"We of the Elders do not have Force sensitivity ourselves, but by harnessing the genetic structure of other tribes, we hope to be able to breed the gene back into our species."

--Ll'awa, to Revan


Ll'awa was a male Rakata Elder and researcher, attempting to restore Force-sensitivity to the Rakata species. He hoped to achieve this by breeding potential Force-sensitive individuals to re-inherit the ability to use the Force—which they had possessed in times past. He knew that The One would've have been a candidate considering how he rose to power, however it wouldn't be feasible due to his aggressiveness. Ll'awa needed data on the genetic structure of exceptional individuals in his own species spanning the past millennia. He asked Revan to get this data that was located in the Temple of the Ancients. Revan did so and returned the data to Ll'awa allowing him to advance with his research.

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