Black Plague Mutants
Black Plague Mutants





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The Black Plague Mutants are a race of monstrousities who's purpose is to infect countless worlds into darkness and terror. They are the distinct difference from the Plagian race.


The Mutants were originally sentient beings, but were infected and transformed by the Black Plague Virus or by the Black Plague Parasites. They take only a minute to become Mutants, and retain their humanoid forms. They appear completely pale white with green veins showing on their bodies. They have black pitched eyes that allows them to see in the dark. Their organs are turned yellow from the inside. Their blood is acid to those that it touches, but it cannot work on their own kind. They are taller than humans by a foot or more. They remain nude and exposed. And they have green sharp jaggered teeth that is exposed to see.


The Mutants only relay on their baser instincts, and they act like wild animals that feed on the flesh of the living. They do seem to have an affection to their own kind, as they protect them from others, though this could be only to multiply their numbers.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Mutants had superhuman like abilities, such as strength, speed, endurance, agility, a sense of smell, and regeneration.


BP Children

The children of the Mutants.

Despite their monstrous appearances, the Mutants were able to reproduce and birth offsprings. The females remained pregnant for 1-2 years until they give birth and then reproduce again. They even mate with their used-to-be relatives when they were ordinary people, and their offspring remain fertile and well stable.


  • The Mutants are very much like the zombies that exist from Resident Evil, and from the flood in Halo.