The Sword of Destiny is Zack's primary weapon that he wields within the entire storyline.


The Sword of Destiny was created by Aurora's limitless power and part of her spirit, along with Abyss's power and spirit, and was given to Darth Kraynos to protect it until one of his children is destined to wield it and save all of inifinte existance.



The Sword of Destiny is unlike any weapon in all of existance, and is vastly superior to all weapons. It is also completely incapable of rusting, nor collecting dust when kept away, which means it only takes that which makes it stronger and nothing more.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Sword od Destiny has limitless powers and abilities to its arsenal, and virtually has no other equal. It has the following:

  • Getsuga: the Getsuga is the Sword of Destiny's strongest and primary use for unleashing a powerful attack on their opponents. It has been passed from Abyss's power and spirit. It also has numerous forms of attacks that it uses when Zack enters a different form:
    • Dark Getsuga:
    • Resolve Getsuga:
    • Instincts Getsuga:
    • Colossus Getsuga:
    • Celestial Getsuga:
    • Divine Getsuga:
    • Malevolance Getsuga:
    • Final Getsuga:
    • Ultimate Getsuga:
    • Darkness Getsuga:
  • Backlash Wave:
  • Energy Absorption: The Sword of Destiny allows the wielder to absorb the energies, powers, memories, etc., of the ones it has fought against, and make it stronger for it, no matter how weak or strong.
  • Time/Space Regression: The Sword of Destiny allows a person to regress and even manipulate the power of space and time to their arsenal.
  • Elemental Manipulation: The Sword of Destiny allows the wielder to manipulate all of the elements in existance to their disposal, and making them practically unstoppable.
  • Destiny/Fate Manipulation: The Sword of Destiny can allow a person to do either of the three things: To create, change, or shatter fate.
  • Life Restoration: The Sword can be able to restore the lives that were killed, and do so limitlessly.


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