Flames of Destiny: Resurrection of Evil
Flames of Destiny: Resurrection of Evil


Zack Xargus


Gabriel <Primary>
Death Scar
Death Stalker

Opening Theme:

After Dark

Ending Theme:

Devils Never Cry

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Dualing Championship Arc

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Rings of Naught Arc


Plot SummaryEdit

Meeting GabrielEdit

As the story begins, Zack is seen in a shop that resides in the middle of Wolfia Central and happens to own the shop. While a phone is heard ringing on the table. He gets out of the bathroom and dries his hair from the shower. He is seen in only his black, fingerless gloves with 4 metal knuckle buttons. Long blue jeans that have several cuts and a black belt to it. And still wearing his Xargus Amulet around his neck. He then kicks his chair to the table, and slides on the table and sits in it after landing. He then kicks the table to send the phone to the air and then to his hand, catching it. He tells the person on the phone "Sorry. Not open for business, yet." and just tosses it back to it's place. He says to himself that he hasn't picked a name for this 3rd and finally shop, yet he's already getting calls, while Zack just eats his pizza. A man is seen outside the shop and walks inside. Zack sees the person and asks him if he's a customer, too. Zack then says to the man that if he wants to use the bathroom, then he can help himself, and that the toilet's in the back. The man slides his hand on a game table and asks Zack if he's is "Is your name Zack Xargus? The Crown Prince of Sith'aria?", and Zack just suddenly bites off half of his pizza slice from hearing this. He asks the man with his moth full on where did he hear ths. The man says that he heard it from his "rivals", and Zack ponders about this. The man looks to Zack's neck and notices the Xargus Amulet that Zack carries. The man reveals his name to Zack as Gabriel, and tells him that his rivals have sent him an "invitation" for him. Gabriel then asks him to accept it, and he places his hand on the under edge of the table where Zack is sitting.

Gabriel then lifts the table with his barehand, and Zack jumps in the air, while the table is spinning in mid-air. As the table lands, Zack lands on it and grabs his gun to point it at Gabriel, but he is nowhere to be seen. Zack then puts the gun away and jumps off the table. He question on what Gabriel said about and comments "Invitation, huh?" Zack then pulls out his left hand and grabs the pizza box that was sended into the air. As Zack grabs a slice and about to eat it, 10 demons appear and attack him all of a sudden. However, after a moment, one demon ponders, and it is immediately pushed away from Zack with only one hand. The demon then turns to dust, and the rest begin to notice. Zack is then shown in the center of them, spinning a demon's head on his index finger, and appears to be unstratched. Zack tells them that they underestimated him, and that that was a big mistake. Zack easily disposes them with his fists and kicks, and walks toward the judebox. As he does, more demons appear from the windows and attack Zack. However, Zack incapacitates them by shooting the fan on the ceiling and it crashes on them. Zack extends his right arm up with his index finger pointed straight up and says "This party's getting crazy!! Let's rock", and he presses the judebox button. However, the judebox doesn't work, and Zack tries to press it again and again. He then takes a step back and looks to the demons that are slowly walking to him with a smirk, and at the last moment, Zack makes a chop strike on the judebox, and it severely damages it. Fortunetely, the judebox finally works, and it plays a rock song. The demons continue to walk towards Zack, and Zack is tapping his right feet casually. Zack is getting into the rethom, and as a demon prepares to attack, Zack places the pizza in his mouth, and disposes two demons with his quick fists. More demons attack, and Zack stops one easily, and puts the pizza away for later. Zack backflips on a demon, and pulls out his twin guns out of his belt, and slides on the demon while shooting the rest when spinning. Zack then kicks the sliding demon away, and it hits the pool table. As the pool balls fly off the table, Zack looks on with no fear, and as he grins, he points his gun to the center ball, and fires on it, and it hits the following rest, and the demons are defeated in an instant. Zack pulls out his sword, and disposes the demons with no effort, and they turn to dust simultaneously. Zack then wonders if this is the end, but as he looks behind him, he then scoffs by saying "Don't bet on it.", and the demons are appearing from out of nowhere and attempt to kill Zack again.

After clearing all the demons in the room, Zack is seen sitting on the edge of his table, while spinning his sword over and over. Zack then notices that a slice of pizza is left alone in the box on the floor, and he's about to get it as he grabs his sword. However, as he is about to get it, a demon stomps on it, and it attempts to kill Zack. But Zack kills it with a shot in the head, and looking pretty pissed to see that his last slice was ruined. Zack then goes to the coat hanger, and grabs his coat to go out. He then pulls something out of the coat pockets, and it happens to be a chocolate bar that he hadn't eaten yet. Zack then takes a bite of the chocolate, and looks around to say "I can already tell. Looks like this is going to be one hell of a party!!", and he kicks the door.

Zack's kick on the door causes th pieces of the door to hurl to the streets, and it hits several demons that appear out of nowhere. Zack sees them coming in a slow walk, and as he looks around, he sees his third shop nearly destroyed and ruined. Zack then says "Dammit! You guys totally recked my shop, and I haven't even named it yet!!". Zack gets angry from this, while demons keep walking towards him. Zack then tells them that they are going to pay for this, and he puts on his coat in a fast swirling fashion. As he is done with it, he then grabs his sword and makes a hard vertical strike. However, Zack sneezes before saying something, and as he does, a loud rumble occurs behind him. He turns around to see, and witnesses that the shop is now completely destroyed. Now angered and even more willing to get this fight on Zack then tells them "I hope you all have enough to cover all this?!!", and he now commences for battle.

Getting passed FidoEdit

As Zack enters the cold chamber, he sees a frozen three-headed enormous dog chained to the entrance to the tower, and begins to wonder on how to get through. Zack then decides to get through by destroying the frozen dog, but as he prepares to do it, the frozen monster then begins to rumble the chamber, and its body breaks off the ice that covers it, and it roars with fury. It looks to Zack and tells him to be gone, while calling Zack a Wolfian. For the likes of him are fobidden in this land, and that he [Zack], who is powerless, is not worthy to set foot here, and Cerberus's chains get pulled over and over. Zack then says that he's amazed to see that he never met a talking dog before, and clarifies to it that for a Dog Show, it would definitely make first place. Cerberus then gets angry that a mere Wolfian like Zack would make a mockery of him, and he fires a wave of Ice Breath to Zack, but Zack jumps high to evade it. Zack sees that the wave Cerberus just used could be hard to block, and tells Cerberus, while calling him "Fido", that he can perhaps take him out for a walk. Zack then treats Cerberus like an ordinary home pet, and tells him to let's go. Cerberus then gets even more angrier, and tells him that Zack'll regret this, while calling him a worm. Zack is satisfied to hear this, and says it's show time. Zack gets prepared for this, and tells Cerberus to come on.

With the Cerberus of Naught defeated, it is greatly taken aback by Zack's vast strength, and asks Zack if he's not an ordinary Wofian. Zack just simply says in a sense of easy-going that who knows, for he doesn't even know himself. The Cerberus then says that, regardless of what he is, he has proven more than enough of his might, and that he acknowledges Zack's ability. Cerberus then tells Zack that he can take his power and go forth, for he now has his blessing. Cerberus then pulls out his soul, which causes his body to shatter to energy particles, and it goes to Zack's hand. As Zack grabs it, it transforms into an Ice of Pride card. Zack then places the card in his sword and it transforms into a Cerberus Ice Sword. Zack then makes numerous combos and attacks with it, as to quickly demonstrate its abilities and not waste time of taking longer. Zack has finally now mastered the weapon's powers and capablilities in only a moment, and Zack calls this "Too easy."

As Zack is done with the little performance, he puts the weapons away and begins to walks toward the entrance. However, as he goes, he hears a loud motorcycle from the high window from his back, and the motorcycle breaks through the window. It then lands on the ground and heads for Zack. Fortunetly, Zack simply dodges the hit by making a style jump, and sees a woman [Maya Vernad] riding it. He then lands smoothly on the ground from the jump, and the motorcycle stops as well, but from a distance from Zack. Zack then asks the lady if she's going to the party, and asks in a cocky attitude on what's the hurry, and if she got an invitation as he walks to her. However, she doesn't answer, and just fires the missile Launcher without looking to Zack. As the missile is about to reach Zack, he just surprisingly places his feet on it, and begins to ride it like a surf board on air. While giving off several crazy stunts in a few seconds, Zack then kicks it above the entrance, and it causes a hole on the spot, while Zack just exclaims from it and chuckles. He then walks to the lady again, and as he does, he sees her face with a fierce look to them, and Zack can instantly remember her already as he stops walking. Maya then readies her motorcycle, and as she's done pointing it at Zack's direction, she then goes faster and jumps at the last second without causing any sign on contact on Zack, as he has his head down, and appears to be smirking from this. Maya then enters the hole caused by the missile from Zack's surfing, and Zack turns to her after she leaves. He then says that things just keep getting better and better, and he walks to the entrance now.

A Brief Family ReunionEdit

When Maya resupplies her gear, she continues on into the Tower. However, a voice is heard saying "Well, Well...", and Gabriel is shown behind Maya, almost 15 feet away from her. She immediately points her gun to him and he says "You've grown stronger.", but Maya tells him to go to nothing. Gabriel questions her if she's going to shoot HIM. Her own kin. And her dear uncle. But Maya tells him that the only family she has now is her mom, sister, and little brother. And says that her father is gone, as she fires multiple times. However, Gabriel is gone, and Maya tries to keep her focus on him. Gabriel now says that she breaks his heart (though he has no heart), because he was, after all, the one who gave Maya her name. Maya now sees Gabriel on the ceiling and directs her gun to him, and Gabriel calls her his dear niece. Gabriel gives a grin and drops his Book of Naught on her face. As the book, Gabriel suddenly appears behind her and throws her off the edge of the Tower. Maya keeps shooting him, and while her bullets miss him repeatebly, she only leaves a small cut on his face from the last bullet. Maya now falls from the Tower, and Gabriel only looks on as he gets his book from the ground.

An Unfavorite Thank YouEdit

When Maya still falls from the Tower, She is suddenly grabbed on the right shin and immediately places her guns to the unknown person. However, she recognizes that someone to be none other than Zack Xargus. Zack looks to Maya and says "Well, now this is my kinda rain" in a somehwhat pervertedly smooth fashion and looks to the sky with "No wonder the sky looks so funny today.", and looks back on Maya. Maya tells him to let her go, and Zack ponders on this. Zack then chuckles and tells that "But it would be a waste if all you ended up was just a pretty stain.", and Maya immediately shoots Zack on the head. As Zack lets go of her from a shot to the head, Maya falls again but uses her climbing gear to hold onto the Tower. As she tries to get up, Zack is then heared from atop and says to Maya "What the heck was that for?! Here I am, trying to save you, Maya, from dying a splat, and you show your thanks by shooting me?!" and Zack is shown not to be harmed from the head-shot. Maya fires another shot, and it hits Zack's head again. Maya regains her balance and keeps her gun to Zack. Zack pulls back his head, and spits out the bullet from his mouth that he caught from Maya. He then pulls out the first bullet that he caught from Maya that dented on his head and tells her as he throws it away "Whatever. Do as you please." Maya then puts her gun away and tells herself that he's become a monster too. Zack walks away and says to himself that he must have some rottin' luck with older women, and he leaves claw marks on a wall.

The Heated HunterEdit

When Zack walks into the Hall of Opening, he notices that Gabriel is on the ground, seemingly dead. But at this moment, Zack dodges a shot from behind by moving his head right. He says that it's about time, and turns to know that Maya has catched up now. Maya looks to the dead Gabriel while still pointing her gun to Zack. After seeing this, she asks Zack if he killed him. Zack asks so what if he did in a cocky manner, and Maya ends up shooting him in response. Zack manages to dodge them and grabs her wrist, while she's still firing. With the gun pointing at the ceiling, and breaking the grass frames. Zack gives a smooth wistle to Maya and says that he loves a fast woman, with Maya telling him to shut up. She releases her wrist from Zack and continues to fire at him. As they continue their fight, Maya tells Zack that Gabriel was obsessed with becoming an Ultimatum. So much that he killed his brother's wife's entire family. Zack then pulls out his gun and they clash their weapons together. Maya continues on saying that for that, Gabriel even sent his brother to Hell for stopping Gabriel from killing his wife, along with his two daughters and newborn son. And calls him the most vile kind of creature to exist. Zack they pushes her away, as she fires multiple shots at him. But Zack still dodges them in a spinning position while in the air. Maya then ends up on the wall, and Zack gets back on his feet from the spin, and notices that Maya's bullets didn't even scratch his coat. Maya still fires her guns and Zack jumps above her to counter the bullets with his own. Zack nows ends up behind her and they point their guns to their heads. Maya now tells him that to top it all off, that filthy scum, Gabriel, his her Uncle. Zack then says to her in a smooth lady's man fashion that they finally have something in common. Because he tells her that he has a bit of a disfunctional families too. However, Maya lashes at him about what does HE know about families. As she calls him that he's a being of monstrous power. She tells him that this his her uncle, and her family. And that this was all supposed to end by her hand. Zack looks at her without expression, and Maya slowly lowers her gun from his face. She then turns to Gabriel's dead body and is greatly upset over the lost opportunity. Zack then asks her if she's going to shoot, but she just stands there motionless. Zack gives a tsk sound and says "Well, That's a switch." Maya justs tells him in a soft manner to just go, and that she doesn't care anymore about her vengeance. Zack now walks to the door, while Maya lowers her head. Zack then comments "Family, huh?" and now goes through the door.

One's Own Wrathful HatredEdit

As Zack is about to grab the glowing orb, he hears a loud and raging voice, saying "Dantas!!!". He dodges the spot where he was standing, and a large beast comes crashing down on the location. Zack says in a sarcasticly mocking voice to the beast "Oh, you poor thing. Didn't your mother ever teach you to knock before you crash a party?". The beast starts to walk to Zack while stomping loudly and says that he knows that "Oder" anywhere. Zack sniffs his armpits and says to the beast "Oh, come on, man. I know I just got out of a giant, ugly monster, but I did just washed myself after that. Tell you what, I'll wear some cologne, okay." But the beast says that it's the stench of the betrayal. And that it is the stench of that "acursed" Dantas. The beast reveals his name to be Beowulf, and declares that he will annihilate every last blood-relation of Dantas, and lunges at Zack with full force. Zack jumps away from the attack, and lands at the entrance of the room. Beowulf roars at Zack, and Zack says to himself "So, it's a young boy's turn to clean up after his family, eh? Where have I heared this story before?" and he readies himself to fight Beowulf.

After the fight, Zack throws his Sword of Destiny at Beowulf, while Beowulf, in turn, tries to attack Zack with his right arm. The sword cuts Beowulf's eye, and Zack blocks the attack with his arms, and pushes Beowulf away. Causing the giant beast to impact on the floor hard. Beowulf then notes that, while his sight is gone, he will not forget Zack's stench, while Zack retrieves his sword via telekinesis. Beowulf then roars to Zack and declares that he'll get his revenge soon, and escapes there in a flash. Zack then cleans himself of dust and complains about "Why do I have to take the heat for my family, whom I barely just met some time ago? Come on, man. Cut me some slack!", and Zack just looks on where Beowulf left with frustration.

An Unlikely HelperEdit

With Zack's fight with Beowulf done, he finally acquires the orb. However, as Zack grabs it, it starts to weaken him a bit. A man is heared laughing from a distance, and is shown to be none other than Jester the Clown. He simply gets gitty over seeing that is amazing that even the Wolf Boy isn't a match for the orb's power (due to Zack's memory not yet returning). Jester keeps laughing and Zack grabs his neck and points his gun to Jester's long nose. Jester gets uneasy and asks Zack if he's not going to shoot him, for if he does, he'll die, along with saying "You know." But Zack says that if that's all it takes to shut him up, because his laugh is starting to bug the living crap out of him. But Jester says to Zack that he has an interesting story to tell him, but if he snuffs his voice like that, then he won't be able to tell him it. Zack finally releases his grip and shortly throws Jester a few feet away. Jester starts to slowly get up on his knees and says to himself "Thought I was a goner for sure." and he looks to a weaken Zack and says "Whoops." He now asks Zack if he saw that Tower of Naught that rised from the ground, and that it is actually a tunnel that can go from the Universal plain to the Anti-Universal realm. Jester even tells him that if the Death Brothers succeed in activating the tunnel to full operation, they'll open the gate to nothingness. Jester even asks Zack if it gives him a scary thought. Zack asks Jester that he's telling him all this because. And Jester says that he forgot to mention one tiny wittle item, and he points to the orb that Zack is holding. It's a gizmo that activates the bridge to move straight foward. However, it also sucks the life essence of those who hold it, so Jester tells him to hurry. As Jester leaves with a hilarius departure, Zack is about to shoot him, but Jester continues to say that, while the orb drains his life, it'll also give him power. Jester exclaims it to be marvelous, and let Zack's desires drive him to the core, and with that, Jester laughs like craxy again, and leaves the scene. Zack then stands up and asks Jester if he had told him that sooner, and calls him a big-mouth moron. With that, Zack look to the orb, and suddenly transforms into his D.M.W. form from the intense pain.

Ending the Hunter BoutEdit

(Z &amp; M)

Zack tries to reason with Maya before their final bout.

As Maya is exhausted from the continual fighting with the monsters in the gigantic tower, Zack appears and asks her if she's tired. Zack then tells her with a cocky attitude to stand back so that he can deal with Gabriel, but Maya points a gun to the back of his head telling HIM to stand back. Having enough, Zack quickly grabs her hand and lowering it, with Maya firing but to no effect to his stomach area. Zack irretatingly tells her that he told her that she can't kill Gabriel, because it's not a human's nor a hunter's job. But Maya tells him that HE's the one who doesn't get, because this isn't something he can reason. Maya releases Zack's grip on her wrist (though Zack grabs her blaster) and points her secondary gun to Zack and angerly tells him that she is driven by the inability to forgive Gabriel, and that her heart is screaming, demanding her to kill him. She then readys her equipment and tells Zack to stay out of this, bacuase it's a family and it's none of Zack's concern. Zack, having heared enough, tells her "Okay, lady. I get the picture now.", and he turns around to tell her that he has no intention of standing back and watching her die for nothing. He throws the gun to her by her feet And even heals Maya of her current condition. And as he begins to pulls out his twin Xargus guns while saying to Maya "Now please, for the last time...", he now points his guns Maya and begs out of concern for her to "Stay out of this fight, or there's only going to be some consequences." Maya then raises her head, still filled with pride and stubborn vengeance, and now says "Fair enough.", and she takes out a large missile launcher pointing at Zack and says "I wasn't planning on letting go any of my preys anyway." Zack looks on with sad concern and Maya finishes with "Not even one." she then fires her missile launcher at Zack, while Zack dodges it in the nick of time and Maya quickly grabs her gun on the floor. Zack repoints her guns to Maya and Maya in turn points her arsonal to Zack, declaring their final bout while countless amounts of feathers fall around the area.

Zack, promising Maya that he&#039;ll take care of Gabriel

Zack promises Maya that he'll take care of Gabriel.

After the fight, Maya struggles to keep her focus on Zack and tries to fire shots at him, but they only pass by him, missing each one. As Maya finally runs out of energy, she still pulls the trigger, despite that it ran out. Her hand falls but still pointed to Zack, and Zack places his left arm on the wall over Maya's shoulder and tells her that he'll take care of Gabriel. Maya turns her head as though she thought, for a slight, moment that Zack tried to kiss her, but Zack just turns around while instantly healing her in less than a second and goes to the doorway. However, Maya asks him on why does he care so much. Hearing this, Zack turns around to her and says that this whole business started when God created Urizen and when Dantas had to sacrifice his life to seal the Dark God away. But now, two of his friends darksiders now want to release that beast and turns everything into an everlasting non-existance, and he points to Maya that this is his family matter too. Maya lowers her head while Zack says that quite frankly at first he didn't seem to give a damn. But because of Maya, he remembers on what's important, and on what he has to do. He begins to leave but Maya asks him to wait, and Zack says to trust him because he'll make things right for her, because that's what his heart is telling him to do. Maya pulls out her Missile Launcher and intends to give it to Zack. Zack asks her how much it'll cost him, to which she replies for his full name, and he says it. With the Launcher in hand, he begins to bid her farewell, but is surprised of Maya giving him a kiss on the lips. She simply calls it a lucky charm to him, along with the Vernad Crest that's planted on the launcher (which is a valueble amulet). Zack smiles and thanks her as he walks away to the door. But before he leaves, Maya asks him to free her uncle, and he says he will and now calls her by name for the first time. Zack finally leaves the room, and Maya falls to her knees and covers her face, hoping that Zack will stop Gabriel once and for all.

Zack VS Old FriendsEdit

As Zack goes to the door to the Center of Nothing, he sees Carth Onasi and Bastila Shan at the center of the arena, wondering why they're there instead of being with Gabriel or the Death Brothers.

After hearing Maya and Selia's words, Zack finally regains his confidence and says to his former friends that he will not die today, as he instantly halts their weapons with his hand full of energy. They look surprised by this, and Zack continues to say "Until I stop the Final War and change destiny, I don't care what it takes. I am not going to die here!". He finally blows them away with a wave of energy and they try to keep their guard up. Zack grabs his sword and readies it in hand. Carth and Bastila think that he intends to fight them in his weakened state. However, at that moment, Zack slashes his left hand and it bleeds continueously. They look confused, but Zack says that he never wanted to use this on his friends, even if they are formerly. But now he has a new path to take, and a new reason to fight. He now places his hand on his face and declares that he'll show them his "Ultimate Final Form" and he begins to go in a ripping fashion of dark and light energy on his face, and is resinating in a massive aura and roars ferociously. Carth and Bastila and the others try to guard against it, but can't seem to do so, and they wonder what's going on. At that moment, Gabriel feels the power that Zack has gained and says that he must speed up the ritual before it's too late. Helena, Alexander, Eileen, Viloura, and Kraynos also feel this overwhelming power, along with the others and wonder if it's Zack's. As the massive dark and light energies clear, Carth and Bastila look on and notice that Zack has finally transformed into his final form, his U.F.W. form.

As everyone witnesses this, the rest are unflinched, but Carth and Bastila are a little shaken by it's power and form.

After taking down all the others, Zack now directs his attention to Carth and Bastila.

Attaining the Lost PowerEdit

Meanwhile, at the Library of Anti-Life, Maya is still down from the battle with Zack. However, at that moment, two unseen men (Death Scar & Death Stalker) are shown walking passed Maya and they head for the door where Zack left. Maya raises her head, but was too late to see who they were, as they already left. In a moment, Maya finally gets up, picks up her gun and follows where they went. And at that time, Gabriel finally finishes the ritual anf gains the Sword of Naught. He makes several slashes with the sword, and finally transforms into a form that's similiar to Zack's U.F.W. form, and even gives growl, as his eyes glow burining fire red.

Uneasy CompicationsEdit

Zack finally enters the world of the Anti-Existance but sees no one there. In a moment, he senses a presence and blocks an attack from behind with his sword, and it is Gabriel in a new form and he dashes back to keep his distance from Zack. Gabriel then greets Zack for coming here, and asks him on what he thinks on looking at his great-grandfather's image. Zack says to him that it's like staring into a backed-up toilet, due to Gabriel using his image. Zack points his sword to Gabriel and asks on why does he have to go around and bug into other family's business, an dwonders if he has any other hobbies. Gabriel chuckles from this, and Zack followsuits. Gabriel then comments that he can still talk big after seeing his form. He then declares Zack a battle to the death, in order to see who might be stronger: the old generation, or the new generation. Zack then accepts the challenge, and they begin to commence for battle.

Zack and Gabriel are taken aback by their attacks and powers, and they are in the same areas as they were from the start. Gabriel is surprised to see that Zack can still be a match for him, and is not even using his U.F.W. form. Zack chuckles and mocks Gabriel for his lack of control and full manipulation of his great-grandfather power and skills, and says that he'll have to try harder. Taken by the insult, Gabriel is irratated and tlls Zack to not get cocky yet, for this is just getting good. All of a sudden, Gabriel's form is starting to grow and begins to morph strangely, and Zack ponders on what is happening in silence. Gabriel then basks in satisfactory and gleefulness that he can feel the power flowing through him, both the Dark God Urizen, and the power of Twilight Dantas. Everything turns dark and shadowy, and Zack continues to look on from the distance. A giant clawed hand appears on the ground, that causes much impact, and it is revealed that Gabriel has transformed into a blobering beast. Zack then tells him that his great-grandfather wouldn't look so hideous, and looks to hs sword's reflection and comments that can't Gabriel tell by looking at him [Zack], and gives a charming look at the reflection. Zack then returns his attention to Gabriel and says "Anyway, that look suits you well. Let's begin the main event!!", and Zack prepares to fight him, and Gabriel launches an attack.

Reasoning with EvilEdit

As the sword of Naught falls and hits the rivery ground, Zack and the Death Brothers land on the waters and try to reach the sword. However, before Zack could reach it, the Death Brothers grab it and it splits in half. Seeing that Zack is holding the Xen Amulets, they asks him to give those to them. Zack looks at them and says "No way. You two got your owns." but they say that they want those too. Zack asks them on what do they intend to do with all that power. Zack even says that no matter what they'll do, they'll never be a match for him, or their originals. Death Scar and Death Stalker yell at him that he's wasting thier time, and they lunges at him with their separate Swords of Naught. However, Zack blocks them with his left arm. And only receiving a minor cut. Zack tells them that they are the People of Destiny. For each of them holds their bonds, but more importantly, their hearts. He then pushes them away from him, and Zack says that right now, his heart, is saying that he wants to stop them. The Death Brothers give a mocking laugh and say that, unfortunetly, they don't have hearts. They are only driven by their desires, and what they desire is more power. Zack now tells them that they were supposed to be friends. But the Death Brothers say "Friends? ....Right." and they prepare to fight Zack with the separate Swords of Naught.

A Friendly TeamworkEdit

With all that's happened being done, everyone looks to the sky for Zack's return from his fight against the Death Brothers. Zack is then heard from the back and says on what an ordeal it has been. Selia, Kannra, Edward and everyone else go to see Zack, and are happy to know he's alive, while Maya is seen just standing, and with Helena holding Dantas in her arms. Zack thanks everyone for their concern, but asks if they can leave him for a moment to talk to Maya. Mammon asks why he wants to talk to his daughter, but Kannra and the rest ask him to do as he says. As they need to talk about all that has happened, and Kain and Akuhiei agree too. Mammon gives in, and goes with the others to the city. Mammon then tells Maya not to take too long, as she needs to see her family too, and Maya says that she will, and Pride is seen looking to Maya and vice versa. Zack now goes to Maya and wonders if there's a late fee for her weapon. Maya says that she needs it back, but wonders if Zack can keep the Vernad Crest. Zack says that he's good, and that she can give it to someone else. Maya wonders on what he means with a suspicious look, and Zack says like someone like Pride for one. Maya blushes and asks him on how did he know that, and Zack reveals that he knew because that's how she felt when she did kissed him after their last battle. Maya sees it in her flashback, and is greatly embarressed by it, and doesn't know how to explain it. Zack just laughs and says that it's fine, and that he'll give her permission to date him [Pride] if she wishes. She says that that's fine, as she can ask him herself, and Zack returns her weapon back to her possession.

Zack now looks to the sky and walks a few steps forward, and Maya does the same. Zack says that everyone should be fine now, but knows that those monsters will be back soon. Zack seems to say something, and Maya looks to him and asks if he's crying. Zack turns to his right and says that it's only the Rain of Sorrow. Maya places out her hand and says that the raining of that event had already stopped. Zack is silent for a moment and says that monsters, with no hearts, never cry. Maya understands this and says that, if a person cries, it means that they cared about other people, and are always willing to help others in need; just as Zack tried for her [Maya], and the Death Brothers. Maya now sees that even a being of darkness can cry because they have a heart, and learn to love others for who they are, not what they are known as. Maya then walks to Zack and holds his arm warmthfully. Zack looks to her with the tears that were from his eyes, and Maya thanks him for helping her. She now gives him one last kiss, and it lasts for several moments. She then tells him to not cry for not helping his friends' darksiders, and focus more now on his friends and family that are here and alive, as she gently wipes away his tears with her hands. Zack thanks her with a warm smile, and hugs her gently and vice versa. After a moment of heart-warming silence, Maya then says "By the way...", and she pulls out her gun, and fires over Zack's shoulder. The shots hit several demons that appeared out of nowhere, and Zack looks to the back where they were shot. Maya now says "Looks like...we're gonna be busy for a while.", and more demons show up. Zack now puts back his fearless and cocky attitude and responds "Well, bring it on. I love this. This is what I live for!", and he prepares to fight them off. More demons continue to appear one by one, and Zack , now switching back to his other attire, pulls out his twin guns and declares, "I'm absolutely crazy about it!!!", and he and Maya now exterminate the leftover demons from the battle.

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