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"Never forget, Zack, that your desire to protect those you love are what drives your feelings. That's what it means to a hero. And that's what it means to be free."

Dark Zack, like Zack Xargus, is a Main Character in the entire FOD universe and serves as both a Primary Protagonist and, ironically, also as a Primary Antagonist at the same time as well. He is the Darksider of Zack Xargus, and serves as the protector of all those that Zack cherishes in his heart.

Alignment: Dark, Good


Due to being Zack's dark side, he has different sets in colors: His hair is white and long, with bangs covering either of his eyes. His eyes have yellow irises (and slit like a cat's), and black sclera. Has sharp, jagged teeth. Completely white skin. Slim but muscular body. And wears an attire that's mostly white with black designs. He even happened to have a different set of attire when he was in the outside world for the first time, though this could have been his original Darksider clothing.

(Dark Zack, Pre-Awakening)

Dark Zack's pre-awakening form

Dark Zack's pre-awakening form from earlier in the series was exactly like that of Zack's 3 month return outfit, but with several differences in form: His hair is that of darkness color, and is extended to pass his shoulder area. His skin is black as darkness. His body feature is greatly given much muscularity and height, and with his clothing being slightly ravaged and spiked up by his arms and legs. His mouth was given a menacing feature that is like a dark spawn. His eyes were faded blank and glowing with rage and fury. He even has dark tears that seem to be coming from his eyes that go down his cheeks, indicating sadness and sorrow. He has a pair of dark wings that are like that of a dark demon. Has a tail that is of darkness and be used to attack enemies with and strangle them. And his hands are colored dark with white claws that make up for two fingers in each one, including his own thumbs.

When Dark Zack is in his Alpha Omega Wolfian form, he is very much like Zack but opposite is some ways. He is very tall by height. Very well-built and extremely muscular. And he would wear jeans that are grey with a black belt, a white coat that is unzipped, and wears white fingerless gloves that have 4 knuckle buttons to them.


Being Zack's dark side, Zack pretty much harbors all kinds of dark emotions that are typical for most Darksiders. Such as being cruel, sadistic, Insane, cynical, malevolant, merciless, and also completely ruthless. But despite these and being Zack's dark persona, Dark Zack appears to be very protective of those who are dear to Zack and is willing to help him in any situation, no matter how dangerous or impossible they may seem. Dark Zack can even take on a vengefully hatred look about him and hostility towards those that dare hurt those that Zack loves, and will even give them a never-ending punishment that can seem like an eternity (much like Pride). This makes Dark Zack very unique among his kind, and has been shown to be the only Sider to possess a heart. Due to having a heart of his own, Dark Zack is shown to possess traits that are quite unbecoming of Darksiders. Such as being kind, compassionate, energetic, playful, care-free, curious, protective, honest, optimistic, romantic, serious, selfless, self-controlled, and even having a wild personality from his Alpha Omega Wolfian form. It is due to this traits that most Darksiders would consider him to be weak, but it is what makes him the most powerful of them all.

Very early in the story, Dark Zack's personality was far more primal and horrific. He showed intense amount of rage and hatred towards his enemies, and deep-rooted sorrow and sadness of those Zack had nearly lost. These emotions he showed on the surface are of his own, yet also a mixture of Zack's feelings. However, Dark Zack is shown to be very mocking and likes to play around with certain opponents that amuse him; just like Kaden did. When putting aside his primal instincts Dark Zack then shows a serious and very sinister side that most would fear. Yet, despite this, when someone, like Dawn, is willing to give their life for those they love, he shows an unusually gentle and kind expression and emotions. With this, he can be considered as the difference between a Sider that has a heart, and one that has none. Dawn felt that, because Dark Zack wanted to protect those Zack held dear, she knew that he was filled with loneliness and despair, thus it is the reason why he fights to protect.

Ironically, when Zack "died" against Berial, Dark Zack took over and killed his enemies, but also ended up nearly killing his friends, like Neon Xen. But it was because he was mindlessly driven by the powerful desire to protect Selia at all cost. He even tells this to Zack that he went mindless because Zack wanted to protect Selia, so he WAS in control, but was driven by Zack's desire. This makes sense, as one cannot know what they are doing when mindlessly driven by a desire in their hearts, and Zack understands this moments later from his fight with Dark Zack before having to take on Sith'aru and lastly, Berial.

(Dark Zack takes Zack's place for dates)

Dark Zack takes Zack's place for dates.

Interestingly, Dark Zack, much like Zack and the incarnations, also has a very perverted side to himself. He mostly interacts with teenage girls, and even goes out with them on numerous dates. While he takes on dates, he does so with casual responses and respect. When Zack couldn't handle anymore dates with random and cute girls, he has Dark Zack to take over for it; to which Dark Zack gleefully and pervertedly accepts immediately. Dark Zack has been also able to, while taking dates, intels Zack and the others of what is happening on current events, and becomes a helpful asset in The Final War preparations. Dark Zack had asked Zack if he had ever hated him for being the one that existed inside his heart, and on how many occasions that he was saved by him from death, but had to rely on his own from time to time, because his Darksider roots are always trying to take him over, though he never meant to on purpose. Zack says that he is a part of him, and that he should acknowledge Dark Zack's help, and is very greatful to him for all that he's done for him and the others. Dark Zack is happy for this, and now vows to protect everyone in existence for Zack's sake.

It is also to take note that Dark Zack also shows a great sense of emotional pain and despair, as he would breakdown in tears and self-regret when someone close to him would be in danger for not being there to protect them. The one person that affected him the most to cause this is when Dawn Ragnos was taken to be used as the core for Alpha Omega (the antithesis and archenemy to Dark Zack's existence). Due to this, and out of self-spite for not saving her, Dark Zack was filled with anger and frustration, and even went as far as to assault Kaden for trying to stop him from letting his unstable emotions cloud his judgment. However, with the help of Kaden's encouragement and his friends, Dark Zack regains his resolve to save the only woman he loves, thus regaining his willpower and to never give up hope again.


Dark Zack

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Darkness, 3rd AwakeningEdit

Zack then passes out from his injuries, and his mind enters complete darkness. However, in his subconscious, he pleas to Selia to run, and she is heard screaming. As she calls to him, Zack cries out to her in despair. With that nightmarish event passed, Zack's body pulsates with a dark aura, and his eyes open with a yellow fury. A rumble then occurs within Zack's body, and the Sword of Destiny resonate with an ominous pressure. As Zack tries to free himself with his willpower, the Sword begins to overflow with vast darkness within its core, and Zack reacts to its power. The warriors try to kill Zack, but before they could do a thing, the Sword hurls itself into Zack's hand, and he graps it tightly, while a massive power surges endlessly simultaneously within him. Bryan and PredAlien looks to him with a nervous slow look, and a massive burst of energy blasts everything within the area, and Bryan and PredAlien are thrown out greatly as a result. The massive doors to the Rex and Ray hangers are then obliterated by the energy of Zack's power, and Bryan and PredAlien are shown being crashed into the grounds from many yards away. They look to the hangars, and a vast smoke of darkness completely fills the areas where Zack is located. As the smoke clears, Zack is shown in his full Dark Form, and with his Sword of Destiny in his hand. He walks slowly to Bryan and PredAlien, as his body continues to exude vast darkness within himself, and snarls of an ominous voice. Bryan and PredAlien then question in panic on how he did this, and that not even Kain or Akuhiei could unleash this powerful of a dark magnitude. Zack, trying to speak with an echoing speech, says, "From that day blood was freed. A voice echoed: Darkness... Give me more darkness!!!". Upon hearing this, Bryan and PredAlien are still confused with terror, but Zack continues his answer. He replies that if he is to become a creature of the dark, then so be it, for he will endure the exile. His eyes then burn with luminating darkness and finishes by saying, " protect them!". He then unleashes an overwhelming wave of darkness from his sword, and it destroys everything in its path. Just as it reaches for Bryan and PredAlien, it passes by them and destroys the Rex and Ray mobile suits, and everything within the area. The cyborg and the predator see behind them, and everything is left in burning ruins by Zack's attack. Zack then raises his head to them, with a growling snarl of killer intent, and the two opponents then cannot believe what has transpired here. They then get on their riders and exit through the rubble caused by Zack, and are gone from sight into the day sky. Zack then breathes heavily by this power he used, and his sword shifts to his back area, and his form dissipates from use, causing him to fall to his knees. His eyes glow of yellow and darkness, but vanish in seconds and holds his face with his left hand. Seeing this and realizing the extent of this dark power he obtained within his body, he closes his eyes and laughs to the ceiling in slight satisfaction. He then gets to his feet and says to himself that he needs to get back to Kannra, and, if what Bryan and PredAlien said was true, then Kallen should know something. He then looks to the exit way, and goes to regroup with Kannra.

Zack Vs KallenEdit

Seeing Zack impaled through the chest, Kannra is devastated and a single tear drops from her left eye. Zack coughs off blood from his mouth, and Kallen just looks at him cold and impassive. She tells him coldly that this is what happens to those that insult Kain, and that it's about time to finish him for good. However, before she could finish him, Kannra strikes from behind with rage. Unfortunetely, her attack is halted by Kallen's ice shield. Kannra is then taken aback, and Kallen looks to her coldly, and Zack is looking at Kannra with agony and worry. Kallen comments that Kannra would try to attack her from behind her back, and wonders if she's trying to save Zack's life. Kannra shouts at her to let him go, or she'll slice her limbs off if she needs to. Kallen just grins with amusement, and replies that if she wants him back, then she'll have to kill her first. Depending if she can hold out from the damage that she had inflicted on her. Kannra obliges, and dashes straight to her. Zack then gets concerned and scared, and cries out to Kannra to keep away from Kallen. However, Kannra still runs to Kallen, and as she begins to strike, Zack cries out again for her to stop, and a flash of light occurs. Zack looks on with a face of shock, and as everything clears up, Kannra is seen pierced through the heart area by an ice spear, and Kallen just looks to her with eyes of coldness and no remorse. Kannra lands on the ground, and blood begins to pour out of her chest from the ice spear on her heart. Zack is shocked, horrified and devastated by this, and streams of tears begin to come out of his eyes in pain and sorrow. Kannra's face is then shown with blood from her mouth, her eyes are closed and doesn't seem to move. Kallen states that she had been careless for attack with no defenses, and that it's a simple way to rid of an enemy. Zack's head then lowers down to his torso, and seems to be motionless, and a sound of heartbeats occur within him. Kallen then clarifies this to be the end, while still looking at Kannra on the ground, and will dispose of Kannra's body into the void of space, and kill Zack for what he had done to Kain's body.

(Zack's sorrow and rage)

Zack transforms out of sorrow and rage!

All of a sudden, Zack's body gives off a powerful shockwaves that causes the planet to shake and rumble, and Kallen is shocked and surprise to feel this power. Kallen then hears a ominous growl from Zack's body, and she looks to him slowly on what is going with him. Zack's body seems to be giving off dark energies, and as he slowly raises his head, he turns into his dark form with a monstrous roar. Kallen gets terrified by this, and Zack pushes her away her his right hand with unimaginable strength, and her lightsaber is out from his chest. Kallen is speechless from his strength and manages to keep her balance from being thrown 100 feet away. Kallen keeps her sights on Zack, but as she keeps looking, she witnesses him transforming even further. Zack seems to be growling more ominously, and his body is slowly being fuelled by darkness. Kallen then sees the skies turning dark from the clouds, and feels a powerful and dark presence about to be unleashed. Zack now transforms further, and his eyes glow with a roar. Zack now grips himself with vast dark energies surrounding him, and lets out a monstrous roar and howl, and vast power levels explodes from his body. A massive column of darkness is now shot into the skies, and everything in the skies and space turns to darkness and night. As it clears from Zack's location, he has now turned into his full dark form with wings and seems to be tears on his face, and eyes bright with fury.

Kallen tries to keep her guard up, but Zack lunges at her with great impact on where he was standing. As he lunges like a dark demon towards her, he instantly appears by Kallen's front and strikes her with full force. Kallen barely blocks it, but ends up being slashed across the left arm. Small amounts of blood stream off her forearm, and she tries to stay calm. Zack looks to her with killing intent, and lunges at her again. Kallen now unleashes a blizzard waves of ice sickles at Zack, but they shatter by his overwhelming power level pressure.

(Dark Zack VS Kallen)

Zack fights Kallen while in dark form.

(Dark Zack controlling the wheater and nature)

Zack manipulates the weather and nature of the planet to his disposal.

Zack is then still in prepared stance, and Kallen keeps her ground. As the surroundings continue to swirl, Kallen then thinks that this must be Zack's power of the dark, and at it's fullest. Zack still looks to her with growling thirst, and Kallen states that, even if he has transformed now, he will not defeat her with the whole planet of ice at her disposal. She continues to throw attack after attack on Zack, but the latter just evades them over and over again. Zack then jumps to the skies and stands on an ice tower, while Kallen just looks on. Zack just looks to her with a snarling growl, and Kallen puts her Ice Staff of Fury in ready position. However, Zack just pulls out his right arm slowly, and Kallen is confused but still gets ready for something. Zack raises his arm to the skies, and as he opens his grip, the skies are then consumed in clouds and creates a vortex of with an eye of the storm at the center. Kallen is stunned by this and finds this unbelievable for Zack to manipulate the very fabric of a planet with such power, and that it is extremely similiar to her's and Kain's power. But not wanting to admit being overwhelmed, Kallen lunges to Zack, and Zack retaliates with dark flames shooting out from his mouth as a streaming wave.

As they battle continues, the skies then give off dark streams to the planet and everything gets drained away of life. Kallen senses that the planet is dying for some unknown reason, and she is pushed away by Zack from the air. She crashes by the grounds near a river, and Zack lunges after her.

Zack now gets inside his Siegfried unit, and it too transforms into the dark form.

With the dark smokes clearing, Zack walks to the center, and he sees that Kallen is still alive. Kallen had suffered many cuts and slashes on her arms and legs, and even to her chest and neck area. She coughs blood from her mouth perfusely, and is in great pain from the attack. She looks to Zack slowly with only her left eye open, and Zack growls with her being scared with tears streaming out of her eyes. Zack now grabs her by the neck on the ground with his left hand, and picks her up slowly halfway way from her feet and knees. She squirms from the massive internal and external pain, and Zack keeps his grip on her while looking to her eyes. She tries to beg with a weakened voice for him to spare her, but Zack seems to put his grip into a strangle. She can't help but being strangled to causing more blood from her mouth, and Zack now starts to snarl with a sudden thirst for blood while still staring at her. He then looks to her neck and can sees blood still flowing perfectly in her veins. Zack then backs his head slowly, and as it seems that Kallen would be freed, Zack out of nowhere, tears the cloth from her neck, grabs her right shoulder tightly with his right arm and ferociously bites down on her left neck area hard and painfully, as she screams from the massive pain and agony, and loud thunder and lightning sounds then occur. Zack keeps his bite on her neck deepy, while his left arm is on her back and cuttingly grinds there with blood dripping out to keep her from getting loose, and as more blood pours out and being sucked by him, he now gains her memories and powers and the information on the Disciples of the Mask and their leader. He even finds out of their secret weapon, and now has nothing else to gain from Kallen. He now releases his bite on Kallen and roars with monstrous fury to the skies, and Kallen simultaneously passes out from the massive blood loss with tears on her face and eyes closed.

Zack carries Kannra to recovery

Zack carries Kannra to recovery.

Zack now drops Kallen on the ground, and keeps a silent growl as he looks to the skies. After that, Zack now turns his head to where Kannra is, and his expression turns into one of sorrow and regret. He turns around and walks to her to be beside her. He now stands next to Kannra, and he kneels down with his right leg to see her condition. Greatly devastated by her injured state, he places his right hand on her head to see if she's indeed dead. However, after a moment, he gasps in surprise and sees that she's still alive, but needs medical treatment as soon as possible. He picks her up with his arms, and he summons Siegfried to get them to Naboo. He then turns his attention to Kannra, and, while he's relieved to see her still alive, he begins to wish that he should have protected her more, and black-colored tears comes down from his eyes.

Zack now gets back on the Siegfried with Kannra in his care and leaves the planet, and everything goes back to normal, but with all the destruction still left behind on the planet's surface, the skies vague, and leaving Kallen at a great life and death risk. Kain and his children are now shown with their small fleet in space. Kain asks Kaden if all the reports have been filled in already. Kaden says that they have been brought in, and Dawn says that she'll check on them later. Kain is glad to hear this, and gives Bryan the files for the Rex Mobile Suit. Kain says that they should be expecting Death Stalker to arrive soon, and everyone gets prepared for their arrival. Kain then wonders on how Kallen is doing, and asks Dawn if she had called her earlier. Dawn says that her mother was busy and didn't want to bother. Kaden says that Kallen always has too many things to handle on her ice planets, and clarifies that she usually calls from her homes. Kain gets slightly concerned and tries to call her by comlink. He then realizes that its not responding, and tries to contact her via telepathy by placing his fingers on his forehead. Kaden asks him if something is wrong, and Kain says that he can't contact her, and finds this hard to believe. Dawn suggests that they should go check on her, and Kaden agrees. Kain gets his kids into the Executioner, and everyone gets ready to check on Kallen.

Kain and the rest arrive by Lunavex, and Kain says that they should be able to contact her now. However, Bryan tries to call her, but got nothing. Kain tries to see through the clouds, and as everyone looks, they witness the destruction that had occured there. Kain is in distressed and worries for Kallen's safety. Kaden sees a massive crater by Kallen's destroyed ice castle, and sees that her dismantled Gurren Seiten is within sight. Kain and his kids and Bryan go to the location, and find the mobile suit greatly damaged. Kain looks for Kallen within the crater, and finds, to his horror, Kallen's massively injured body. Kain cries out to her and runs to get her. Kallen recognizes that voice, and tries to looks but can't. Kain holds her and is in tears on her condition. Kaden sees her with shock, and Dawn is horrified and cries with her hands clapped to her mouth. Bryan then calls for the medics, and they run to them for Kallen's survival. Kain asks her on who or what did this to her, but as she tries to answer, she ends up blacking out again. The medics get there and place her on the strether and hurry on to take her for medical recovery. Kain curses to himself for what has happened, but by that instant, his arm begins to give off static flashes within his mind, and he goes through intense pain and mental images of Zack's dark form, and Kain's eyes rapidly turn from Perfect Obedience to normal and passes out as a result.

Never-Ending VengeanceEdit

After the fight is over, Kallen attacks with a massive barrage of ice needles, Kain with his Infernal Twister, and the location where Dark Zack is decimated. Dawn wonders if it is over, and Kain merely scoffs that that Darksider wasn't much of a threat as they thought it was before, seeing that everyone joined together to fight it. Kallen, however, feels that it is not quite over yet, and tells Kain and the others that the enemy is merely playing with them with little effort, and Kain asks why she thinks that. Kallen then steps in front of Kain and urges that she will delay the dark entity, and for him and the rest to retreat immediately. As the smoke clears, Dark Zack is seen within the center, yet is unharmed and merely grins with amusement of their efforts. Kain and Kaden looks on with shock, and Kaden points out that, even after all those attacks, he's still completely unharmed. Kallen, not waiting to see what he may do next, runs straight at Dark Zack, and throws every barrage of attacks in close-range combat. However, Dark Zack easily evades and blocks them with every second, and Kallen tries to kick him twice in the face. Unfortunetely, every attack ended in failure, and Dark Zack sees Kallen lunges a distance behind him. She tries to attack from behind, but Dark Zack merely blocks them without looking. He then leaps backwards, with Kallen following him to take advantage of the fight. However, quickly seeing her attacks ahead of time, blocks her spin kick and gives her a direct kick in the stomach, sending her a distance away. She lunges at him again, but Dark Zack grabs her in the air and throws her down. After which, Dark is shown grasping her right arm, and without hesitation, twists it effortlessly, and Kallen groans from the her arm being nearly broken. Trying to get her strength back, she tries to get him off, but Dark Zack reverses her attempted counterattack, and kicks her to a large spire on the ceiling. The spires breaks by implosion, and Kallen falls to the ground. Kallen regains her footing on the floor of the battle, but the spire drops above her, and she manages to avoid its hit. As it falls beside Dark Zack, the two stare at each other, and Dark Zack makes a unflinchingly triumphant stance. Kallen, without thinking, proceeds to attack him, but Zack kicks the spire to the right that hits Kallen away, jumps up and makes a direct kicking spot by the tip. Kallen sees the spire heading for her, and manages to evade it. However, as she refocuses her attention to Dark Zack, the dark entity graps her by the face, swiftly places her wide-open in the air, and makes a slicing kick to her torso. The impact of the attack sends her crashing to the floor, and making a massive implosion in the center, thus greatly incapacitating Kallen

(Kairo and Orochi appear)

Kairo and Orochi stand beside Dark Zack

(Kairo and Orochi are Superiors)

Kairo and Orochi reveal themselves as Sith'arian Superiors!

As Kain looks to Dark Zack, Dark Zack merely snarls, yet something else takes place. Two people appear behind Dark Zack in the shadows, and are revealed to be Kairo and Orochi. Orochi states that Kallen's resistance is useless, for they have already completely analyzed all her abilities and combat patterns. Kain, being surprised to see them here in this dimension, questions them on why they are here, and what they meant by "analyzed". After a quick thought, he wonders if they are referring to the Dark Stigma. However, Kairo states out in a casual and mocking gesture that it's probably against both of their wills, but if things progress like this, and should Kallen continue to go down this path even further, then it will be her fate to be destroyed by Kayle someday. Before Kain could make a word, Kaden interrupts and asks them on how can they can be so sure about that, seeing that Kayle is out of her level of power. But more importantly, asks them on why they are here to begin with. Orochi replies that the answer to that question is simple. By saying that, their bodies shift, and are revealed to be Sith'arian Superiors, and Orochi finishes that their job is to observe them all. Having his time spent long enough, Dark Zack then lunges into the air, and wishes to end this. Kain is shocked to see the Sith'arian Superiors, and Kallen goes after Dark Zack. As Kain continues to be stunned, Kairo, with a mocking yet cheerful tone of voice, states that they have no time to be surprised, for their queen is losing, and Kain redirects his attention to the battle.

As the internal battle between host and parasite continues, Kallen leaps fom spire to spire on the cielings of the Ice Castle ruins, and Dark Zack followsuits. Dark Zack suddenly grabs Kallen by the neck and delivers a barrage of attacks that causes her to be thrown on the high wall, breaking several spires, and making a large impact. Kallen falls to the ground, but Dark Zack leaps from one spire to another to keep the fight going. Dark Zack then slices the spires on the cieling of the cave with his claws, and they fall towards Kallen to impale her. However, Kallen tries to regain her strength, manages to evade the spires, but still greatly injured in this fight. Kallen then saw a large spire falling above her head, and she jumps away to evade it. But as she looks up, Dark Zack lunges at instantaneous speeds, and delivers a severe slash at Kallen's face, heavily injuring her face on the left. Dark Zack then grabs her by the neck, both crash on the ground, and Dark Zack tries to kill her with his left hand claws. Kallen, not willing to die, stops his assault with both of her hands, but Dark Zack's strength is far too much to hold back. Kallen, out of desperation, delivers a spin kick, and Dark Zack evades it easily. Kallen then throws a direct kick to his chest, but the Darksider merely puts his arms up in defense, grinning while doing that, and is thrown away to the broken walls. Almost at her limit, Kallen tells her family that she'll only last for two minutes or less at her current condition, and for everyone to hurry and escape. Kain refuses to leave her to die, but is interrupted by a surge of darkness from Dark Zack. As it clears, Dark Zack attacks Kallen again, and manages to land several hits to weaken her. Kallen then grabs his left arm to stop his attacks, but Dark Zack gives her a high kick maneuver, grabs her left leg, and throws her away crashing. After that counter, Dark Zack feels a pulsing sound from Dawn, who fears for her mother, and lunges at her with animalistic instinct. Dawn panics, but as Dark Zack tries to approach her, Kallen appeared and stopped him with her left arm. However, though she got between them in time, Kallen continues to get weaker and bleeding, and Dark Zack's strength causes her arm to nearly break. The Darksider grins at this, and sees that Kallen is about to fire a barrage of ice spears. Dark Zack leaps away, and Kallen fires at him. Kain tries to assist her, but their attacks are blown away by Dark Zack's single flap of his wings.

The entire area is then hit by the immense shockwaves by Dark Zack, and the whole Ice Castle crumbles as a result. Everyone tries to get their balance back, and Kallen looks on to Dark Zack's whereabouts. Within the smoke, Dark Zack is seen on a large pillar of ice from the spires, flaps the smoke away, and has appeared to be unharmed. Dark Zack then speaks and told Kallen that it was a mistake for her to harm Kannra, and that Kallen is nothing more than a monster in human flesh. He then says that she'll never harm any of Zack's friends and loved ones ever again, as he seems to put his arms close to his chest, and for her to accept her eternal death and suffering, so that he finally be born. He then channels and generates an enormous sphere of darkness, and its power consumes the skies and surrounding areas within the dimension, and everyone can feel its vast, devastating pressure. Dawn asked what that attack is, and Kain clarifies it as a Darkness Cerunga. Kain questions if he intends to unleash it within this dimension, knowing that it could destroy everything in its path. As the great sphere of dark destruction begins to build at incredible speed, Kallen slowly walks towards Dark Zack, while discarding her weapons to confront him unarmed.

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On the planet Coruscant, several Jedi Knights fall in defeat, and continue to groan with immense pain. Vrook is seen beside a window, but pays little attention to the fallen Jedi Knights. Kain and Akuhiei are then shown walking passed the Knights and say to Vrook that they sure do hate thickheaded people. Vrook gives them his apologizes, and says that he will give them the information that they need. Vrook tells them that they materias that they will need lies within the realm of Sith'aria itself. They then stop walking and stop with their backs turned on Vrook, and the Jedi Master says that this way may prove to be troublesome if they end up against the Sith'arian Superiors themselves. Kain asks him with his head slightly turns to him but only half way if that's right, and Vrook replies that he speaks honestly. Akuhiei then says that that's fine, and for him to swear on these. Immediately from saying this, Akuhiei pulls out several cards, and they appear to be stained in blood, revealing to belonged to the other masters, and he tosses them to Vrook that land on the floor in front of him. Vrook asks them on why they are doing this, and Kain replies with a paining groan that they need the Sith'anite Materia. As the "Final Reunion" is coming. Kain then turns to look at Vrook, with his eyes turning into the Perfect Obedience, and says that they need them. Vrook is confused by this "Final Reunion" that Kain just spoke of, and Kain's eyes fade back to normal, but is in groaning pain as a result. Akuhiei places his hand on his shoulder to calm him down, and he now speaks to Vrook. Akuhiei says that the others that have been in their service shall all assemble, and that together they shall take revenge against the realm of Sith'aria. He continues to say that they have already send out the invitations, but it would appear that someone is holding out the prizes. Vrook asks him on these "Invitations", and Kain points out of the Dark Stigma, and sees that Vrook knows all too well about it, and Vrook places his hand to his neck that Zack had choked him from. Akuhiei further clarifies that the Evil Legacy of the power of darkness lives on in the Spiral Force and makes it happen. He continues to say in a now slight sorrow that it has done so much for them, yet they do not know how to manifest it for themselves, and Vrook slightly scratches the Dark Stigma on his neck. Akuhiei then wonders on what can they do now, for he, Kain and the others are merely remnants of an old and ancient evil, merely remnants of the Evil Legacy. He now stands in front of Vrook and points out that, until they gain the Sith'anite Materia and gain the power for themselves, they cannot be strong even to stop it. He says with a slithering voice that the Dark Stigma and the Evil Legacy are not enough for them, not to stop the "Final Reunion" from completing. Vrook wonders on what they had meant by that, and Kain and Akuhiei looked at each other for a second. They exclaim to Vrook that he surely had noticed it from before, or from being within their presence.
(Dark Zack's pre-awakening)

Dark Zack's lingering presence from the Dark Stigma.

They start to walk towards him, and they stop from a foot away from Vrook and now bow down on their knees and hands to the floor. They then rip off the clothing that is covering their injuries from the Dark Stigma that they got from Zack, and a sudden rumble begins to occur within a few seconds. The Ragnos Brothers then begin to raise their heads, and as they do so, an ominous pressure is then felt from their bodies, and static flashes of Zack's full dark form begins to resonate from their beings, along with everything becoming dark within the flashes. They look to Vrook, and their faces are shown with Zack's dark and menacing face and grin for hunger from the static flashes. Vrook looks to them with shock and horror, with his Dark Stigma giving him a deathly painful sensation, and the dark apparation of Zack's form gives off a powerful and sinister aura that shakles the very fabric of space with its face ever so frightening with several static flashes.

Dark Zack VS Inferno & Night TerrorEdit

(Dark Zack finally in the real world)

Dark Zack finally emerges into the real world.

As Inferno and Night Terror look to Zack, Zack slowly turns his head to them, and seems to be going through his dark forms with a grin. He turns into his spreading dark form, and says "Our reunion.", and he shifts into his full dark form from static flashes, and says in a ominous dark voice "I'll bet you're dying to watch.", and they darksiders realize on what he meant from this: the "Final Reunion" that they had feared to come. They lunge at Zack to finish him, but Zack places his hand on his heart area, and groans from the pain, as the darkness resonates from his body with several more static flashes. Zack continues to fall and lands subtley on the platforms, and as the darksiders lunge at him in speeds, Zack places his arms out to defend himself. And by that moment, their attacks are stopped instantly by Zack's hands with one last instant static flash, and his form has changed suddenly with dark wings, and the atmosphere has changed as well. Zack's sword then emerges from his hands by the darksiders' weapons, but it changes into a dark sword from dark energies. Inferno and Night Terror see this, and as they look to Zack, he replies "Good to see you...", and he slowly raises his head and says "brothers.", and is now in his Darksider form, Dark Zack himself.

He looks to them with a sinister grin, and they are shocked to see him transformed. Dark Zack takes them aback, and swings his sword swiftly, and they are thrown away from his sheer force of strength. The darksiders are then thrown to the top of the building, and they appear to be wounded by their chest areas. Dark Zack flies to the skies and lands at a distance from them on a higher platform of the building they are located. He looks to them with his smile still on his face, and Inferno and Night Terror are not pleased of what had occured to them. Dark Zack notices that their powers are greatly diminished from their originals' bodies that they are under control of, due to absorbing the power of the Sith'anite Materia, and says that that's too bad with a look of pity, but still having his grin about himself. They asks him on what he wants, and that if he desires to devour them to increase his powers. However, Dark Zack clarifies that he has no desire to devour such filth and vile darksiders who have no sense of heart. He continues to say that his desires are completely different from theirs, and states that he is finally able to see the real world for the first time in his own body, as he looks to the skies. He now says to them that, what he desires the most, is to protect those that Zack cherishes in his heart, and eliminate those that would harm those that Zack loves, and he makes a grinning smile that reveals his sharply jagged teeth. Just as his family has done for all this time. He stretches out his right arm to the skies, and opens his hand, which causes a massive universal-wide vortex of dark clouds, and Inferno and Night Terror are stunned by this to great extent. Dark Zack then clarifies that he will even have to use the full power of darkness to do that for Zack, and that he'll have to banish those that tried to slaughter the Sith'arians from Sith'aria. The darksiders then asks him on what will then happen to those in his care for this unusual heroic act of his. Dark Zack just looks to them with a more sinister grin and slitted eyes that, that will just be left to their imaginations, if they have hearts to know the answers. Dark Zack now grips his palm, with thunder and lightning occuring from this in the skies, and he dashes towards them in high speeds, and the darksiders do so as well. They draw out their weapons, and clash against each other, with a instant flash of light occuring from this upon their impact.

As the battle between the darksiders continue, the clouds become ever more darker with lightning and thunder occuring, while the darkness from within the skies by Dark Zack's power then spreads with streams of darkness that feeds off the remaining bodies of the people that had attempted to murder the Sith'arians from existance, while also going after those that are alive and devour them into the darkness. While this occurs, the areas are also being rejuvenated to their original states from the darkness that is of Dark Zack's overwhelming power. Everyone sees this with great disbelief, and Selia wonders if they is really Zack's dark power. As the power of darkness spreads all around the areas, flashbacks of Dark Zack's dark possission forms show up, and Dark Zack is then seen battling the darksiders from building to building and swings his sword that sends them flying away. They try to regain their balance, but they see Dark Zack lunging at them from a great distance, and he slices them to the one of the skyscrapers and they crash into them as a result. With the result of them being within the tallest building. Inferno is angered by being overwhelmed by someone who's very presence has been concealed for a long time. Dark Zack then jumps into the building that they are in from the broken wall, and lunges at them to attack. They exchange blows, but Inferno and Night Terror are unable to inflict damage to Dark Zack. Dark Zack then dashes across the rooms, and the Darksiders have a troubled time of catching him on their sights. Night Terror then hears Dark Zack attacking them from a distance, and they prepare to defend themselves. However, Dark Zack throws sword attack after another, and the darksiders have a hard time defending themselves. They end up destroying nearly everything within the building, and they lock their weapons together, which causes a shockwave within their location. Dark Zack is impressed by their survival, and asks them on where did they manage to survive this much time outside their originals' bodies. They just tell him that it's no business of his, and they try to decapacitate him in front and back. However, Dark Zack dodges this, and kicks them out of the building with sheer force of strength.

They are now outside again, but have now suffered even more massive damage. Dark Zack flies to their current location, and strikes with his sword. They manage to block it, but are being pushed by his vast power. They continue to throw attack after attack, and the darksiders even unleash their Inferno Twister and Shadow Reaver attacks on Dark Zack, but the latter just vanishes out of sight from their attacks. Dark Zack appears before them by standing firmly on a pole, while Inferno and Night Terror lunge at him, but miss. Dark Zack keeps his grin about him, and flies to the large skyscrapers, with the darksiders following suit. Dark Zack looks to them and says that he just thought of a wonderful present for them, and he turns around and slices off a skyscraper piece that is sended to them. They manage to destroy it before it could hit them, but have lost sight of Dark Zack. They are then near the skyscraper, and Dark Zack attacks them out of nowhere. They clash their weapons and Dark Zack asks them with a sinister smile if he shall give them despair. They continue to attack each other, but Dark Zack causes more damage to them than the other way around. He then distances himself from them on a tall skyscraper edge, and the darksiders look to him frustrated anger. Dark Zack looks to them with his hair flowing from the breeze of the atmosphere, and he tells them to be on their knees, as he wants them both to beg for forgiveness. He then satisfactly looks to the skyscrapers high areas, and they suddenly break apart and explode from the dark lightning that striked them from the skies, and Dark Zack looks to them with arms open with triumph and spreaded wings. Inferno and Night Terror then lunge after him, and Dark Zack leaps to the broken pieces. He then slices them instantly, and they scatter into more pieces that causes debris and dark energies to surround them.

The Darksiders then slashes after each piece of the dubris, and Dark Zack slashes one in front of them to attack. They prepare to fight again, but Dark Zack vanishes out of sight. Dark Zack then appears behind them and attacks. They fight in like what seems to be an eternity, but Dark Zack is proven to be too much for them, and Inferno and Night Terror seems to be in trouble from his might. They then attack simultaneously at Dark Zack, but the latter stops their weapons with his bare hands. They are stunned, and are then attacked across the chest again by Dark Zack's sword filled with dark energies. Seeing that they are in no way of matching up to him, they then unleash a massive dome of destructive energies to distract Dark Zack for them to escape from him. Dark Zack, who is completely unharmed, sees them running away, and frowns as the debris and destruction falls to the gounds from the skies and causes massive impact onto the grounds. Inferno and Night Terror then land on a high platform of a building, but Inferno has had too much energy out of his system. Night Terror then notices that Dark Zack is on their tail, but sees Zack's friends nearby. The darksiders then attempt to attack Zack's friends to make Dark Zack lose his focus. However, Dark Zack appears before them and stops their attacks. They get into a lock on their weapons, and Dark Zack turns them around and pushes them away to the ground. They are then clashing attack after attack, and Night Terror and Inferno, out of desparation, unleash their Cerunga blasts on Selia, Edward and the others. Dark Zack sees this with distress, and teleports to save them. He succeeds in neutralizing their blasts with a swing of his sword in his right hand, but the darksiders appears before him. They struck at Dark Zack, and the latter blocks their attacks with his left arm. They finally come to the conclusion that Dark Zack's weakness is Zack's friends. Dark Zack is concerned by this, and they wonder if they should have the pleasure of taking them away from him and Zack. Dark Zack takes this to shock, as his eyes are pinted sharp, and sees Zack's happy memories with his friends and family shifting his his head.

Dark Zack then grabs on to their weapons, and being fuelled by the desire to protect, pushes them away even further than before. They are off balance from this and are in disbelief with much shock. Dark Zack then looks to them with pity and says "I pity you. You two just don't get it at all.". The darksiders ignore this and attack Dark Zack with fury and might. However, Dark Zack dodges them easily and kicks them to the skies with his strength. He then positions himself and lunges at them in high speeds. He readies his sword by switching it to his left hand, sprouts his wings even wider and declares "There's not a single thing you both cherish!!!". Dark Zack's sword is then fueled with darkness as it spins it, and Inferno and Night Terror ready themselves. Out of surprise, Dark Zack's power in the skies then forms symbols of the sith'arians as a massive dome, and they surround the darksiders from escaping with chains of darkness. Inferno and Night Terror are stunned by this, and Dark Zack is then shown resonating with darkness, and his eyes glowing with bright fury. He uses the attack "Darkness Finisher", which from his sword summons seven different colored swords forms around the darksiders, and he takes each one to strike at them. Thus causing chains of sealing on the darksiders from defending themselves from the final attack. They are greatly wounded by this, the hero darksider appears above them, and Dark Zack fuels his sword with the darkness from the skies and his own being, as his wings spread with darkness and declares it as "Darkness Getsuga", and strikes them both within an enormous wave of darkness within the dome. The attack then dissipates and Dark Zack is then shown on the platform that he lands at in swift speeds, along with a single swing of his sword of dark energies, and is now looking to Inferno and Night Terror and says to them "Stay where you both belong. In the depths of evil.". The skies then shine of light, everything looks back to perfect shape, and the darksiders are then being consumed by their power, but not before saying with their wings open wide "We will... Never stay there forever.", and they fade away into nothing from then on.

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Hearing Selia's cry for help, an enormous column of darkness explodes inside Zack's body and unleashes a massive explosion that rattles the planet. Everyone gets scared from this and Kain and Akuhiei wonder what's happening. Kannra suspects that something must've happened upon Zack's death. Aeon and Neon think they should go to where Zack was killed, and Lucian and Esther said that they should hurry. The other superiors also want to see what's happening, and their parents followsuit. Daira then asks Mammon if he'll help him to find that massive rumble that occured, and he agrees. Revan and Kayle, along with their companions soon follow along to where everyone is going. Back to where the others are at, Helena and Selia sees the darkness from where Zack was and wonders in surprise and concern if what happened just now, and Alexander and Eileen watch on.

Dark Zack's Return

Dark Zack is reborn anew.

Korin looks surprised to see that Zack has somehow came back to life. However, as the dark smoke clears, it is none other than Dark Zack in Zack's Wolfian form. Helena, Alexander, Eileen, and Selia are shocked and speechless of seeing that Zack has drastically changed somehow. As they look on in confusion and concern, Dark Zack looks to Selia and walks to her. Selia is frightened, but somehow knows that Dark Zack means no harm. As Dark Zack stands before her, while she is on the ground, he suddenly hugs her gently, much to everyone's surprise. Selia is speechless, yet slightly blushes from the hug. Dark Zack then tells her thanks for bringing him back to existance, as he brushes her hair smoothly, and that it is now time for himself to protect her this time. Dark Zack then wipes away Selia's tears and tells her to stay back, and that he can do what Zack has wished him to do, and even smiles to her heartfully, and Selia sees this with some measure of comfort. Korin questions Dark Zack on who or what he is, and Dark Zack stands up turns to him coolfully. Dark Zack tells him that he's the Darksider of Zack Xargus, the one named Dark Zack, and Korin and the rest hear this with shock and concern. Korin just maintains his composure after a second, and then says that since he's a darksider, one of the dark, he will exterminate him for good. Korin then summons his Swords of Ragnarok to prepare for battle. Dark Zack chuckles from this and asks Korin if he intents to challenge him to the death. Korin tells him that, as the future savior of all existance, he will destroy anyone who is of darkness, and will not show a shred of mercy to them, no matter who or what they are. Starting with Dark Zack, and then everyone else of the darkness. Dark Zack then makes a "hmph" and tells Korin in a grin that it's unwise to make such arrogant threats, for they always make him seem so weak. Korin dashes to him with his sword, but at that moment, Dark Zack appears from behind and slashes his back with his claws. Korin is surprise to see that he was able to get behind him without being able to sense his presence, but that it matters not. Korin attempts to strike in a horizontal strike at a 180-degree angle, but Dark Zack just grabs the sword with only one finger, and it causes a massive wave of destruction. Korin is surprised by this, and thinks to himself if something is wrong. Dark Zack tells him that there is nothing wrong with him, but that it's only his power that is not doing the work, especially that he's on the wrong side of this, and Dark Zack pushes him 1,000 feet away with his index finger, and Korin gets a heavy impact from the push.

Dark Zack 003

Dark Zack grins to Selia and the rest and assures them to not worry.

Korin is speechless to see that a mere Darksider is able to best him so easily, despite that they just started fighting. Dark Zack tells him that if he has no other powers to show him, then it'll soon be over for him, as Dark Zack cracks his fist in exercise fashion. Korin gets angry and fires Waves of Light to Dark Zack to distract him so that he can attack him on surprise. However, the waves are cut away by Dark Zack's hands, and Dark Zack tells him that he'll have to do better than that. Korin then dashes at him in high-speeds and continues to attack him with multiple combos. However, Dark Zack just dodges them casually, and tells Korin that it's no use for a frontal assault, and kicks him away with ease, sending him a long distance away with an impact on the ground. Dark Zack now resorts to show him his Cerunga to see if he can dodge it, or block it. Korin tells him that a Cerunga is no match for him, even if it's from the likes of him. However, as Korin still talks, Dark Zack unleashes his Darkness Cerunga, and it causes great destruction within Korin's range and going at a speed faster than anticipated. Seeing that the Cerunga that Dark Zack has unleashed, Korin desperately tries to block it with his Shields of Light, but they instantly shattered by the Darkness Cerunga's power. Korin is greatly inflicted by the attack, but can still be able to stand from it. Dark Zack is impressed by his physical strength, and wonders on how long he can last. Not wanting to waste any more time with Dark Zack, Korin now unleashes his fully-powered Ragnarok Summoning Swords to finish Dark Zack for good, and Dark Zack looks on with some degree of displeasement. Alexander and Eileen see the attack coming at Dark Zack's location and become scared of losing him from that full-powered attack. Helena and Selia scream out in concern to Dark Zack to get out of there, but Dark Zack just turns and looks at them with no expession nor fear of the incoming attack. As the attack comes closer, they plead for him to get out of there again with tears slightly streaming out from their eyes, but as the attack makes contact with Dark Zack's skin, it suddenly explodes into a million pieces, leaving Dark Zack completely unharmed and unfazed, and to Helena, Alexander, Eileen, and Selia's surprise, and to Korin's shock. Dark Zack tells them not to worry, for he is the Darksider of Zack Xargus, and as he gives a menacing grin, he tells them that, like Zack, he has no intention of dying today, for his desires are the same as his.

Dark Zack then turns to Korin and tells him that it is about time to end this fight, and for everyone to know that he is a fraud and an evil man that wanted to murder an entire innocent race for no good reason. Korin then tells him that this fight is far from over, and that the Sith'arians are not innocent, but are an evil and arrogant race that deserves to be exterminated. Dark Zack looks to him with displeasement, and is sorry to hear that, but this fight is about to be over now. Dark Zack even tells him that he knows that he [Korin] used his daughter to kill the man she loves the most, and have her ended Zack with the blood on her hands. Dark Zack looks to Korin with a face of anger and fury, and tells him that if there is anyone who is evil and arrogant, it is himself [Korin] for using his daughter so heartlessly to kill the man she loves. Suddenly, everything turns into darkness around everyone, and Korin looks frightened of what is about to happen. Dark Zack says that he will not let himself lose to someone like Korin, for he is a man would abandoned his heart in the name of hatred and attempt to annihilate the Sith'arians. Dark Zack then lifts up his right hand, and massive spires of earth erupt around him and prepare to attack. Korin keeps his guard, but as Dark Zack launched them to him in high-speeds, Korin's shield broke again, and he received some damage, and the darkness gone out of sight. But as the darkness clears, Korin sees that everyone that he knows are now where they are, and Zack's friends and family members are now there to see what is happening. Dark Zack appears behind Korin, and Korin swings his sword to him, but Dark Zack disappears. Then suddenly, Korin is being slashed away swiftly by countless strikes, and Dark Zack is seen from a distance with a grin, and Korin begins to fall to his knees. Dark Zack says that this will be over soon, and for Korin to have a moment of remorse for what evil he had done.

Everyone sees this with disbelief, and Kannra wonders if this is really Zack that their seeing with their own eyes right now. Edward can tell that this isn't Zack, at least not fully, but it is his darksider that has lived within him for a long time, and Revan, Kayle, Alek and the rest agree, but everyone is slightly speechless from this. Michael and the Created Siblings wonder if that Korin fellow is going to give up, as he is no match for Dark Zack in many ways, and Kain and Akuhiei, along with their friends and families also wonder the same thing. However, Korin looks to Dark Zack and says that a dark being like him has no right to tell him what to do, and what he is doing is not wrong, but is justice. Dark Zack looks with pity and tells him that does having his daughter kill the man she loves is justice, or simply an act of evil intention. Everyone hears this with shock and silent outrage, Korin remains silent, and Dark Zack says that it won't matter what he says now, for the truth is now out in th open, and Korin asks on what he is talking about. Dark Zack then reveals to Korin from his coat-pocket that he had a recorder from Edward to hear all the conversation that just happened earlier, and it has send word to all in the universe, much to Korin's shock, and to Edward's surprise and thankfullness. Dark Zack tells Edward that he is a very good friend to him and Zack, and that he's happy to actually meet him face-to-face with a smile, and Edward thanks him for that with a shy face and while scratching his neck, while Alexandra is holding on his arm with some congrates. Dark Zack then turns his head to Korin and clarifies that now everyone now knows that Korin is a fraud and a traitor to those who trusted him and looked up to him, and will now see him as nothing more than a monster in human flesh, and a dispicable fraud that did everything out of evil intentions.

Dark Zack VS Korin

Dark Zack appears behind Korin.

Dark Zack finishes Korin

Dark Zack defeats Korin with an explosive blow.

Dark Zack now declares this to be his end, and is now going to go all-out. Korin quickly goes back from the little revelation of conspiracy, and tells Dark Zack that that little gizmo is useless, and that he'll wipe everyone's mind with his powers. But as Korin continues to boast, Dark Zack then dashes in high speeds and appears in front of Korin, and delivers him a kick to the face that sends him flying to the skies, and giving Korin a bloody scar of his face, and is now an "X". Korin regains his balance, but as he does, he sees that Dark Zack has replicated himself into five people. They then fire their Cerungas, Grand King Cerungas, Chidorans, Rasenmas, Galinshias, and their Kasenmas. As the attacks go at Korin in high speeds, Korin attempts to defend himself with his Ragnarok Barrier, and calls them useless waste of energies. However, as he does, Dark Zack is seen from behind with his right hand burning with dark energy, and Korin tries to block it with his shield quickly. However, the shield shatters, and Dark Zack impales Korin in the chest through the back. Korin begins coughing blood, and Dark Zack asks him if he really didn't think he would be stupid, and that those clones of him were just to distract him long enough to attack him from behind. As the attack are about to impact on them in seconds, Dark Zack tells Korin to look and that he has his Sword of Destiny in his left hand and it is fully energized with his Getsuga attack. Korin screams out to Dark Zack to not do it, Dark Zack strikes him with full might, and the others attack collide with the Getsuga and cause a vastly powerful explosive dome of dark destruction in the skies above, and everyone tries to guard against its powerful magnitude.

With the fight over, the dark clouds then begin to clear, and everyone sees what has happened. Dark Zack is seen with his grin gone from his face, and as the dark smoke clears, Korin is then seen fatally injured and in Dark Zack's grip from his left arm. Everyone continues to stare at them, and Dark Zack slowly levitates down to the ground and places Korin down. Selia tries to walk to Dark Zack and wonders if he's alright. Edward and the others look on with some degree of concern. Selia is now next to Dark Zack and asks him, while holding onto his right arm, if he's alright. Dark Zack then says that he's fine, and looks straight at Selia with an expression that Zack mostly wears. Dark Zack then suddenly holds Selia in his arms, and Selia blushes out of surprise. Selia is then within his mental realm, and everything seems like a peaceful paradise. She then sees Zack by a tree that looks like the one that Zack had died from. Selia then breaks into tears, and Zack looks to her with a smile, as if he's alright. He asks her if she's alright, and that she doesn't have to cry for him right now. Selia just continues to cry and apologizes to him for hurting him, even if she was under her father's and Zarvik's control, and that she's very sorry, as she covers her face. Zack reassures her that he's fine, and he gets up from the tree. He walks toward her, but groans from the pain that was inflicted on him, and Selia runs to him. She begs Zack to not move, as he's still hurt, but Zack pulls her into his arms and holds her warmthfully. She is speechless from this, and Zack tells her that he needs her with him, and questions if she's realized that yet. She then cries deeply and lowers her head in his warmth and thanks him. She is now outside his mental realm, and sees that Zack is in his Darksider's form right now, and calls him by his name. Zack smiles and says that he's glad to see her alive, and everyone realizes that Zack is here and now, and they go to see him.

The Final War ArcEdit

Rushing to a First DateEdit

At the very beginning of the scene, Dark Zack is running in the streeets on the planet Wolfia, and is hurrying up to catch up to Dawn's singing performance. He is also shown holding a present in his right arm, and intending to give it to her as a gift on their first date. When Dawn begins her musical, Dark Zack is delayed in his dash by numerous dark and light foes. Dark Zack makes a grin of thrilling anticipation, but quickly reverts back to getting to Dawn's play, rather than sticking around fighting. As he tries to get pass them, the enemies try to get in the way, and Dark Zack decides to exterminate them and hurry on.

Greiving DespairEdit

A Battle between Anger and ResolveEdit

A Promise from LoveEdit

Dark Zack is seen within a dark void in a deep sleep, as though drifting in the currents of absence. However, as he wakes, he sees no one within it, and a song of Dawn's plays out of nowhere from his awakening sleep. And now, after several seconds, he sees a young girl from a distance, and everything seems to be turning into what seems like the End of the World. Dark Zack recognizes immediately that it's Dawn, and she can be seen in a weak state, and seems to be in sorrow. She is now turned to Dark Zack's direction and Dark Zack sees her with remorse, as everything is now shining with the realm of the light. He tells her that he failed to save her, and begs her to forgive him as tears come down from his eyes. Dawn looks to him with a smile of acceptance, and holds out her hand for him to hold. Dark Zack sees this with redeemed peace and tries to reach out for her. However, as he touches her hand, it begins to fade into the light, and everything goes back to darkness. Dark Zack sees her fading with horror and tries desparately to get closer to Dawn to save her, but before she fades away she tells him with a single tear from her right eye "Dark Zack, thank you...", as she finally expresses her feelings for him and disappears, along with the song ending in silence. Dark Zack is filled with sorrow and he realizes that he's being held back from the void to stop him from reaching where she has gone to. Dark Zack struggles and screams out to Dawn that he swears that he'll get them out of here, and that they will get out together. He breaks into tears of despair that stream out endlessly and cries out for Dawn, and gives out a painful scream of despair, and finally goes down into a silent crying of sorrow and pain in absolute darkness.

Battle of Love against PowerEdit

Dark Zack has reached to the point of Alpha Omega's chest core, and sees that Gabriel had been waiting for him the whole time.

Alpha Omega falls from the HeavensEdit

Dark Zack, now bursting with vast, limitless power from his friends, lunges himself in great speeds to stop Alpha Omega's ascension to the skies. As Dark Zack makes his impact on Alpha Omega, their powers collide against each other, but Alpha Omega's limitless energies from the heavens are being overpowered and pushed from the skies into the planet by Dark Zack's unyielding will to save the woman he loves most. As Dark Zack is sending the weapon onto the planet of Wolfia, he courses through its heavenly energies to its core, and with a roar of fury, thrusts his left arm fuelled by darkness to its heart. As he impacts the core of Alpha Omega, a massive flash of light occurs within, and an enormous dome of light explodes within the atmosphere of Wolfia, and it turns to pure darkness upon a massive flash. As everything clears, Kaden, Pride, Fredrick and Edward see to the skies to know if Dark Zack won. The incarnations then see that Alpha Omega is falling from the skies and is about to crash to the grounds. The weapon causes a massive impact to the grounds of the planet's surface, and everyone is unharmed from the impact. Kaden sees that Alpha Omega is now stuck to the planet's surface, and Edward confirms that Dark Zack used the power he had borrowed from them to keep it here, so as to not let it escape and ascend to destroy Sith'aria. Fredrick asks if he is within the weapon, and Pride says that he should be, and will not give up without taking back Dawn from the monstrous weapon. Out of complete surprise, everyone sees that Alpha Omega is rising from the ground and sees the heroes from afar. Korin's voice is then heard from within and declares to the heroes that Dark Zack may have halted the ascension, but he will soon despose of him and reach for the goal of perfection and order to annihilate Sith'aria. Kaden, Fredrick, Edward and Pride, along with the incarnations get ready to fend off Alpha Omega, while Dark Zack will have to take down Korin and save Dawn.

Dark Zack VS Korin VanickEdit

Dark Zack has finally reached the end to the core of Alpha Omega, and looks around to see where Dawn is. He now sees her imprisoned within a shining crystal and walks to free her. However, Korin, who is now in his Divine Savior Mode, appears from a corridor of light and says while walking to Dawn, "We had originally intended Aurora and Abyss to serve as Alpha Omega's core. Perhaps it would have been wise to adhere to that choice.", and he points his sword to Dawn, while looking at Dark Zack with disappointment and frustration. Dark Zack replies that it is too late for regrets and demands him to release Dawn. Korin, remaining unflinched and overconfident, asks him on why would he want to oppose the order of things, and comments that he always knew that those of darkness would never understand true order and perfection, for those are what will bring about peace. He even expresses that he had hoped that Dark Zack would have gave in easily for this momentous goal, but sees that he won't let him achieve the final stage for his weapon from Heaven. Dark Zack says that it was bad enough for Korin to use his only daughter to kill Zack in cold blood and lying to the others for his own selfish deeds. But what truly pisses Dark Zack off right now, is Korin using Dawn as he points his sword to Korin in anger and disgust. Dawn can hardly say anything, but looks to Dark Zack with some measure of reassurance. Korin laughs and asks on what is it that the hero Darksider is showing at this time, and wonders if that is "love". Korin says that beings from the darkness know no love, and will only lead others to death fom their deceiving and evil ways. Korin then puts Dawn to vanish within Alpha Omega in order to kill Dark Zack for good, and Dark Zack tells him in a calm but angry tone for Korin to look up the subject more, and to have him see that the deceiving and evil thing that Korin speaks of is nothing but himself. His Sword of Destiny is then charged from his words, and he unleashes the Darkness Getsuga on Korin. Korin, however, fires a wave of light from his hand by the small portion of Aurora's power and the attack neutralizes Dark Zack's Darkness Getsuga. Dark Zack then sees that he hid himself away, and wonders where he'll show up. Meanwhile, everyone from outside the Alpha Omega cheers for Dark Zack to finish the job, while they are trying to fend off the weapon from the outer surface. Dark Zack then smirks for a second and says that he's rapping things up on his end. Korin then appears from the ground and says to Dark Zack to not be so sure of that, and Dark Zack attacks him with another Darkness Getsuga. But the latter vanishes again out of sight, and Korin says that, although flawed, the Alpha Omega's power is beyond his comprehension, as he appears again and attacks with the same wave of light as before. Dark Zack counters it with his Darkness Getsuga, and both combatants are taken aback from their blast. Both Korin and Dark Zack now prepare to finish their battle.

(Dark Zack finally saves Dawn)

Dark Zack finally saves Dawn.

With the battle near its end, Korin is greatly beaten and exhausted to the point that he can no longer fight, and Dark Zack looks to him with clear focus and unyielding determination. He now dashes at Korin, and Dark Zack stands at a distance from him with a slashed position. Korin is inflicted heavily from the slash to his torso, and looks to his sword that holds most of Aurora's past power. He asks the power in a desperate and despair tone, "The power of the Holy Mother Aurora, why won't you grant me strength to finish him?! Am I not worthy!?!?". Dark Zack then slightly moves to his left and says that he never did take judgments too literally, but he does know that Aurora, the Mother of Creation, has a heart like every living person that lives today. He continues to say his speech, while Korin looks to him with confusion that Aurora has a heart that loves all things and even those of darkness and nothingness: and the one person that she loves, even now, is Abyss, the Father of Oblivion. Dark Zack now declares to Korin that the emotion to love is exactly what he lacks, and it is the reason why Aurora's old powers will not help him win against the hero Darksider. Korin, being taken in by fear and cowardice, backs away from Dark Zack and redirects his sword to Dawn by the throat, whom Korin reappears to take advantage of Dark Zack's weakness. Dawn looks to Dark Zack in a weakened state, and Dark Zack tells her that, this time, while walking forward, he will save her and for her to hold on. Dawn hears this with a weak smile, and Dark Zack continues to walk towards her and Korin. Korin, fearing that Dark Zack may kill him, tells him to not move or he will kill her with a single stroke. However, before he can finish, Dark Zack tosses his sword to Korin, and the latter takes this with confusion. Immediately from the confusion, Dark Zack bursts out his darkness power from his left arm and attacks Korin by hurling him towards the corner near from Dawn's location and slamming into the wall. While the Sword of Destiny is still spinning in the air, Dark Zack retreives it in his left hand and makes three slashes towards Dawn's crystal prison from afar, and they form as a triangle slash. Korin then begins to fall from the impact of Dark Zack's attack, and as he does, Dark Zack appears before him and turns around in a swift motion. He then puts his sword in a reversal grip, and with a powerful backward thrust fuelled with the Darkness Getsuga, impales Korin through the chest and heart area, and massive blood streams and gushes from his mouth and body, while Dark Zack remains apathetic from the final blow. The crystal prison then breaks apart from Dawn and she falls to the ground, but is then caught in time by Dark Zack in his arms. Korin takes several steps back from great pain and blood loss, but by a second, his body begins to shine and is then extinguished into nothing as he screams a deathly sound that fades away with him. Dark Zack, who still holds Dawn in his arms, apologizes for taking so long and asks if she's okay. She regains consciousness and looks to Dark Zack weakly, but smiles and hugs him in tearful joy, and Dark Zack does so, too.

The End of the Weapon of HeavenEdit

Outside the Alpha Omega, the Incarnations of Zack and the rest of the heroes that fought the Arcane and Gravemind's Black Plagues still try to fend off the weapon. Alpha Omega attacks them with its energy beams, but the heroes continue to dodge them every time. Alpha Omega then directs its attention to Pride, and delivers a powerful punch to crush him. Pride goes on the defensive, and the Alpha Omega sends his attack on him. However, as it makes impact on him, the weapon stops functioning immediately. Pride then notices that its over and pushes the arm of Alpha Omega, and the weapon just remains still as a massive statue. The Incarnations look to the weapon, and the others wonder what's happen to Dark Zack. After a moment, the Alpha Omega's head then breaks apart, and Dark Zack is seen coming out from the shatterment with Dawn in his arms, and even comes out with his dark wings showing. Dark Zack flies down to the ground, and everyone is glad to see him and Dawn alive. Dark Zack places Dawn down to stand with the others and her brother, and he asks them if they are alright. Pride says that they are fine, and Fredrick says that they had finished the Arcane and Shang, and Kaden says that they even took down the Black Plagues that were under the control of the Gravemind. Dark Zack is glad to hear that, and Edward is happy to see that this war is over, but comments that the Final War is yet to come. Out of nowhere, a great rumble occurs, and everyone sees that Alpha Omega has changed drastically into a monstrosity of creation and gives off a howl of death. Fredrick, Kaden and Pride then say, while taking out the their weapons, that this thing just doesn't know when to let this battle go, but Dark Zack halts them with his right wing and declares that this is where it had started, and this is where it will end, by his own hand. Fredrick, Kaden and Pride then understand this, and reply to Dark Zack to finish it for good. Dark Zack looks to Dawn asks asks her to wait for him. She nods to him that she will, and he smiles for it. Dark Zack now walks towards the massive weapon while commenting to himself that he didn't understood why in the first place why Aurora and Abyss granted him this power from the beginning, but now sees that, with this power, he can destroy this thing. Alpha Omega stares at him with a thirst to kill Dark Zack, while Dark Zack clasps his hands with an excited look on who would have thought.

Alpha Omega is now greatly damaged and beaten, and even seems to be unable to fight anymore. Dark Zack now looks to his left arm and says that he now knows why he was given this power. Dark Zack now spreads his wings large and wide, and jumps to the air with great strength, with several feathers scattering in the wind. He now halts his position in the air, and now unleashes a hand of darkness from his left arm to the weapon's face. He grabs it and keeps a tight grip on it. Dark Zack now declares that this power he wields serves to, not only to protect those that he cares for, but to also send people and things like Alpha Omega back to nothing. He now begins to finish the monstrous weapon for good and declares, "And!!!", and his darkness hand completely obliterates the Alpha Omega's head, while it also destorys the weapon's entire body along with it, and sending vast shockwaves around the whole area. It completely fades away into nothingness, and Dark Zack lands onto the ground in victory. His wings go back into him, and he smirks with triumph.

An Interrupted KissEdit

(Dark Zack & Dawn Ragnos)

Dark Zack and Dawn agree to kiss afterwards.

Dark Zack now walks to where the rest are now, and he thanks the incarnations for their help, including his other friends. Pride tells him that it was no problem, for they are family, after all. Dark Zack smiles from hearing that, and wonders if they intend to stick around or help the others. The incarnations say that they will go help their friends, and Lust tells Dark Zack to go and talk to Dawn, seeing that he's here to protect her. Dark Zack thanks him for the reminder, and the incarnations go to their leave with the others that helped. Kaden stops for a moment before leaving and tells Dark Zack to look after his sister, and Dark Zack nods in agreement. Dark Zack now walks towards Dawn, and she is happy to know that he's well. They both look to the ruins and Dawn wonders if it is all over. Dark Zack says that it is, but only until the Final War is done for good. Dawn then replies that the city is a reck, and Dark Zack confirms this with a sigh of uneasyness. Dawn then looks to herself for a second, redirects her attention to Dark Zack and wonders if she's still alive from all this, and he smiles and answers yes to her that they both are. He takes a step closer to her, but looks to his arm and gripping it. Knowing that he is one of darkness. He asks her if he is to become a monster of the dark, and would perhaps lose his heart if that were to happen, and that if this is really what she wants. She holds his hand firmly and replies to him with a peaceful smile that he is himself, and that is all that matters. And even says to him that she knows no one that is more of a person than him. Dark Zack feels in peace and happy to hear her say those words, pulls something out of his right pocket, and he places his hands around her neck, to which he returns the Radiant Ribbon to her that he wanted to give her as a present, and she sees it with happiness. They look to each other, and they begin to close their eyes for their first kiss. However, as they were about to do so, Dark Zack swiftly pulls out is gun with his left arm, and fires it to his left area. The shots that he had fired hits to two enemies that had lunged at him and Dawn, and is seen to be an angel and a demon that got hit and shattered to nothing. Dark Zack and Dawn now see that there are numerous angels and demons that want to kill them for destroying their plans, and Dark comments that the leftovers intend to interrupt their moment. Dark Zack now takes a few steps forward, but stops to look at Dawn and says in an apology that he guesses that their kiss will have to wait a while. Dawn reassures him with a slight blush that it's fine, and that she'll wait for him as she holds firmly to her ribbon. Dark Zack, blushing and feeling reassured by this, says thanks to her and now walks to the angels and demons to take them out. Dark Zack puts his gun away and cracks his neck and then firmly grips his hands to his wrists in a casual manner. He puts on his grin to his face with his teeth and fangs showing and says, "Alright ya Heaven and Hell leftovers...". By saying this the angels and demons then jump towards him to attack, but by an instant, Dark Zack's left arm is then immediately fuelled with dark energies and is then gripping back and Dark Zack shouts out, "Let's Rock!!!", and he attacks with his energized arm towards the angels and demons within a instant flash.


Dark Zack and Dawn together.

With the leftovers eliminated to nothing, Dark Zack grins and clasps his hand with triumpth and even stares to his arm and gives it a single kiss of truly accepting his power that he was born for. He then turns around to see Dawn, and she sees that he's fine from his fight and smiles for him, and Dark Zack does the same while wiping his chin with the back of his left hand. After a long and peaceful moment, Dark Zack now walks to Dawn to be beside her, and Dawn sees birds flying in the air in a forward formation. Dark Zack sees the birds as well when he now stands by Dawn's side, and seems to be glad to know that everything within the ruins are now safe without the threats anymore from the leftovers of the realm of Heaven or Hell, or from the Arcane armada. They are still looking to the birds and the skies, and Dawn, seeing Dark happy after the following events, now holds onto Dark Zack's right hand warmthfully, and he even holds onto her hand firmly. They look at each other and Dawn smiles to Dark Zack, while Dark Zack is slightly keeping his eyes from her with his face blushing with shyness and scratches his nose with his finger and just smiles. They return their attention to the birds and the skies, and Dawn leans her head to Dark Zack's shoulder. A single feather then passes by the air, and it is the feather from Dark Zack's wings.

A New Beginning Arc (Bonus 5)Edit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dark Zack is the Darksider of Zack Xargus, and is thus very powerful among all known Siders. His skills and abilities far surpass all others, but can only be match by Zack. Apparently, Dark Zack's power is infused with that of Aurora and Abyss's powers as well, thus possessing the power of creation and oblivion. He has the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength: Dark Zack's strength is on a level that no one can overwhelm, nor be able to be a match for. He can easily break through a ship with no trouble, and only Zack can be a match for him. His strength is also on a level that Inferno and Night Terror could not stand against. Also, he is virtually far stronger than those in the level of deities, as his strength was far superior to God's might, and even cut through his god-like endurance.
  • Enhanced Speed: Dark Zack's speed is completely on a different level than that of other Siders, as he is very instantaneous to not being able to be seen with swift motions.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Dark Zack's endurance is completely beyond comprehension, as he can stop Inferno's and Night Terror's weapons with no visible damage occured on his being.
  • Enhanced Durability: Should Dark Zack receive any damage from his opponents, he can still continue to fight for long durations of time.
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Enhanced Flexibility:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Enchanced Vision:
  • Instant Regenerative Healing Factor:
  • Vast Power Level: Dark Zack's Power Level is at a vast rate, as it can be sensed from all over the infinite universe. From the very beginning, Dark Zack's power was a level that frightened Mandalore the Ultimate, despite that the power was still small and imperfect. When against the Disciples of the Mask, his power, while Zack was conscious and under control of his body, his darkness was far superior to the group of Darksiders, as stated by Kraven.
  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Dark Zack's skill is swordsmanship is on a level that can never be matched by others.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Aside from guns and swords, Dark Zack is very skilled and powerful with his fists and kicks.
  • Master Marksmanship Specialist: Dark Zack is shown to be a master of all forms of guns and long-range weapons, and is very deadly and lethal to those he fights against with ths.
  • Possession: Whenever Zack were to be unconscious, dying, or in a difficult situation, Dark Zack is then able to take possession of his body. While in possession of Zack's body, his eyes turn to black scerla with yellow irises, along with dark root markings that continually spread around his body. His power becomes one with Zack's, and is able to maintain control for several moments. However, if Zack wishes it, he can continue to fight in his possession state, or willingly choose to withdraw and let Zack fight on his own. Interestingly, when a situation becomes dire, Dark Zack gives a momentarily power surge to Zack, giving his original yellow-colored irises, and a brief moment of enhanced power and primal instincts.
  • Cerunga:
  • Bara:
  • Grand King Cerunga:

Spiral Force PowersEdit

  • Force Push/Whirlwind/Wave:
  • Force Shock/Lightning/Storm:
  • Force Wound/Choke/Kill:
  • Force Plague:
  • Force Resistance:

Alpha Omega Wolfian FormEdit


Dark Zack's Alpha Omega Wolfian Form.

In his Alpha Omega Wlfian for, Dark Zack looks exactly like Zack's, but with many exceptions. He has a white colored coat with black designs. His pocket shows DZ, rather than plain Z. He is very well-built, and extremely muscular. And has dark wings that can be larger by will.
  • Enhanced Strength: In this form, Dark Zack's strength has drastically increased to the point that he is over a million times stronger than he was before. He was even able to send Korin flying away with only his index finger that sends him about 1,000 feet away. He was even able to puncture Korin in the chest with relative ease.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Dark Zack's endurance has been evident that his skin and body is virtually unpenetrable to any attack that is possible. When Korin tried to harm him with numerous attacks, they came to no avail, and were proven fruitless.
  • Enhanced Speed: Dark Zack's speed has vastly increased to the point that he is unseenable to all aspects of speed. He ws even able to swiftly incapacitate Korin with numerous million strikes with no effort in place, and did so in an instant.
  • Enhanced Durability: Should Dark Zack be injured by some unknown means while in this form, he can keep it up with no struggle and still fight for long periods of time.
  • Enhanced Agility: Dark Zack is capable of now jumping to the skies of a planet with no effort, and can leap for thousands of miles with no struggle with gravity.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Dark Zack's reflexes have been enhanced to the point that he is unreacable to all easpects of danger, and is impossible to harm from his reflexive skills.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Dark Zack's flexibilities have been enhanced to the point that he can be able to slip pass all traps and attacks that his enemies send at him, and is unstoppable by this.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Dark Zack's stamina has been enhanced to the point where he won't ever be able to break a sweat from a long battle, and is also able to keep it up for the rest of the battles.
  • Vast Pheromone Level: Due to having a Wolfian trait, Dark Zack's Pheromone Level is at a vast and enormous rate that he can instantly attract members of the opposite sex with no problem in place.
  • Vast Power Level: Dark Zack's Power Level has drastically increased to the point that everyone was able to feel it's overwhelming power and pressure from within all of infinite existence, should he let it be so. His vastly strong Power Level was even enough to have Dark Zack completely unharmed by Korin's fully-powered Ragnarok Summoning Swords, and shattering them to a million pieces.
  • Darkness Cerunga: As it is called, the Darkness Cerunga is pure black, and is capable of annihilating entire countless armies with only a single wave in it's path.
  • Darkness Bara: Dark Zack can fire up to 1,000,000 Baras at once, and have the same attack power as his originally strong Cerunga.
  • Enhanced Keen Senses: Due to his Wolfian heritage trait, Dark Zack has very enhanced senses in smell, hearing and all the above.
  • Darkness Getsuga: Dark Zack's Darkness Getsuga is vastly more powerful to wipe out countless armies. It is also one of the largest attacks in the storyline.
  • Great Flight & Levitation: Dark Zack is capable of great flight and levitation with no effort in place. He is able to fly at vast speeds that are unmatched, and stand on air without any help whatsoever.
  • Enhanced Instant Regeneration: Dark Zack's regenerative ability that been enhanced to the point that he can heal from all wounds and injuries, and does so in only less than a second. That also includes from losing lost limbs and his head, and all regenerate in less than a second.


Ultimate Attacks/FinishersEdit

  • Darkness Finisher:
  • Dark Punisher:

Family & RelativesEdit


As a fellow main character, like Zack, Dark Zack has met and known most of the characters in the storyline. It goes by the followng:

Zack XargusEdit

Dawn RagnosEdit

Dark Zack's relationship with Dawn is a deeply strong bond they shared from their frist meeting. At the start, Dawn saw him as a dark entity that was slowly killing her mother, but felt that he was a being filled with deep-rooted emotions of loneliness, and wanting to protect those that Zack holds dear. When Dawn pleaded to him to spare her family, and willingly sacrificing herself to him, Dark Zack accepted her proposal. However, seeing her love for her family, he spared her of her intended fate, and the two then created a strong bond between them, with neither of them realizing it until they met again in the Dualing Championship Arc. Dark Zack often appeared to Dawn in her dreams, and the two grew closer to the point of it becoming lovers. When Dark Zack sacrificed himself to save Zack's second death by Kannra's hand (though she was possessed in doing so), Dawn felt that half of herself died inside, and eventually collapsed on several occasions because of their bond. When Dark Zack was reborn anew, and all the events around the Dueling Championship had been resolved, the two spoke to each other and eventually began to start a relationship.

They dated in The Final War Arc, where Dark Zack hurried to see her, and to give Dawn the Radiant Ribbon as a gift. Also, when Dawn was kidnapped by Korin to use her as the core component for the Alpha Omega weapon, Dark Zack felt deep sorrow and cried with overwhelming anger for letting this happen to her. However, after being encouraged by his friends to not give up hope, Dark Zack regained his resolve, and was able to save Dawn from Korin and Alpha Omega. The love they have for each other helped Dark Zack overcome his enemies, and Dawn felt happy and glad to see him remain strong and dependable to his friends and loved ones. Years later, the two got married and had two children: Julian and Ashura Xargus.

Selia VanickEdit

God AlmightyEdit

Jesus AlmightyEdit

Mary AlmightyEdit


Korin VanickEdit


Vrook LamarEdit

Death ScarEdit

Death StalkerEdit

Alpha OmegaEdit


  • (to Kallen) "Kallen Kozuki... It was a mistake for you to do what you did to Kannra. You are nothing but a monster in human flesh. Truly pitiful. You will never again harm any of Zack's friends, ever again! Accept your eternal death and suffering, so that I may born!!!"
  • (to Kallen) "Now, accept your punishment, Kallen Kozuki!!!"
  • (to Kaden) "You've got a trick up your sleeve."
  • (to Kaden) "So, it looks like you, too, are a--?!"
  • (to Kaden) "So, your looking to play, huh? Alright, I guess I've got some time to kill."
  • (to Kaden) "Whatever you say, kid."
  • (to Kaden) "Is this all you've got left? How sad."
  • (to Inferno & Night Terror) "Good to see you, brothers."
  • (to Inferno & Night Terror) "I just thought of a wonderful present for you two... Shall I give you despair?"
  • (to Inferno & Night Terror) "On your knees. I want to both to beg for forgiveness."
  • (to Inferno & Night Terror) "I pity you. You two just don't get it at all.... There's not a single thing you both cherish!!!"
  • (to Inferno & Night Terror) "Stay where you both belong. In the depths of evil."
  • (to Zack) "Hey! Long time, no see, King."
  • (to Zack) "Your sword won't come back, Zack. At least not to you that you are now."
  • (to Zack) "Do you know what the difference of victory and defeat is, Zack? And I'm not talking about strength and power, or something so simple as that. Hidden strengths and powers that sleep within us are what makes a difference between a win and a lose. They are five answers: Resolve, Instinct, Courage, Wisdom, but most importantly, the will to protect. The will to protect is the strongest desire to have in your heart. And it is the reason why you must not be distracted by the death of your enemies. You suddenly relay on avoiding death and pain of others and of your enemies, so you must not get distracted by those illusions and face them head on, Zack Xargus!"
  • (to Zack) "I won't let you die for being sorry for yourself, Zack. You have to give it everything you have, and keep it going until those you love will be safe for good. If you still have the will to keep going, and have one last trick up you sleeve, then you better do it now. But if not, then this is goodbye."
  • (to Zack) "Damn. Looks like you still have your will, after all. Good. I don't want you to ever lose sight of it, never again."
  • (to Korin) "It's not wise to make such arrogant threats, they always make you seem weak."
  • (to Korin) "LET HER GO!!!!!"
  • (to Kaden) "Puppy? Well... if that's how you see me, I think you'll blush a pretty pink when I fucking kick your ass!!!"
  • (to Kaden) "You look as if you've just been playing me from the beginning."
  • (to Korin) "Go blow yourself!"
  • (to Dawn) "Dawn... Dawn!! I swear... I swear I'm gonna get us out of here! Together, Dawn... DAWWWN!!!"
  • (to his friends) "This, I WILL savor. Let's clean up this mess!"
  • (to Korin) "Never could take judgments too literally, but I do know that Aurora, the Mother of Creation, has a heart like every living person that lives today. A heart that loves all things and even those of darkness and nothingness. And the one person she loves, even now, is Abyss, the Father of Oblivion. And that same emotion of love is exactly what you lack! And that is why her old powers won't help you win against me!"
  • (to Dawn) "This time, I WILL save you. Just hold on."
  • (to Dawn) "Sorry I took so long. Dawn...?"
  • (about Aurora and Abyss) "You know guys, I didn't understood why you both granted me this power from the beginning. But I now see that, with this power, I can destroy this thing. Who would have thought!"
  • (while destroying Alpha Omega) "Now I know. This power was not only meant to protect those I cares for, but to also send people and things like you back to nothingness. And!!!"
  • (to Dawn) "Dawn... If I become a monster of the dark... And lose my heart if that happens... Is this what you want?"
  • (to Dawn) "Looks like they intend to interrupt. Sorry. I guess that kiss is gonna have to wait."
  • (to the leftovers) "Alright ya Heaven and Hell leftovers...Let's Rock!!!"


  • Dark Zack (like Zack) also seems to be the most powerful character in the whole FOD universe.
  • Dark Zack has several theme songs within the story. The following goes like this:
    • Advent One-Winged Angel
    • The Ultimate One Winged Angel Remix
    • True To Your Heart
    • You'll Be In My Heart
    • Your Heart Will Lead You Home
    • Gackt - Longing
    • Gackt - Redemption
  • Interestingly, the song that Zack sings to everyone at the "Best Song of the Year Awards" is the song that Dark Zack had played to him, which was "Your Heart Will Lead You Home", and it won over all the others because it was a song to a dear friend that Zack felt that he had lost.
  • Dark Zack is the only Sider (besides the Incarnations of Zack) in existence to have a heart of his own, and being able to care for others, rather than himself.
  • Due to many similarities in appearance and personality, Dark Zack is inspired by and nearly based on Hollow Ichigo from the Bleach series. However, though Dark Zack is very similar to Hollow ichigo, he doesn't seek to devour Zack, nor does he want to harm everything and everyone in his path. This makes him very contrary to Hollow Ichigo, and Dark Zack even admitted that he only wants to protect Zack and everyone else. Even if that meant sacrificing himself in the process to save one person; that person either being Zack Xargus, or Dawn Ragnos.
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