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A Plagian is one of the most intelligent and very resourceful species within the infinite universe. They are the difference from the Black Plague Mutants, and are the rivals to the Arcane race.


Biology & AnatomyEdit

Plagian Children

Children of the Plagians.

The Plagians anatomy and biology is not that entire different from Humans and most humanoids. They are about the same size as humans. But they always wear scientist coats and attires, along with books and computers that they can take on their journies. They have pale white skins with green veins that are shown on their bodies. They have pitched black eyes that allows them to see in the dark, but are not nocturnal like the Black Plague Mutants. The organs within their bodies are in the color of yellow. And their blood is black in color, but not acidic. The Plagians can easily reproduce as any species can, and give birth to offsprings (about up to 1-3 offsprings at a time). The female os the Plagians, like any sentient female of species, is only pregnant for up to 9 months, and then gives birth when its developement is done.

The Children of the Plagians also wear an attire of scientists, as they are already super intelligent at an infant age. It is also revealed that there are Alpha level Plagians that reside within their species, but hardly ever show in person. One of the them would be Madiya, and rarely, Edgar Mason, who's mother was a Black Plague when she gave birth to him. The Alpha Plagians appear like the Plagian, but have no nose and no small spike horns on their heads with signs on the center.

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