira (flashback), and Aeon (flashback), and Neon (flashback), and Siegfried (flashback), and Edward (flashback), and Lily (flashback), and most of all (with the final but most important flashback), as he becomes more powerful, more demonic and blazing with dark energies, he's going to take back Selia, no matter what, and Selia hears this as she looks to Zack. All of his friends, and that he'll bring them home safe with him. With that, he says that he won't lose to Berial, and he roars with full ferocity, and as he completely fuels his sword with his full power, he destroys the combined Despair of Ragnarok Blast, and it's shatterment causes the remains to crash and impact greatly on the surrounding areas. Zack now spins his sword in a circular motion and says "Malevolance...", and he stops the sword from spinning, grips it tightly and swings it swiftly, and causing a massive wave on destruction on the environments to 100,000 miles away. Zack then looks to Berial with mercilessness and says "Getsuga...", and his Malevolance Getsuga energies are transfering into the Sword of Destiny. And with it full charged, and then roars out "Impact!!!!", declaring his final attack: Malevolance Getsuga Impact. And with that, he goes into high speeds, while flowing with dark energy, while Berial begins to gasp with fright greatly and flashingly gets impaled in the chest by Zack's sword, finally killing him (with the original 24 hour countdown ending at 0 seconds simultaneously as a result). The energies from the sword then begins to destroy all the power within Berial's body and the Despair Ragnarok shatters immediately from Zack impaling Berial, comes crashing down on the surrounding areas with great damage and impacts, and the dark skies engulfing the planet vanish completely back to normal.

(Zack stands by Berial's corpse)

Zack stands by Berial's corpse.

With everything going back to normal, Berial is seen with Zack's sword still imbedded in his chest area, and groans from the pain. Zack's head is lowered down with no sign of words, and Berial curses Zack for it with his last breath, while Zack pulls out his sword from Berial's chest, and Berial begins shattering and fading into dark dust with blood gushing out greatly, as he looks up to the sky. Berial now has one last flashback from continuing his quest to gain more power from comsuming angel and demon flesh, and as he is seen in a barren wasteland between Heaven and Hell, he sees the sky at night, and continues to stare at the moon. As if its nothing but a body of complete and utter emptiness and isolation. With that flashback done, Berial's body begins to fall and all the power and energy from Berial's being and from the planet turn into a crest called Crest of Sith'arius, while Berial is left with his normal form as a dead corpse of no life. But as the corpse falls, Zack grabs the body's wrist, and Zack looks to it with his Malevolant Stage, and it goes back to his normal D.M.W. form. Zack gives an expressionless look for a long moment and then grabs the Crest of Sith'arius and absorbs it into his sword. Zack then takes Berial's body to the ground, while its head is lowered down with dead silence, and places it there on the ground. Zack looks to his face, with its eyes closed and its mouth slightly open, and notices that a single tear comes out from the body's left eye, and Zack feels somewhat sad from this. After that long and sad moment, Zack turns around, goes back to his normal appearance, and now goes to where Selia and the others are at. He still has his head down with expressionless sorrow, and the others put down the barriers. Zack still has his head down, and Selia hesitates for a moment, but now asks if he's hurt, but Zack, as he raises his head with a warm smile, was gonna asks her that. He answers that he's fine, and Selia is in slight surprise of his old self finally back to the way it was. Selia now smiles with relief and now sees that Zack is back to normal again. She tells him that she's okay too, and Zack smiles with relief and she thanks him. Then out of nowhere, Lily instantly burst onto Zack's chest, much to Zack's shocking reaction and the others' surprise, and the impact sends Zack several meters away, and his sword lands near Edward, which scares Edward near to death and Neon helps him calm down. Zack asks Lily if she's crazy to do that knowing that Zack's still floating in mid-air, and that she would have fallen to her death if he hadn't caught her and asks her if she ever thought about that, but Lily simply thanks Zack in tears for still being alive from all the trouble, as she hugs him tightly and happily glad that he didn't die. Zack then hugs back to Lily and apologizes for almost dying, and that he appreciates her concern. Daira says that HE was the one to tell them to stay safe and protected, so he doesn't have to apologize, and Mammon says that he's right, because that's what friends do for eachother, they help and protect others from danger, even if it involves staying on the sidelines, and Siegfried, Aeon, Neon, and Edward agree to this while Zack laughs from this. Zack now floatly lands to where they are and places Lily down. He then looks to Selia and she says that it's good to see him. Zack now holds out his right hand to her and says that they should go, for everyone is waiting for them, and Selia agrees with nod. She now walks to him and holds his hand gently, and Zack does so in turn. Zack smiles while winds are smoothly blowing and Selia simply smiles back too. Zack, Selia, Lily, Edward, Siegfried, Aeon, Neon, Daira and Mammon look to the sky and see the Ebon Hawk coming to their location, and Zack says that it's time to go back home, with the picture showing Zack's friends and families on the sky, along with him and Selia on the front.