Siegfried Vanguard
00 Qan(T) GN Sword IV
Siegfried Vanguard (DX-XY-0675)

Code Names:

Shining Guardian


Edward Maverick




No information

Rival Units:

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The Siegfried Vanguard is a specially created Advanced Combat Mobile Suit Unit that Zack created for Edward to wield and defends others from harm.




Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

The Siegfried Vanguard is a special mobile suit that Zack created for Edward to use against enemy mobile suits, and to defend his loved ones. It's a mobile suit created for the purpose of combating foes in its high speed and relfexes, along with dramatically high combat prowess. It has the following abilities and weapons:

  • Personality System:
  • Auto-Pilot System:
  • Advanced Float System:
  • Advanced Underwater System:
  • Advanced Communication System:
  • Advanced Hacking System:
  • Advanced Scan Search:
  • Sith'anite Shine Blade:
  • Sith'anite Energy Field:
  • Sith'anite Six Sword Bits:
  • Combat Mastery:
  • Rejuvenating Energy Filler:
  • Hyperdrive Core:
  • Cloaking Device:
  • Spiral Trans System:

List of PilotsEdit


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