Shadow Devastator

Code Names:

Ark of Shadows


10 years ago

Commanding Leader:

Akuhiei Ragnos

Secondary Leader:


The Shadow Devastator is an orbital space station that Akuhiei created for the purpose to ravage and enslave worlds that would be of use to him and Kain. It was known as the most powerful and impenetrable fortress to all, but was ultimately destoryed by Zack's Siegfried unit.


The Untold Story Arc (Bonus 1)Edit


Dark Evolution ArcEdit

Weaponry and CompartmentsEdit

Orbital Shield GeneratorEdit

The Shadow Devastator is installed with a shield generator that can protect itself from all dangers, and even appears to be strong enough to ships that attempt to crash into it.

Surrounding Blaster CannonsEdit

The Shadow Devastator is installed with blaster cannons within its structure, and serves to fend off any enemies that come its way.

Shadow Beam CannonEdit

The Shadow Beam Cannon is the Shadow Devastator's primary weapon, and serves as an instrument of destruction. It is powerful enough to eradicate an entire planet with a single blow, or obliterate entire armies with a single stroke.

Final PurposeEdit


  • The Shadow Devastator is inspired by the Death Star in Star Wars.
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