Kain Ragnos
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Kain Ragnos


Death Scar (Fomerly)
Lord of Fire
Fire Hero
Red Comet


1,000s (Biologically 23)


Human/Sith Hybrid (Hybrid God)
Sith'arian (through fication)




Zack Xargus
Legion of Kraynos
Sith Empire
Fire Strategist Group


Sith Prince (Formerly)
Head Strategist in the Fire Strategist Group
Sith Emperor

Martial Status:





Zack Xargus
Akuhiei Ragnos
Marka Ragnos
Kallen Ragnos
Daira (Michael)
Pride (Zack)


Death Scar
Devil Brotherhood

Kain Ragnos was a Central Antagonist of the storyline, and now serves as one of the Protagonists of the storyline. He was the founder of the Devil Brotherhood, former apprentice of Darth Tyraxx, currently to the Kain Squadron, the pilot of the Gawain unit, commanding leader of The Executioner, Head Strategist in the Fire Strategist Group, and the newly appointed Sith Emperor of the Sith Empire by his father's request, with Akuhiei serving as his Shadow Hand.

Formerly Disciples of the Devil Brotherhood:

  1. Zarden
  2. Margon
  3. Kalos
  4. Judox
  5. Sevron


  1. Kraven
  2. Orinus
  3. Larxen
  4. Drakxen
  5. Harrzen


Actual by looks, Kain has black, medium wild hair. Gold eyes. Light skin. Slim but muscular figure. and wears an attire of fire colored clothing. He mainly wears a brown coat with red and yellow designs, while wearing under armor in a time of danger. His gloves are also red and yellow, showing his liking to his element of fire.

When he served as Death Scar, he fashioned himself of red, black and grey armor with a dark cape, and a mask that darkens his eyes, yet glow ferociously in the dark. The mask also deepens and echoes a darker, more intimidating voice of dark obedience and of his power in authority.


Kain Ragnos 002

Kain, tearing and breaking apart an ordering machine.

Kain has most degrees that are unlike most Siths, but has some in measure. He is very focused on important matters, and never comes to terms of deception from others. He also has a great degree of honor and respect; as he never fights unfairly, nor does he show little interest in others abilities. He even has a compassionate and gentle heart, and never views people of being below him, nor does he do anything unjustly towards them. He has a great form of intellect, and thus can see the truth without trouble. He also stays loyal and honest to those he trusts, and never deceives others nor lie to his subordinates of the mission that they are given, and always gives them full details and specifics with no sense of deception. This makes him very trusting and dependable to those he knows and respects. Interestingly, he also has a side to him that seems to be very tempered and defiant, as he is easily aggravated by those that insult those he very well respects; as seen with Vrook insulting Zack and his friends, meaning that he can even defy the Council to stay true to what he believes. He would even break and tear apart a machine that annoys him to his limit. Tahlia commented that Kain gets his calm and serious attitude from half of her personality and Marka's, while Akuhiei gets his childish and cheerful demeaner from their other half.

As Death Scar, Kain shows forms of immense pride and cunningness. He is very merciless towards his enemies, and shows no interest on the weak-minded. He even takes so much pride in never admitting to those that look down on him, as he shows when fighting against Zack, and when his Gawain was being defeated by his Siegfried unit. Also, before his fall and eventual transformation into Death Scar, Kain was slowly but surely turning into a sociopath and silent murderer. When Kallen was insulted by a Sith butcher, Kain killed in in secrecy and left his body for Darth Tyraxx to suspect who killed his subordinate. As he shifts into a murdering psychopath, he also displays acts of cannibalism, as he would devour the flesh and blood of his victims to gain information and increase his power. When he was betrayed by Tyraxx and Suzaku, Kain finally descends into a level of madness and evil, killing Suzaku by making him suffer slow and horrible, and making Tyraxx suffer anguishly while breaking his bones and ripping out his spine and head. Kain would revert back to his calm and quiet self, and stopped killing indiscriminately and feeding on others. When he finally became Sith Emperor of his reclaimed Sith Empire, and becoming Death Scar, Kain transformed into the Sith he is through episodes 1-5.

However, during the Rings of Naught Arc, he finally regains his old persona, and helps the innocent from danger. Much like he wanted from the Mandalorian Wars. He also happens to be very fond of Jawas, and even has them as salvagers for his raw materials for his purposes. Upon regaining his old persona, Kain becomes a comic relief and the center of comedy that befalls him. This goes to the point that he thinks that Yu and Mi were messing with him during his Sith'arianfication training, and that he grows to be more idiotic during chaotic situations.

Kain's favorite foods are basiclly healthy kinds, but would even eat meat and pizzas, and his drinks are water-based beverages. However, he also has a habit of drinking alcohol on breaks or when depressed, a trait he got from his and Akuhiei's mother. His desserts are mostly ice cream-related products, and appreciates apples as his favorite fruit. His hobbies are daily training exercises and combat practice with his own strength and mobile suits, along with making new weapons and equipment on his spare time. During the Dueling Championship Arc, he grows to smoking cigars to ease of his worries, or to mainly relax on his spare time.


The Untold Story ArcEdit

Meeting Zack XargusEdit

Discussion within the Jedi CouncilEdit

Kain Ragnos1

Kain, as he sits in the Council Chamber.

K & A angered

Kain and Akuhiei tell Vrook to shut his trap.

At the night that Zack and his friends are on the roof of Dantooine, Kain and Akuhiei are in the Council Chamber where the Jedi Masters discuss an important matter at hand. The Council discuss that the Mandalorian threat is growing more and more, but wonder if they should make a move soon. Akuhiei wispers to Kain that this meeting is a little too boring, and wonders if they want to take action soon. Kain tells him that it really is boring and dull, but is more concerned of what Zack and his friends are doing at the moment. With that, Akuhiei then goes back to minding his own business, but reminds Kain that he'll need to plan a date for Kallen soon, as he's already making a date for Shirley, and Kain blushes and tells his brother to keep his mouth shut, and Akuhiei does so with a gleefully satisfied smile. Back to the matter at hand, Dorak says that the wise choice is to stay behind the scenes and not interfere in the wars. Kain and Akuhiei are shocked by this to some degree, and Vandar says that it may be wise, but it seems cowardly. Akuhiei speaks out and says that doing nothing is the most cowardly thing anyone can do, and he and his brother want to save people, and Kain agrees. However, Vrook, their master, tells them that gifted students like them are to be a perfect example for many in the future, and not be like Zack, Revan, Kayle and Alek, for, as he says, are not worth being of the Order. Kain and Akuhiei are aggravated by this, and yell to their master to never say that Zack, or his friends, that they are worth nothing. Zhar tries to calm them down, and reassures them that they are not going to throw away Zack, nor anyone else for no reason. Atris tells them that Zack and Kayle are not showing any signs of being like true Jedis, so she wonders if they need more discipline. But Lonna Vash says that they know the laws of the Jedi Code, so there is no need for more discipline. Kavar agrees, and says that they, Zack, Revan, Kayle and Alek actually make fine Jedis, and Kain and Akuhiei are happy to hear this. But Vrook argues that they are lacking in everything, and paranoingly believes them to be a future threat to the galaxy, if not the entire universe. Kain and Akuhiei get angry again, but Vandar tells Vrook that Zack and the others are well-viewed, and does not sense any darkness, nor any other evil intent in them. Atris then says that the true threat lies elsewhere, and it rests within the Unknown Regions, and they should be focusing on that for the mean time. Vrook interrupts that Zack and his friends may be joining that hiding threat in the future, and wants them to be rid of before everything is lost. Zhar tells Vrook that he shouldn't say things like that. But Vrook says that he knows that Zack and the rest will bring destruction and despair to everyone in the universe, and end all life. Kain and Akuhiei finally lose their temper, and they get up from their chairs, and grab Vrook by the neck. Kain tells Vrook to shut his trap about Zack, and Akuhiei says that, while Zack is their rival, he is their friend and nothing less than that. Vandar tells Kain and Akuhiei they should stay calm and focus, and that beating Vrook into a pulp won't help at all. Kain and Akuhiei then let go of their grip on Vrook and return to their seats. Kavar then goes back on the matter of the hidden threat that lies within the Unknown Regions, and say that they should decide on what to do by tomorrow.

K & A

Kain and Akuhiei receive a mission from Vrook.

As Kain and Akuhiei then head for their chambers, they stop in the hallway to think about what the Council had said about not going to war to help the innocent. Kain says that it's their choice whether to get involved or not, but that doesn't mean they should not go if they're not. Akuhiei agrees, and says that they should get ready for the war soon, and Kain agrees. They then go straight to their chambers, but Vrook comes to them to talk. Kain and Akuhiei are uninterested with speaking to him, but Vrook asks them to listen. Kain and Akuhiei then pay attention, and ask on what it is that he asks. Vrook tells them that they are needed on a mission to Yavin, and should go by now. Kain and Akuhiei are hesitant for a moment, but accept the mission, and tell Vrook that they'll be back very soon, but remind him that they don't like him, nor his attitude toward Zack and his friends. Vrook then departs to his chambers, and Kain and Akuhiei go to their mission.

Going to WarEdit

An Unfortunate DemiseEdit

Discovery of RagnosEdit

Training under Darth TyraxxEdit

Moral and Survival TrainingEdit

Final TrainingEdit

Betrayal of TyraxxEdit

Darkness RisingEdit


The Sword Of Destiny Arc Edit

Dark Evolution Arc Edit

The Revelation ArcEdit

Discussion of the Final ReunionEdit

On the planet Coruscant, several Jedi Knights fall in defeat, and continue to groan with immense pain. Vrook is seen beside a window, but pays little attention to the fallen Jedi Knights. Kain and Akuhiei are then shown walking passed the Knights and say to Vrook that they sure do hate thickheaded people. Vrook gives them his apologizes, and says that he will give them the information that they need. Vrook tells them that they materias that they will need lies within the realm of Sith'aria itself. They then stop walking and stop with their backs turned on Vrook, and the Jedi Master says that this way may prove to be troublesome if they end up against the Sith'arian Superiors themselves. Kain asks him with his head slightly turns to him but only half way if that's right, and Vrook replies that he speaks honestly. Akuhiei then says that that's fine, and for him to swear on these. Immediately from saying this, Akuhiei pulls out several cards, and they appear to be stained in blood, revealing to belonged to the other masters, and he tosses them to Vrook that land on the floor in front of him. Vrook asks them on why they are doing this, and Kain replies with a paining groan that they need the Sith'anite Materia. As the "Final Reunion" is coming. Kain then turns to look at Vrook, with his eyes turning into the Perfect Obedience, and says that they need them. Vrook is confused by this "Final Reunion" that Kain just spoke of, and Kain's eyes fade back to normal, but is in groaning pain as a result. Akuhiei places his hand on his shoulder to calm him down, and he now speaks to Vrook. Akuhiei says that the others that have been in their service shall all assemble, and that together they shall take revenge against the realm of Sith'aria. He continues to say that they have already send out the invitations, but it would appear that someone is holding out the prizes. Vrook asks him on these "Invitations", and Kain points out of the Dark Stigma, and sees that Vrook knows all too well about it, and Vrook places his hand to his neck that Zack had choked him from. Akuhiei further clarifies that the Evil Legacy of the power of darkness lives on in the Spiral Force and makes it happen. He continues to say in a now slight sorrow that it has done so much for them, yet they do not know how to manifest it for themselves, and Vrook slightly scratches the Dark Stigma on his neck. Akuhiei then wonders on what can they do now, for he, Kain and the others are merely remnants of an old and ancient evil, merely remnants of the Evil Legacy. He now stands in front of Vrook and points out that, until they gain the Sith'anite Materia and gain the power for themselves, they cannot be strong even to stop it. He says with a slithering voice that the Dark Stigma and the Evil Legacy are not enough for them, not to stop the "Final Reunion" from completing. Vrook wonders on what they had meant by that, and Kain and Akuhiei looked at each other for a second. They exclaim to Vrook that he surely had noticed it from before, or from being within their presence. They start to walk towards him, and they stop from a foot away from Vrook and now bow down on their knees and hands to the floor. They then rip off the clothing that is covering their injuries from the Dark Stigma that they got from Zack, and a sudden rumble begins to occur within a few seconds. The Ragnos Brothers then begin to raise their heads, and as they do so, an ominous pressure is then felt from their bodies, and static flashes of Zack's full dark form begins to resonate from their beings, along with everything becoming dark within the flashes. They look to Vrook, and their faces are shown with Zack's dark and menacing face and grin for hunger from the static flashes. Vrook looks to them with shock and horror, with his Dark Stigma giving him a deathly painful sensation, and the dark apparation of Zack's form gives off a powerful and sinister aura that shakles the very fabric of space with its face ever so frightening with several static flashes.

Zack VS Kain/Inferno & Akuhiei/Night TerrorEdit

Zack finally reaches the spot where the door to Sith'aria had been opened and gets out of his rider to confront Kain and Akuhiei. He sees them at a distance, and they see him as well. Kain and Akuhiei call out to him that they have now came back to where they started, and wonder if this will be their final battleground. Zack replies that he's not sure but asks them on what will happen now. They just give a slight grin and answer that their strengths and darksiders will tell them. Zack looks to them with a face of pity and comments that he guesses a remnant of evil wouldn't know either. They look to him and seem to be affected by his response. They ask him if so what if they're puppets, and their arms begin to resonate and burn with energy as they grip their hands. They look to their arms and reply "Once upon a time...", and Zack puts himself on the defensive. They now have their attentions on him and declare "...You were too!!!", and they now have their Infernal Twister and Shadow Reaver unleashed at Zack, as they have instantly transformed into their darksider forms from saying this. Zack evades their attacks and heads straight at them. They clash at each other with their weapons, and put themselves into weapon-lock, and they see something at the skies. Zack's friends have arrived on the enormous Ebon Hawk ship, and the Ragnos Brothers distance themselves from Zack, but the latter goes after them. They continue to attack each other, but the Ragnos Brothers can't leave a single cut on Zack, despite being empowered and healed by their darksider forms. They are then a distance from Zack and they are then in battle stance, and Zack does the same.

Inside the Ebon Hawk, Edward is shown with the others and tells Zack that he's brought him some Sith'anite Materia. However, the ship gets a little off balance, and Edward nearly drops the box that contains the Sith'anite Materia. Edward asks Atton to be careful, as the Materia would surely destroy the ship if they break. Atton apologizes and says that they will find a place to land this thing. One of the Sith'arian superiors, Aeon Xen, says that Zack can handle this alone. Edward hears this with a slight confusion. Orochi clarifies that Kain and Akuhiei are nothing more than remnants on evil, even in their darksider forms. He continues to say that they can think of them as a sort of larval form of things, as it shows Zack still fighting the Ragnos Brothers and seems to be having the advantage to some extent. Kairo then asks him in a childish manner if they are some sort of undeveloped insects, but Tyranno tells him to get serious. Revan and Kayle then wonder if they are going to let their darksiders take full control and go all out. Neon replies that they may get stronger like that and rejuvenate their bodies that way for one last battle, but that would mean that they can't go back to normal for a long period of time, and Revan and Kayle seems to agree on this. Kairo gets confused and wonders what will they do if they cannot help Zack out. Eagalo tells Kairo to leave this conversation to the matured ones, and Kairo tells him to put his beak where it belongs, and Liono just sighs with his fingers to his eyebrows. Tiguro just says that they grown ups don't get this either, but Viloura interrupts that Zack seems to have been getting stronger from all his battles, and happens to have got his strength from his will power, and that his own darksider has been helping him from within himself, and Kraynos seems to understand this. Viloura continues to speak, while it shows Zack fighting the Ragnos Brothers from platforms to buildings, that Zack has the strength to endure all the struggles and hardships that have followed, and even reminds her and the others that he has the same spark of determination that they had from so many years ago. The scene goes back to the others in the Ebon Hawk, and the Xen Brothers say that Zack has about 10 minutes to end this fight, and that they'll have to tell him that his other friends have left Sith'aria to remain safe, and that the Ragnos Brothers' friends have also abandoned this realm to save themselves.

Zack is then shown battling the Ragnos Brothers by the side of a tall building, and they are soon about to end this. They continue to fight, and Zack is now at a distance from them, and doesn't even notice the Ebon Hawk behind him. He gives a 1 second smirk, and prepares his Sword of Destiny for a last shot at beating them. He lunges at them, and they deliver each other their strikes. However, Zack is gradually giving them more injuries on them than it would be on him, and the Ragnos Brothers are very frustrated by it. They now place themselves at a great distance from Zack, and Zack looks to them with full determination, while the Ragnos Brothers are simply angered from being unable to harm him. They now fuel themselves with their powers, and even energize their weapons with the Infernal Twister and Shadow Reaver. Zack places himself on the defensive, and waits for their move. The Ragnos Brothers are now at full-power, and they jump backwards into the skies, and place out their weapons. Zack sees this, but keeps his focus on him. They now burn with their overwhelming energies, and they are engulfed in streams of power at Zack. Zack now places his sword to his left hand, and it is fueled with vast energies from his own being. It is then now charging, and Zack places it back with his prepared stance, and his eyes are now resonating with determination and power. The Ragnos Brothers are shown with their faces within their power streams, and are about to strike at Zack. Now at full-power, Zack's body bursts of vast and powerful energies, and as they are about to strike at him, he spins with his sword that courses with power, and an instant flash occurs. Kain and Akuhiei are drastically slashed by Zack's sudden strike and vast shining waves from his sword, and Zack maintains his position.

The two are then crashed onto the platforms from a great distance, and are back instantly into their normal but massively damaged and injuredly bloody bodies. Kain and Akuhiei try to get to their feet, but can't seem to even get on their own knees. Zack now leaps to their location, and he sees them with an unflinched face. Kain and Akuhiei are in desparation, and without thinking, they use the little power they had to fire Cerungas at Zack, but the boy easily neutralizes them with a single swing his sword. Zack slowly walks to them, and they try to get away by crawling on the floor. As they try to get away, the Ragnos Brothers try to call forth their darksiders, but only receive utter silence. Seeing that they may die from Zack's wrath or from their injured bodies, they try to call out for someone with their telepathy, but there is no answer. Zack now stops by them, and just stares to wonder what will the next action take now. Kain and Akuhiei look at him with gasping fright, but by surprise, Zack places out his hand to help them. However, they suddenly fall from the ground that they were on that suddenly crumbles, and they feel as though they are about to die. But by a twist of events, they see numerous orbs of Sith'anite Materia, and they reach out with the Force to obtain them. They now have them within their grasp, but out of surprise and shock, they are suddenly engulfed in evil energies from within their bodies, and they cry out in massive pain and agony from the orbs that burns their bodies.

Zack sees them being consumed, and everyone from the Ebon Hawk, even Edward, witnesss this with stunned fright as they have landed their ship. Two large energy column erupt from the locations that were from the Ragnos Brothers, and streams of energy now go to where Zack is. Zack jumps away from them, and they land onto where he was standing from. Zack lands on a platform from the energies, and sees familiar people from the energy source. As it clears, it is revealed to be that of Inferno and Night Terror. Zack is shocked to see them back, and they grin at Zack from the distance. They suddenly vanish, and Zack realizes that they are behind him. He guards himself from the back, and they strike. Zack had successfully blocked their attack, but the darksiders are dismisssive of this. Zack distances himself from them, and sees that they have somehow got more powerful from the Sith'anite Materia that Kain and Akuhiei had obtained by luck. The darksiders tell Zack that it has been a while since they last saw him, and they thank him for the Sith'anite Materia that their originals had gained. They now declare this to be Zack's last battle, and for him to be ready for it. Zack gets uneasy and gets himself ready for a real fight, but then senses something strange from his amulet. He hears a familiar voice (Dark Zack) speaking to him, and says that he has to let him take this fight, but Zack hesitates for a moment. The darksiders attack him by surprise, and Zack dodges them by jumping away. Seeing no other way, Zack agrees to let the voice fight for him, but only to protect those he loves. The voice says that that is the exact reason why he will fight for him, and that its name is Dark Zack. Zack's amulet then resonates with dark energies, and his face is then looking away, and his body seems to be fueling with dark streams of energies.

Dark Zack VS Inferno & Night TerrorEdit

(Dark Zack finally in the real world)

Dark Zack finally emerges into the real world.

As Inferno and Night Terror look to Zack, Zack slowly turns his head to them, and seems to be going through his dark forms with a grin. He turns into his spreading dark form, and says "Our reunion.", and he shifts into his full dark form, and says in a ominous dark voice "I'll bet you're dying to watch.", and they darksiders realize on what he meant from this. They lunge at Zack to finish him, but Zack places his hand on his heart area, and groans from the pain, as the darkness resonates from his body. Zack continues to fall and lands subtley on the platforms, and as the darksiders lunge at him in speeds, Zack places his arms out to defend himself. And by that moment, their attacks are stopped instantly by Zack's hands, and his form has changed suddenly with dark wings, and the atmosphere has changed as well. Zack's sword then emerges from his hands by the darksiders' weapons, but it changes into a dark sword from dark energies. Inferno and Night Terror see this, and as they look to Zack, he replies "Good to see you...", and he slowly raises his head and says "brothers.", and is now in his Darksider form, Dark Zack himself.

He looks to them with a sinister grin, and they are shocked to see him transformed. Dark Zack takes them aback, and swings his sword swiftly, and they are thrown away from his sheer force of strength. The darksiders are then thrown to the top of the building, and they appear to be wounded by their chest areas. Dark Zack flies to the skies and lands at a distance from them on a higher platform of the building they are located. He looks to them with his smile still on his face, and Inferno and Night Terror are not pleased of what had occured to them. Dark Zack notices that their powers are greatly diminished from their originals' bodies that they are under control of, and says that that's too bad with a look of pity, but still having his grin about himself. They asks him on what he wants, and that if he desires to devour them to increase his powers. However, Dark Zack clarifies that he has no desire to devour such filth and vile darksiders who have no sense of heart. He continues to say that his desires are completely different from theirs, and states that he is finally able to see the real world for the first time in his own body, as he looks to the skies. He now says to them that, what he desires the most, is to protect those that Zack cherishes in his heart, and eliminate those that would harm those that Zack loves, and he makes a grinning smile that reveals his sharply jagged teeth. Just as his family has done for all this time. He stretches out his right arm to the skies, and opens his hand, which causes a massive universal-wide vortex of dark clouds, and Inferno and Night Terror are stunned by this to great extent. Dark Zack then clarifies that he will even have to use the full power of darkness to do that for Zack, and that he'll have to banish those that tried to slaughter the Sith'arians from Sith'aria. The darksiders then asks him on what will then happen to those in his care for this unusual heroic act of his. Dark Zack just looks to them with a more sinister grin and slitted eyes that, that will just be left to their imaginations, if they have hearts to know the answers. Dark Zack now grips his palm, with thunder and lightning occuring from this in the skies, and he dashes towards them in high speeds, and the darksiders do so as well. They draw out their weapons, and clash against each other, with a instant flash of light occuring from this upon their impact.

As the battle between the darksiders continue, the darkness from within the skies by Dark Zack's power then spreads with streams of darkness that feeds off the remaining bodies of the people that had attempted to murder the Sith'arians from existance, while also going after those that are alive and devour them into the darkness. While this occurs, the areas are also being rejuvenated to their original states from the darkness that is of Dark Zack's overwhelming power. Everyone sees this with great disbelief, and Selia wonders if they is really Zack's dark power. As the power of darkness spreads all around the areas, Dark Zack is then seen battling the darksiders from building to building and swings his sword that sends them flying away. They try to regain their balance, but they see Dark Zack lunging at them from a great distance, and he slices them to the one of the skyscrapers and they crash into them as a result. Inferno is angered by being overwhelmed by someone who's very presence has been concealed for a long time. Dark Zack then jumps into the building that they are in from the broken wall, and lunges at them to attack. They exchange blows, but Inferno and Night Terror are unable to inflict damage to Dark Zack. Dark Zack then dashes across the rooms, and the Darksiders have a troubled time of catching him on their sights. Night Terror then hears Dark Zack attacking them from a distance, and they prepare to defend themselves. However, Dark Zack throws sword attack after another, and the darksiders have a hard time defending themselves. They end up destroying nearly everything within the building, and they lock their weapons together, which causes a shockwave within their location. Dark Zack is impressed by their survival, and asks them on where did they manage to survive this much time outside their originals's bodies. They just tell him that it's no business of his, and they try to decapacitate him in front and back. However, Dark Zack dodges this, and kicks them out of the building with sheer force of strength.

They are now outside again, but have now suffered even more massive damage. Dark Zack flies to their current location, and strikes with his sword. They manage to block it, but are being pushed by his vast power. They continue to throw attack after attack, and the darksiders even unleash their Inferno Twister and Shadow Reaver attacks on Dark Zack, but the latter just vanishes out of sight from their attacks. Dark Zack appears before them by standing firmly on a pole, while Inferno and Night Terror lunge at him, but miss. Dark Zack keeps his grin about him, and flies to the large skyscrapers, with the darksiders following suit. Dark Zack looks to them and says that he just thought of a wonderful present for them, and he turns around and slices off a skyscraper piece that is sended to them. They manage to destroy it before it could hit them, but have lost sight of Dark Zack. They are then near the skyscraper, and Dark Zack attacks them out of nowhere. They clash their weapons and Dark Zack asks them with a sinister smile if he shall give them despair. They continue to attack each other, but Dark Zack causes more damage to them than the other way around. He then distances himself from them on a tall skyscraper edge, and the darksiders look to him frustrated anger. Dark Zack looks to them with his hair flowing from the breeze of the atmosphere, and he tells them to be on their knees, as he wants them both to beg for forgiveness. He then satisfactly looks to the skyscrapers high areas, and they suddenly break apart and explode from the dark lightning that striked them from the skies, and Dark Zack looks to them with arms open with triumph and spreaded wings. Inferno and Night Terror then lunge after him, and Dark Zack leaps to the broken pieces. He then slices them instantly, and they scatter into more pieces that causes debris and dark energies to surround them.

The Darksiders then slashes after each piece of the dubris, and Dark Zack slashes one in front of them to attack. They prepare to fight again, but Dark Zack vanishes out of sight. Dark Zack then appears behind them and attacks. They fight in like what seems to be an eternity, but Dark Zack is proven to be too much for them, and Inferno and Night Terror seems to be in trouble from his might. They then attack simultaneously at Dark Zack, but the latter stops their weapons with his bare hands. They are stunned, and are then attacked across the chest again by Dark Zack's sword. Seeing that they are in no way of matching up to him, they then unleash a massive dome of destructive energies to distract Dark Zack for them to escape from him. Dark Zack sees them running away, and frowns as the debris and destruction falls to the gounds from the skies and causes massive impact onto the grounds. Inferno and Night Terror then land on a high platform of a building, but Inferno has had too much energy out of his system. Night Terror then notices that Dark Zack is on their tail, but sees Zack's friends nearby. The darksiders then attempt to attack Zack's friends to make Dark Zack lose his focus. However, Dark Zack appears before them and stops their attacks. They get into a lock on their weapons, and Dark Zack turns them around and pushes them away to the ground. They are then clashing attack after attack, and Night Terror and Inferno, out of desparation, unleash their Cerunga blasts on Selia, Edward and the others. Dark Zack sees this with distress, and teleports to save them. He succeeds in neutralizing their blasts with a swing of his sword, but the darksiders appears before him. They struck at Dark Zack, and the latter blocks their attacks with his left arm. They finally come to the conclusion that Dark Zack's weakness is Zack's friends. Dark Zack is concerned by this, and they wonder if they should have the pleasure of taking them away from him and Zack. Dark Zack takes this to shock, as his eyes are pinted sharp, and sees Zack's happy memories with his friends and family shifting his his head.

Dark Zack then grabs on to their weapons, and being fueled by the desire to protect, pushes them away even further than before. They are off balance from this and are in disbelief with much shock. Dark Zack then looks to them with pity and says "I pity you. You two just don't get it at all.". The darksiders ignore this and attack Dark Zack with fury and might. However, Dark Zack dodges them easily and kicks them to the skies with his strength. He then positions himself and lunges at them in high speeds. He readies his sword, sprouts his wings even wider and declares "There's not a single thing you both cherish!!!". Dark Zack's sword is then fueled with darkness, and Inferno and Night Terror ready themselves. Out of surprise, Dark Zack's power in the skies then forms symbols of the sith'arians as a massive dome, and they surround the darksiders from escaping with chains of darkness. Inferno and Night Terror are stunned by this, and Dark Zack is then shown resonating with darkness, and his eyes glowing with bright fury. He uses the attack "Darkness Finisher", which from his sword summons seven different colored swords forms around the darksiders, and he takes each one to strike at them. They are greatly wounded by this, and Dark Zack fuels his sword with the darkness and declares it as "Darkness Getsuga", and strikes them both within an enormous wave of darkness. The attack then dissipates and Dark Zack is then shown on the platform with a single swing of his sword of dark energies, looking to Inferno and Night Terror and says to them "Stay where you both belong. In the depths of evil.". They skies then shine of light, everything looks back to perfect shape, and the darksiders are then being consumed by their power, but not before saying with their wings open wide "We will... Never stay there forever.", and they fade away into nothing from then on.

Bonding Journies Arc (Bonus 2)Edit

Encountering an Uninvited GuestEdit

While Kain and Kaden are exploring the systems for the sightings of other Sith Lords, or that of the Sith'arians, Kaden asks his father if they should get back soon, as Kallen will end up beating him for being late. Kain tells his son that they'll get back in time, and that they only need to explore for a little more. Kaden justs sighs and reluctantely agrees with his father. However, by that moment, GIR-47 had just picked up a signal on the planet of Naboo, and asks his masters if they should investigate it. Kain says that they should, and perhaps the signal will lead them to finding the Sith'arians in their realms. As they finally reached the surface of the planet, GIR indicates that the signal is around the large area within their location, and Kaden takes the Gawain ship to land on the grassy fields. Kain and Kaden get out of the Gawain and look around, but can't seem to feel anything around the area. Kaden wonders if the signal was a glitch, but Kain says that GIR couldn't have got the indications wrong, and he turns to GIR if there was a signal from the start. Unfortunetely, as Kain turns his head to GIR, GIR is stunned down by a large droid, and Kain and Kaden are put into the offensive. But there are more large droids that surround them, and they simply stand there. Kain tells his son to ready himself, but they hear a very unfamiliar voice, and one that is too familiar. Kain recognizes the voice, and identifies it to be G0-T0. The large droids then take several steps back, and G0-T0 is introduced, along with a cyborg that calls himself Grievous. G0-T0 expresses his delightment that he got to see Kain again, but didn't know that he had company. Kaden tells G0-T0 that he should not take his father likely, or he'll be smashed to bits.

2 Month InterrogationEdit

Kain and his son are now taken into the captive custody by G0-T0, but Kaden tells his father that help will arrive soon.

Raging LimitEdit

Kain VS G0-T0 & GrievousEdit

The Great Droid War ArcEdit

Kain VS Droid Revolutionary ArmyEdit

Siegfried, Gawain, Dark Wing, Gurren Seiten, and Akatsuki VS G0-T0Edit

Battle of the Gods ArcEdit

Zack VS Kain & AkuhieiEdit

While Zack's fight against Marka still rages on, Kain and Akuhiei are seen still alive, with Marka smirking and they try to interfere their fight. They keep Zack away from Marka by clashing their weapons to Zack's dual Sword of Destiny, and Zack is greatly surprised to see them still alive (despite that they were in near death from Zack's imperfect D.M.W. form). Zack and the Brothers keep their distance from each other, and Marka frowns with a slight grunt. Kain and Akuhiei now ask that, before they proceed, they want to ask Marka a question, and Marka wonders what that may be. They asks on what happened to the rest of their armies, as well as all those that have fought in this War of the Realms. Marka simply answers with his eyes close that they died, and the Death Brothers wonders if he means all of them, and Marka says yes, for they all died. They seem unease from this, but the Death Brothers say that if that's so, and they focus their attention on Zack. Zack asks them on why they are defending him, but they are still trying to fight Zack off. After a brief and pointless fight, Zack easily beats them, but doesn't kill them and he says to them to stop it. Kain and Akuhiei are badly beaten from the early fight, and Marka looks to them with no expression. They get up on their feet again, and say to Zack that they can't stop now, and Zack asks why did they come here in the first place, seeing that their in no condition to fight. Kain and Akuhiei now prepare their weapons, but at that moment, the Death Brothers disappear, and marka and Zack realizes that they are behind him, and point their weapons to his [Marka] neck. Marka questions them on what they are doing, but they still maintain their focus. Kain and Akuhiei tell Marka that they are going to try and persuade him to not destroy all of existance in this universe, and for Marka to use the Anti-Universal Crest to remake all of existance into a much more suitable place. They even remembered about what Marka said about that, if he wanted to destroy all of existance, they would have no other choice but to obey him. Kain and Akuhiei express honestly that they slightly felt that they wouldn't mind seeing all this disappear, but that's what they thought without much thinking. Zack maintains his guard, while Marka looks to them without turning his head. Kain and Akuhiei express that when they looked into their father's eyes, they thought that they were reminded of the time that they had with Zack, and how they looked to him with respect, for it was the reason why they stood by Marka's side in the first place. However, they also revealed that it was the time during their fights with Darth Vader and Yoda in the Temple of Time that they had remembered something a long time ago. Back then, they wanted to change things into something better, and to protect the innocent from danger, for it was their desire, and Marka just looks with a much more frowner face and disappointment. Kain and Akuhiei say that Zack, his friends and of themselves had the same beliefs, as that was the reason why they stood by them in the Mandalorian Wars, and why they trained hard to fight by their side, even if they weren't there anymore, and marka pulls out his hands from his pockets. Zack then puits his guard down from hearing this, and Kain and Akuhiei also expressed that, when they thought that Zack and his friends had abandoned him and his brother, the sheer emptyness of that would-be betrayal transformed his admiration and respect into anger and hatred, but realized that it was pointless to hold on to that, and now want to make things amend again. Zack looks on more, and Kain and Akuhiei now want to know that, if Marka now has the power to change all of existance, and if he makes it the way that it should be, as they slightly lower their weapons, then they shall kneel before him once more. They continue on, and Marka seems to be cracking his neckbone, and gripping his hand open and then tightly. They even tell Marka that, if he chooses to destroy all of existance out of hatred and revenge, as they sharply point near his neck with their weapons, then they will have no other choice but to stop him. They continue to say, as the winds seems to be blowing even harder than normal for a slight moment, that nothing is born of vengeance, and now that God, Jesus, Adas, Berial and the rest are dead from this War of the Realms, the only ones that can stop marka are them, and Marka's hand then glows in crimson energy, but only Zack sees this. Kain and Akuhiei now ask Marka on what his answer is, but Marka, after a moment, tells them that he's afriad that's impossible. Marka then fuels himself within a powerful column of energy that causes the ground to crumble and the skies to blow strong winds, and Zack notices that he's planning something while guarding against the energy's massive pressure. Kain and Akuhiei yell to Marka not to do this, but as they thrust their weapons to Marka, he stops them with his bare hands with no effort. Marka then tells them that they don't have sufficient power to stop him, and he uses Force Grip to keep them immobilize and helpless. Marka then crushes their weapons, and tells Kain and Akuhiei that he appreciates their help, because thanks for their long conversation and interference, they have given him enough time to let the Anti-Universal Crest full-power to course and spread throughout his entire body, and Marka's hand then generates two Spear of Midnight Blacks. Zack tries to stop him, but Marka's Power Level Pressure prevents him from stopping Marka. Marka then mercilessly and ruthlessly impales Kain and Akuhiei, and they are in great pain. With that done, Marka then turns around, while Kain and Akuhiei fall to the ground. They try to reason with him again, but Marka is frustratingly irritated and throws them away with great force with his feet, and as they are near their ends, he unleashes fully charged Force Lightning on them that completely burns and incinerates them, and their bodies fall to the ground from 5,000 feet, and causes a massive impact, and Marka stands expressionless with his back turned on them.

Shattered Memories ArcEdit

Rings of Naught ArcEdit

Kain Ragnos VS Inferno (Death Scar)Edit

As Kain finally reaches the end of the road in the 7th ring of naught, he calls out to Inferno to show himself. Inferno then appears before Kain in a column of flame, and greets Kain for being able to get this far. He expresses his impression on how Kain's darkness has grown even stronger than before, and that he has become even more powerful than he was before. Yet, while he knows that Kain has accepted the darkness and its powers, he still refuses him [Inferno]. He tells Kain that he knows that he and him are similiar, and that they both follow where the darkness truley leads to. And that, indeed, they are the same, but asks why. Inferno then wonders if some part of Kain's heart is still afraid of the dark. Kain, however, corrects that that's not it, for the truth is, and he pulls out his swords and enters Dark Mode to tell Inferno that its because he just can't stand Inferno's foul stench of evil. Inferno tells him that he's a fool, and that he should know full well of the extent of his [Inferno] powers by now. Kain says that he knows, but tells him if he forgot that he used all of the power, that was fueled by evil, he [Inferno] had to give, yet he still couldn't beat Zack, so he's not at all impressed with Inferno's powers. Inferno makes a brief second smirk and tells Kain "Very well. In that case...", and he begins to have evil energy resonate from within his body and finally says "You shall sink into the abyss!!!", and his body causes a massive dome of pure evil energy waves that engulfs him and Kain within. As Kain is done guarding from the pressure, he sees that he's within the mental realm, and perfectly dodges an attack. He readies himself, and Inferno now intends to kill him and take his body by force.

(Kain defeats Inferno)

Kain defeats Inferno.

With the fight over, and returning back to reality, both Kain and Inferno are exhausted from the fight, but they still have a little energy to spare. Inferno becomes enraged and calls Kain an insolant brat, as he fires a fully charged Infernal Twister from his left hand to Kain. Kain, fortunetly, blocks it with his swords, and shatters it with full effort. He then yells out Inferno's name, and he runs to him as he charges his own Infernal Twister into his swords. As they are instantly done charging, Kain lunges at Inferno, who shocks from this, and a bright flash occurs. The flash clears, and Kain is in his finishing stance, while Inferno is completely stunned from moving. Kain declares this as the end, but Inferno, who moves shakingly slow from damage, says that this is hardly the end. He gasps and says that the evil power that he gave Kain is now gone from his body. Inferno continues to say that his infernal ghost will still linger on, even without Kain's body. He then finally says in a roaring declaration, "Someday... Someday, I WILL RETURN!!!", and he completely stops moving from the dark promise. Inferno's body now begins to burn with massive evil energies, and as it shrouds his body whole, his entire being then causes a great amount of an explosive wave. Kain tries to guard against it, but gets caught in it literally, and his Dark Mode dissapates as a result. Kain then calls out to Zack, Akuhiei, Kallen, Maria, Tahlia and Marka with a silent voice, and as he does, a small sparkle of light appears in the darkness and says "Oh, Boy. Kain, I know you wanted to do this alone, but you wouldn't mind having a LITTLE help, would you?", and the sparkle of light brightens, and it is shown to be Marka that is holding Kain and gets him out of the dark mental realm.

Resurrection of Evil ArcEdit

Dualing Championship ArcEdit

The Final War ArcEdit

A New Beginning Arc (Bonus 5)Edit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Kain Ragnos is one of the most powerful characters in the storyline, and can hold his own against most enemies. He has the following:

  • Enhanced Strength: Kain has a great amount of strength to be virtually powerful, and can be a force to reckon with. He is capable of sending a wookie several kilometers away with little effort, and even be able to rip a rancor apart if necessary. However, despite this high amount of strength in raw power, he can't slice through Sith'anite material without a weapon of equal property.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Kain has virtual invulnerability to most attacks, and can't be pierced by a blaster or sword, nor even from lightsabers very easily. He is even strong enough to survive from diving from the atmosphere of his ship to the planet, and appear to be unharmed. However, he can be cut be Sith'anite type weapons, and can even be harmed by those who's strengths seem to be stronger than his. Impressively, Kain was able to survive a Grand Cerunga fired by Foxxko (albeit he did weakened it with his cerunga by 10%), and managed to stay alive, though leaving him with several burns on his body and bleeding for a short moment. He was even able to kill a army of 999,000,000 warriors with only minimal damage.
  • Enhanced Durability: Kain has massive amounts of durability to withstand most attacks, and be able to keep it up, despite being nearly pummeled to death.
  • Immense Speed: Kain has the speed of a master warrior, and can use it to keep up to most fast opponents. Unfortunetely, he is incapable of keeping up with Akuhiei, Kairo, and others who's speed are far superior to most.
  • Immense Reflexes: Kain can attack instinctively from up-close, or from afar, and can even dodges most attacks that come his way.
  • Immense Flexibility: Kain has some flexibility to move freely, and can use it in conjunction with his fighting skills.
  • Immense Agility: Kain has a great amount of agility to jump up to the size of buildings, and leap to distances of several miles.
  • Immense Stamina: Kain has massive amounts of stamina to keep fighting without losing his breath and energy, and can do so for a matter of hours until he passes out.
  • Immense Power Level: Kain's Power Level is on a level that far surpasses all jedi and sith, and his power can even frighten most enemies that stand in his presence. His Power Level is colored red with a dark core.
  • Immense Healing Factor: Kain possesses some degree of healing to his body, and can heal within hours without trouble when it comes to minor and severe injuries. However, if his body is greatly injured in both external and internal, he'll need the assistance of a healing tank, and recover for a total of two weeks at best. This is shown when he was nearly killed by Zack's unstable Dark Mode, and when Kallen had to save him, despite that she herself nearly got killed, but only her mobile suit was harmed alone.
(K) 001

Kain's original Perfect Obedience.


Kain's current Perfect Obedience.

  • Perfect Obedience: Kain possesses a unique technique that he received at birth that allows him to compel anyone to obey him without question, and the effects last by the matter of the order that is given. Marka stated that it was a unique power that was given to him at his birth, since he and his brother were born as the only Hybrid Gods among the sith species and the human race. Also, when his limit was broken, his eyes were both fueled by its power, and its effects have increased to dramatic effects in the process. However, despite being virtually absolute, it doesn't work on those that are immune, nor to those who's willpower is too strong or defiant. Also, its rivaled counterpart is Pride's Dark Obedience, and it seems to be much more vastly powerful than the Perfect Obedience that Kain possesses, but it too has its own limits. The following goes through this of those it can't work on:
    • Zack Xargus is immune, due to being one of a powerful lineage, and can't work on Selia, his companions, or anyone that Zack is close to, or related by, including the Created Siblings, the Incarnations of Zack and the Siegfried.
    • It can't work on those of extremely high mental capacity class, as their minds are heavily trained to resist the Force and the supernatural. Both Maya Vernad and Cassus Fett are perfect examples of this, as well as the Kain Squadron, the Akuhiei Squadron, the PredAlien, Bryan Fuery, and even the Devil Brotherhood and the Disciples of the Mask.
    • It also cannot be used on his family nor anyone that is blood related, as it came from his lineage.
    • It requires direct eye contact on the target.
    • It's range is limited by 500 meters away.
    • It can't work on droids and mobile suits, as they have no organic eyesight.
    • It can't work on the undead, as they have no intelligence, and it requires the mental function of the brain to work on, not on its motor functions.
    • It can work on the weak-minded very easily, but can be a big problem for those that are of powerful caliber of that of Revan's, or anyone that is far beyond Jedi Master and Sith Lord rank.
    • Ultimately, it can only be used on a person once.
  • Bara: Kain can generate crimson static energy in his fists to fire small blasts of energy that are 20 times faster than a Cerunga, and can do severe damage to those of minor difficulty.
  • Cerunga: Kain can unleash a single column blast of red energy in either of his hands to attack an enemy from a long distance or up-close, and cause major damage to them and the area that follows in its course.
  • Fire Cerunga: By using the fire element in conjunction with his Cerunga, Kain can fire a fire-type Cerunga that can do more damage than a normal Cerunga can do, and its area damage is greatly increased to dramatic effects.
  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Kain is a skilled master in the art of swordsmanship, and can stand a chance against most enemies. He was even able to defeat nearly a billion warriors with full effort, and survived with only near severe injuries.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kain's physical prowess and and experience can make him a strong powerhouse to hand-tohand combat, and seems to be unmatched to nearly most opponents in battle.
  • Master Marksmanship Specialist: Kain has trained for years in marksmanship, and can stand a chance to masters of blasters and long-range weaponry.
  • Master Strategist & Tactition: Kain is well-known to be a very keen and cunning strategist in battle and war, and has been for a decade. He even has the sharp wit to indicate an enemy's strength and weakness when fighting them. Due to being a one of tactics and strategy for years, he is on a strategic level that is on even terms to Daira's and possibly to Pride's, albeit being far from Viloura's level, and thus he serves as the Head Strategist in the Fire Strategist Group in the story.
  • Keen Intellect: Kain has high amounts of intellect in science and resource to figure out a method, and be able to figure out facts and truths behind most obstacles in politics and order. His keen intellect is on to the exact levels of Daira's and possibly Pride's in policies and speeches, but behind Viloura, who was famous even now.
  • Fire, Metal, and Earth Manipulation: Kain has been shown to be able to manipulate the elements of fire, metal and earth to his disposal, and with Kallen's help, he can create worlds from nothing, but requires an immense amount of energy and causes him to be rendered unconscious from doing so.

Spiral Force PowersEdit

Kain has mastered most of the techniques in the Force. His Midi-chlorian count was 25,000, but has increased to 250,000,000 due to his previous limit being destroyed, and the chains of restrictions in the Force being broken. When he reawakened in the Rings of Naught Arc, Kain finally wields the power of the Spiral Force, thus learning his new powers. He has the following:

  • Force Push/Whirlwind/Wave:
  • Force Shock/Lightning/Storm:
  • Force Sense:
  • Force Sight:
  • Transfer Essence:
  • Immense Force Power:

Android BodyEdit

Dark ModeEdit

Kain (Dark)

Kain's Dark Mode

When Kain finally defeats his darksider, Inferno, in the Rings of Naught Arc, he has the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Flexibility:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Enhanced Power Level:
  • Full Power Mode:

Elemental ModeEdit


Kain's Elemental Mode

Kain can combine the elemental powers into his body and gain a power that seems unrivaled by many. His Elemental Mode is the power of Fire, which he can generate, manipulate and discharge to his will. He has the following:

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Flexibility:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Enhanced Power Level:

Colossus ModeEdit

Dragon 4 by el grimlock

Kain's Colossus form

Kain can now enter his own Colossus mode from his training with the Sith'arians, and can use it at any time required. It has the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Enhanced Flight & Levitation:



Kain's Sith'arianfication form

When Kain has joined with Zack and the rest after the Rings of Naught Arc, he trains with the superiors, and many others in Sith'aria and Wolfia. As a result to his extreme and well-earned training, Kain becomes ever more stronger than he was originally. In this form, he resembles in a near-identical appearance to a dark god. He has the following:

  • Enhanced Strength: Kain's strength has increased to dramatic results, and can out-match any opponent in terms of physical strength. His strength is practically on an even level to Zack's Alpha Omega Wolfian strength, but Kain was able to overwhelm him, due to the Dark God Urizen trying to devour Zack's body for its own purpose. Kain is even able to cause a great fissure to demolish a large area to put his enemies into desperation.
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Flexibility:
  • Enhanced Agility:
(2. Kain's Final Power)

Kain's Sith'arian Power

  • Enhanced Power Level:
  • Enhanced Elemental Manipulation:
  • Flight & Levitation:
  • Cerunga:
  • Grand King Cerunga:
  • Darkness Cerunga:

Ultimate Attacks/FinishersEdit

  • Infernal Twister:
  • Roaring Blaze:
  • Penance Stare:

Gawain PilotEdit

Kain is incredible in the art of piloting a vehicle of a combat mobile suit, as seen in his skills with the Gawain unit for war and conquest.

  • Master Ship & Combat Pilot: Kain is a very skilled and dangerous pilot on both riding and combat. He primarily rides the Gawain for combat and war conquests, and can even transform it into a ship if needed.


Dual Inferno Katanas:

Family & RelativesEdit


  1. Marka Ragnos: Sith/Human Hybrid Father
  2. Tahlia Ragnos: Human Mother
  3. Akuhiei Ragnos: Brother
  4. Shirley Ragnos: Sister-in-Law
  5. Maria Ragnos: Sister
  6. Kallen Ragnos: Human Wife 
  7. Kaden Ragnos: Son
  8. Dawn Ragnos: Daughter


Zack XargusEdit

Marka RagnosEdit

Tahlia RagnosEdit

Maria RagnosEdit

Kallen RagnosEdit

Akuhiei RagnosEdit

Vrook LamarEdit


Kain AndroidEdit



  • (to Kallen after killing a victim) "I hope you don't mind. I would have used a butcher knife, but the sword seemed so appropriate. Not a nick in the blade, I promise you. The butcher was like butter."
  • (to himself) "That was the turning point. Since that day, I've lived in the light: The light of living. My life, too, came from long ago. My personal history, a distant past. Nothing but broken pieces of the past. I was sick to death of a world that couldn't be changed. But even in my darkness, I refused to give up in despair. But now, this incredible power, it's mine. [aloud, as he grins evilly] Well, then…"
  • (to Tenebrae's subordinate) "Do you remember "Das männlein im walde", loyal subject? Mother loved that song. Let's sing for Mother!"
  • "My name is Kain Ragnos, I am the eldest son of Emperor Marka Ragnos, the prince who has come to reclaim his empire. If anyone wishes to stop me, let them try, if there is anyone who can go beyond my despair!"
  • (to Sith Emperor Tenebrae) "That I was dead? You were wrong. [sustained pause] I have returned, Your Highness, and I've come back to change everything."
  • "Attention entire worlds, hear my proclamation. I'm Kain Ragnos, Emperor of the new Sith Empire and your only ruler. Your old and pathetic Sith Emperor is now dead by my hands. As a result of this, I'm now controlling both Empire and their ancient weapons. Yes, from this day, from this moment on, the entire galaxy-- the whole universe shall soon belong to me. And I, Kain Ragnos-- No. I, Death Scar, commands you, obey me, subjects! Obey me, worlds!!!"
  • (to Zack) "There is no such thing as good and evil, Zack. There is only power, and those who are too weak to gain it."
  • (to Foxxko) "You make me sick. You know that?"
  • (to Zack) "Your stubborness to protect those you love is boundlessly admirable. It's what gives you strength in the end. But that can also lead to ruin and despair, should those you love somehow die. So it's both a strength, and a weakness. It's a good thing that I, for one, don't hold on to such useless things. Not in combat, anyway. It's always important to hold on to something precious in your heart so that you can have the inner strength to win your battles, but if you rely on those things for too long, eventually they'll weigh you down, until you finally die. If you want to fight against someone like me, you'd better give it your all and embrace the darkness within, so that you can truly defeat me!!"
  • "Yes, I am Death Scar, the man who leads the Sith Empire, who challenges the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order; The one who holds the entire galaxy in his hand."
  • (to Zarden) "Remember, I want my son fully trained for the future events. A ruler needs his heir to be strong."
  • (to Zack) "Ya know Zack, I was always jealous of you."
  • (to Gravemind) "But forcing your good intentions on others is no different from an evil act."
  • (to Gravemind) "...Life without change might be called anything except life, it's nothing more than experience... Yes, God sought the past, you seek the present, but I seek the future."
  • (to Akuhiei) "Is it possible that we got so wasted last night that we bought a lifetime supply of pudding and then totally forgot about it?"
  • (to Akuhiei) "Well, I touched Milly Ashfield's hoo-hoo, were on the hook for two hundred thousand dollars to a Twi'lek stripper, and my ship's gone. I'd say we were pretty wasted."
  • (to Akuhiei) "Wait a second. Let's recap. Last night we lost my ship, we accepted stolen money from a Twi'lek stripper, and now some space nerds want us to find something we can't pronounce. I hate to say it, Akuhiei, but maybe we need to cut back on the shibbying. [Akuhiei slaps him] Thanks, dude."
  • (to Akuhiei) "Dude, I refuse to let us go down in history as the dudes who destroyed the universe."
  • (to Death Scar) "You may believe that you are me, but you're only half-right. When I look at you, I see my past self, a past that I don't ever want to repeat. When I look at you, I see how wrong I was for the actions that I undertook for the Sith. When I look at you...I see death's final end. It's time to end this, once and for all!"


  • What lies in Kain's heart is Conquest.
  • Kain's main theme song is Symphony X.
  • Kain is inspired by the character Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass.
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