"We aren't people, not anymore. We one at all."

Power Armor for Serious Sports by Mecha Master

The V.E.S. Combat Warriors

The V.E.S. Combat Warriors (Vital Enhancer Suits) are the special squadron troops that are directly under the control of Kain's authority, and are used for the purpose of elimenating any hostile threats.


They were originally humans whose bodies were irreversably damaged and crippled beyond repair, and were recluctantly placed with cybernetic implants to replace their lost limbs and organs. Becuase they were given tese replacements, they are far more resiliant to damage, and are stronger and faster than normal.

However, because they are now more cybernetic than organic, the V.E.S. users see themselves as nothing but weapons for murder and conquest, thus they can't see themselves as people. While they still have their memories from the time they were still organic, they've come to understand their circumstance and are ready to die on the battlefield, as to not burden their friends and family who are still human. Because of this, Kallen secretly imbedded their bodies with self-detonating devices that explode by remote, as to put their suffering to an end.

Final DestructionEdit

When Zack went to rescue Selia from her execution during the Battle of the Gods Arc, the Messiah of Destiny had to painfully sacrifice all 500,000 planets of the Sith Empire to rescue his love, which also involved the loved ones of the V.E.S. users. When Zack arrived to Kortexx to complete his mission, the V.E.S. Combat Warriors stood in Zack's way and wanted revenge for killing ther families and friends from the sacrificed 500,000 worlds. Zack, not wanting to waste time, used his Siegfried Nano-Virus to turn the V.E.S. users against their Sith allies and their leader and friend, Kain Ragnos. Because they were being manipulated by the Siegfried's Nano-Virus, and under its hypnotic spell of using the illusionary forms of the V.E.S. users dead loved ones to make them fight their allies, Kain had to make a choice to sacrifice them, or die with some heart. In the end, unwilling to kill his former comrades, Marka used his Akatsuki to destroy the V.E.S. Mobile Suits and their pilots, thus putting an end to their misery.

Mobile Suit PilotingEdit


The V.E.S. Mobile Suits

The V.E.S. Combat Warriors are capable of wielding their own mobile suits, known as the V.E.S. Mobile Suits that are more powerful than plain mobile suits, but not a match for the advanced models. Their mobile suits are capable of going against even the Droid Revolutionary Mobile Suits, but only until they are outnumbered.

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