The Created Siblings are a Protagonistic Team that follows Zack Xargus, their creator and blood-brother, and serve as protectors of innocent people.


The Created Siblings were created at the near end of the Mandalorian Wars, and were made possible by Zack's handy work. They appear as humans, while they are actually androids. Zack had to gather numerous droid variant parts, and had to use his amulet's special properties to have them come into being. With all the work finished, Zack then made a blood transfusion into their bodies, and the result caused them to be half-human. Zack even stated that, as he examined them carefully, they are able to reproduce, due to sharing his blood and having organic genes within their systems. They can even be able to age through time, as shown with the first five of the Created Siblings. As an added property to their human status, Zack even gave them their own personalities, and all of which seem to be glad for it.


The members within the Created Siblings go in order of the oldest and the youngest, which also applies in the order of the strongest and the weakest. There were originally five members, but Zack decided to make two more by the Created Siblings request. These last two have a special reason as shown below:

  1. Michael Xargus: 1st and oldest Created Sibling.
  2. Nathan Xargus: 2nd Created Sibling.
  3. Orian Xargus: 3rd Created Sibling.
  4. Valka Xargus: 4th Created Sibling.
  5. Suka Xargus: 5th Created Sibling.
  6. Lily Xargus: 6th Created Sibling. Created to be a similarity to Molly Robin that Michael knew during the Mandalorian Wars.
  7. Remote Xargus: 7th and last Created Sibling. Created by the last spark of life from Bao-Dur's remote droid from Malachor V.


Last Goal and Final ChangeEdit


  • The Created Siblings are inspired by the Sonic Heroes team from the Sonic series.
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