Spiral Force

The Spiral Force

The Spiral Force is the very power and stream that is known to few as the river of live that circles the entire universe, giving life to all things that flow within infinite universe. The Spiral Force had existed from the very beginning of creation, and Aurora, the Mother of Creation that created this flow of life, had used this power to create all life with her love. The Spiral Force mostly remains in places that it feels most safe to, such as the worlds of the most powerful humanoids, and even within the realm of Sith'aria.

Powers and Abilites of the Spiral ForceEdit

It is shown to by those that possess the Spiral Force that they can be able to do things that are virtually impossible to perform, and have strengths that outclass all others.

Difference between the Force and Spiral ForceEdit

Threats to the Spiral ForceEdit


  • The Spiral Force is based on and inspired by the Lifestream from Final Fantasy.
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