Siegfried Frontier
Siegfried Frontier (Edward)
Siegfried Frontier (DX-XY-0529)

Code Names:

Shining Knight


Kannra Wilhelm




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Rivla Units:

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The Siegfried Frontier is a specially created Advanced Combat Mobile Suit Unit that Zack created for Kannra to wield and defends others from harm.




Rings of Naught ArcEdit

Resurrection of Evil ArcEdit

Dualing Championship ArcEdit

The Final War ArcEdit

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

The Siegfried Frontier is a replicant of the Siegfried prototype, and serves as a mobile suit for Kannra by Zack's design. It is an Advanced Combat Mobile Suit Unit specifically for the use of cammanding operations and heavy combat. It has the following abilities and weapons:

  • Personality System:
  • Auto-Pilot System:
  • Advanced Float System:
  • Advanced Underwater System:
  • Advanced Communication System:
  • Advanced Hacking System:
  • Advanced Scan Search:
  • Sith'anite Blade-Arm:
  • Sith'anite Energy Field:
  • Sith'anite Body Lasers:
  • Combat Mastery:
  • Rejuvenating Energy Filler:
  • Hyperdrive Core:
  • Cloaking Device:
  • Spiral Trans System:

List of PilotsEdit


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