A V.E.S. Mobile Suit

The V.E.S. Mobile Suit is a strong and powerful mobile suit model that was created for the sole purpose to be used by the V.E.S. Combat Warriors for galactic conquest and warfare.



Final MissionEdit

Mobile Combat ControlEdit

The V.E.S. Mobile Suits operate by piloting the seats that are within its cockpit, and comes with several screens and computers for data reasons. It requires near-expert skills to pilot them and use them to full capacity.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

The V.E.S. Mobile Suits have several weapons and abilities that are much stronger than normal mobile suits, but are far from the class of the advanced types. They have the following:

  • Arm Blasters: The V.E.S. Mobile suits come with blasters that are located underneath the arm compartments that are attached to it. They can rapidly fire at numerous enemies at once.
  • Chest Blasters: The mobile suits come in equipped with blasters that are within its chest compartment that surrounds that cockpit to fire at enemies when necessary.
  • Visual Scan: The mobile suits come equipped with a scanner in its head to detect any incoming enemies that may come its way.
  • Combat Effeciency: The mobile suits are able to fight in terms of martial skill, and seem to be able to fight skilled enemies and battleships. However, their fighting skills are still below that of advanced models, but can still fight mobile suits that are from the Droid Revolutionary Army, until they have been outnumbered.
  • Laser Blade Arms: The mobile suits come equipped with blade weapons that are attached to the Arm Blasters on its arms, and is able to cut and slice enemies while using them
  • Float System: The mobile suits are equipped with a system that allows them to take flight in the air and space, and be able to fight freely and faster.


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