File:Materia Abilities.jpgFile:Maverick, Edward.jpgFile:Maverick, Riza.jpg
File:Maya, in her hunter suit in the Mandalorian Wars.jpgFile:Maya, in her primary hunter suit in the story.jpgFile:Maya Vernad.jpg
File:Michael's claws.jpgFile:Michael's full Android form.jpgFile:Michael's full Android form 2.jpg
File:Michael Xargus.jpgFile:Michael and Andrea.jpgFile:Michael and Andrea 2.jpg
File:Mira, Visas, and Brianna.jpgFile:Mira, on Malachor V, barely alive 2.jpgFile:Mira, on Malachor V.jpg
File:Mira, seeing Hanharr on Malachor V.jpgFile:Mira High Rez.jpgFile:Mira fights Hanharr a second time 2.jpg
File:Mission, as she trains on an unknown planet.jpgFile:Mission Vao, as a Jedi Knight.jpgFile:Mission Vao, during KOTOR.jpg
File:Nar Shaddaa Rules Pg1 of 2 by aimo.jpgFile:Nar Shaddaa Rules Pg2 of 2 by aimo.jpgFile:Naskatan8.jpg
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File:Obedience.jpgFile:Orian Xargus.jpgFile:Orochi's Power Level.jpg
File:Orochi's technique 1.jpgFile:Orochi and Kairo on Lunavex.jpgFile:Orochi makes his first appearance..jpg
File:Orochi reminises about the past..jpgFile:Orsaa1.jpgFile:Perso dark malak 01.jpg
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File:Predalien AVP by Destinyfall.jpgFile:Pride & Maya.jpgFile:Queen Eve.jpg
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File:Remote.jpgFile:Remote Xargus 2.jpgFile:Resolve.jpg
File:Revan, in Kayle's memory.jpgFile:Revan, in his vast, painful void of memories.jpgFile:Revan, on Lohan for the Star Forge.jpg
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File:Revan Malak Sith Emperor.jpgFile:Revan Revised by DarthMater.jpgFile:Revan Venar, Shades of Grey.jpg
File:Revan Venar (Dark Mode).jpgFile:Revan and Alek's reunion.jpgFile:Revan and Alek on Taris.jpg
File:Revan and Alek talk before ending their final fight.jpgFile:Revan and Bastila try to escape Taris.jpgFile:Revan and Carth go to the Star Forge.jpg
File:Revan and his companions are now the saviors of the galaxy.jpgFile:Revan as his Alpha Omega Wolfian-Sith'arianfication form.jpgFile:Revan basks in glory, yet still fears his past.jpg
File:Revan by DancinFox.jpgFile:Revan departure.jpgFile:Revan fights Alek after knowing the truth.jpg
File:Revan fights Dark Alek before Zack helps.jpgFile:Revan fights Malak.jpgFile:Revan fights Nihilus to give Zack time.jpg
File:Revan fights Sith.jpgFile:Revan fights his old friend one last time.jpgFile:Revan fights the Jedi during his reign.jpg
File:Revan finally finds the Star Forge.jpgFile:Revan finds the Final Star Map.jpgFile:Revan hurries to find Alek.jpg
File:Revan in Dark Mode.jpgFile:Revan meets Bastila's mother.jpgFile:Revan meets Jolee.jpg
File:Revan meets and fights Juhani.jpgFile:Revan on Manaan.jpgFile:Revan readies himself, before losing his memory.jpg
File:Revan receive the Cross of Glory and reclaims his Jedi Knight title.jpgFile:Revan reveals himself that he was Darth Revan.jpgFile:Revan speaks to the Council.jpg
File:Revan tries talking to Zack in his dream.jpgFile:Revanfindsmaskblank.jpgFile:Rialma's seductive eyes.jpg
File:Rialma's sexy expression.jpgFile:Rialma Gremory.jpgFile:RizaH.jpg
File:Rpi-209-aprifle.jpgFile:Ryu's Sword.jpgFile:SHaDaMy by FoxySerriaAngel.jpg
File:SONIC shadow human ver by Ari1020.jpgFile:Saki08.jpgFile:Saki23.jpg
File:Saki25.jpgFile:Saki hanajima.jpgFile:Sazabi.jpg
File:Scout Suit.jpgFile:Seeker Suit.JPGFile:Selia.jpg
File:ShadAmy by ShadowFeline Warrior.pngFile:ShadAmy for Lucia by Selene Galadriel.jpgFile:Shadamy by FilipaTheHedgehog.jpg
File:Shadamy by Heartless Penguin.jpgFile:Shadamy by PieMakesMeHappy123.jpgFile:Shadamy colored by Knucklesfan94.jpg
File:Shadamy kiss by FoxySerriaAngel.jpgFile:Shadow Tattoo.jpgFile:Shadow and Shadow by ihearrrtme.jpg
File:Shadow as a human by kyogre bluemoon.jpgFile:Sharingan by Corey Lee.jpgFile:Shasa.jpg
File:Shield Suit.JPGFile:Shirley gets a date with Akuhiei.JPGFile:Siegfried Frontier (Edward).jpg
File:Silver human by valuing a life.jpgFile:Sinanju.jpgFile:Sion (Dark Mode).jpg
File:Sith'anite Materia 2.jpgFile:Sith'aru (Sith'arius).jpgFile:Sith Emperor.jpg
File:SlashingClaws.jpgFile:Slither's Colossus Mode.jpgFile:Slither.jpg
File:Slither & Atton.jpgFile:Slither (Human).jpgFile:Slither 111.jpg
File:Slither defeats Atton.jpgFile:Slither surrenders to Atton.jpgFile:Smile Shadow Amy Sonic by ihearrrtme.jpg
File:Snapshot20080131234356.jpgFile:Soldier Suit.JPGFile:Sonic and Chip A glutton by maruringo.jpg
File:Sonic n Shadow STH human again by maruringo.jpgFile:Spiral Force.jpgFile:Spiral Trans System.jpg
File:Suka VS Foxxko.jpgFile:Summertime Sonic Amy Shadow by ihearrrtme.jpgFile:Swfu-darth-vader.jpg
File:Sword Of Naught.jpgFile:TD1.jpgFile:TD999.jpg
File:Tahlia 3.jpgFile:Telos.jpgFile:ThJCmeetNaruto.jpg
File:The Devil (Belial Mode).jpgFile:The Ebon Hawk falls to the Maw of Malachor V.jpgFile:The Name's Xargus. Zack Xargus.jpg
File:Thumbbig-86340.jpgFile:Thumbbig-93219.jpgFile:Tribute to ESB Pg1 of 4 by aimo.jpg
File:Tribute to ESB Pg2 of 4 by aimo.jpgFile:Tribute to ESB Pg3 of 4 by aimo.jpgFile:Tribute to ESB Pg4 of 4 by aimo.jpg
File:Two sides.jpgFile:UA Kayle's Ultimate Attack.jpgFile:UFW.jpg
File:UFW111.jpgFile:Ultimate Dragon Wallpaper 458n.jpgFile:Untitled.JPG
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File:Viloura Xargus.jpgFile:Vincent (Kaden).jpgFile:Visas, before fighting Nihilus with Kayle.jpg
File:Visas, warning everyone before confronting Kreia.jpgFile:Visas and Ordo on Malachor V.jpgFile:Vitiate!.png
File:Vrookfull.jpgFile:Walking down the same path.jpgFile:War Torn Exile by Umayma.jpg
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wiki.pngFile:Wolfko 1.jpg
File:Wookimo vanndo.jpgFile:Wyyna34.jpgFile:Xen, Lucian, during the Lord Zarvik Incident.jpg
File:Xen, Neon.jpgFile:Xxxg-00w0-twinbusterrifle.jpgFile:Young Revan during the Mandalorian Wars.jpg
File:Zack's D.M.W. Form.jpgFile:Zack's Instincts Form.jpgFile:Zack's Malevolant Stage.jpg
File:Zack's U.F.W. Form.jpgFile:Zack's Vast Force Power.jpegFile:Zack's renewed strength.jpeg
File:Zack's shattered past.jpgFile:Zack's third and final death.jpgFile:Zack, as Pride telling Jesus he's still too weak.jpg
File:Zack, in his D.M.W.jpgFile:Zack, promising Maya that he'll take care of Gabriel.jpgFile:Zack000000.jpg
File:Zack000000 002.jpgFile:ZackJesusDefeat.jpgFile:Zack (Dark Mode 1).jpg
File:Zack (Greed).jpgFile:Zack (Lust), in therapy with Edgar.jpgFile:Zack (Pride).jpg
File:Zack (Ultimatum).jpgFile:Zack (Wrath).jpgFile:Zack 00X.jpg
File:Zack Dark Mode (Unleashed).jpgFile:Zack VDS Death Brothers.jpgFile:Zack VS Dark Zack.jpg
File:Zack VS Jesus (1).jpgFile:Zack VS Jesus (2).jpgFile:Zack VS Sith'arius.jpg
File:Zack and Marka in conclusion.jpgFile:Zack carries Kannra to recovery.jpgFile:Zack defeats Mary.jpg
File:Zack goes into his new form to save Selia and the rest..jpgFile:Zack now fights God Almighty.jpgFile:Zack power struggling with Berial's Ultimate Attack..jpg
File:Zack protects Eliya.jpgFile:Zack saves Selia from the Phoenix.jpgFile:Zack sees Revan in a nightmare.jpg
File:Zack takes the hit for his friends and Selia..jpgFile:Zacks defeats the 144,000.jpgFile:Zackxargus.jpg
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