Sith'anite Materia 2

Sith'anite Materia

A Sith'anite Materia are Spiral Force gems, stones, crystals and spheres that wield many qualities of powerful energies. They serve primarily to power-up Sith'aria's energy and operations, thus allowing everyone to live comfortable lives. Sith'anite Materia is extremely common to find around the realm and homeworld of Sith'aria, and also easily discovered on other worlds of powerful humanoids. However, in the normal universe, where Jedi and Sith fought countless wars and conflicts over meaningless reasons, they are extremely rare to find and hardly a single individual can find a single one. Marka Ragnos, the Sith emperor of the golden age, was lucky to find an enormous stock of Sith'anite Materia and locked them away from those who would seize them for their own purpose.

Various AbilitiesEdit

Materia Abilities

Materia abilities

Among other things, there are loads of Materias that have separate abilities and skills. Several of these abilities even include the power to contain an enemy within a prison-like dimension, the power to cure an individual to maximum health, the power to conjure a barrier to protect one's self or others, and even the power to summon ultimate attacks that can destroy nearly all enemies.

Elemental MateriasEdit

Elemental Materia

Elemental Materia of Fire

There are also Materias that possess the powers of the elements, and can be used to influence nature itself. There are several types of elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Shadow, Wood, Metal, Light, and many others.

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